Narugai Peach Blossom
  Japanese Dragon Dynasty
  Japanese Lady Hybrid

Japanese Military Abductions

I need to find a Japanese person who can help me to translate and to understand the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men with whom Hamish the Red Draconian occasionally puts me into contact. The Japanese men use Japanese words and expressions and I also would like to understand their culture and thinking. For example the Japanese men use the word "Tame!" as an interjection, it sounds as if they use it in the way that we Americans say "Damn!". Is that customary? I also need to know how the word "Narugai" translates. The Narugai are the alien hybrid children who are brought to the Japanese men for censored purposes. When I was brought to them they referred to me also as one of their "Narugai". I also have other phrases and expressions as well as questions about their Japanese behavior. For instance as a woman visiting them I am expected not to speak to the men.

This is so cool! I am having Japanese Military Abductions the same way I used to have American Military Abductions! So let's recap. I was an alien abductee my whole life and especially in my teens. Then activity seemed to stop for almost ten years, and now since a few months ago it has resumed again, with frequent activity. I now have interaction with Orions, Draconian Dinosaurs, Reptilians, Zeta Greys, and Hybrids including the Illuminati Hybrids, and am back on being cultivated for my female eggs for the production of hybrids, as well as part of other educational medical programs that they have. It is all wonderful and I am happy to contribute.

But, one or should I say two of the characters that kept reappearing in these recent contacts, were two Japanese men. One of them is a younger man and he looks to be a soldier. He always carries a gun, the gun looks to be carbon fiber, light weight, and he holds it against his chest with both arms. He has a big chunk of jet black hair that covers his forehead. The other man seems to work in an office and is older. His hair is thinning, and he is obviously in charge of things there. I was shown the hangar where they work. It is a large building that enters down into the sea. The reptilians have activity there in that building, and collaborate with these men.

I had been shown these two Japanese men on a few occasions, and even spoken with them. It was always evident that the reptilians were transferring both images and telepathy as an in-between. I was obviously meant to be aware of these men. In fact, I was first introduced to my American MILABS men when a Zeta Grey transferred the image to me years ago, and the American MILABS hang around ever since and still talk to me on occasion.

So this night the Japanese men actually started to talk to me! It started with the reptilians showing me images of them. So clear that I almost felt as if I was there. And the men could see me too, so I had to wonder, was I really there? Anyhow, the reptilians were transferring the images and contact. The reptilians told me that these men were their business associates. The Japanese men said that they were protecting the people from these reptilians. The young soldier is in the Japanese Army, hence "MILABS", they are the military after all, and not some private coorporation that supplies the reptilians with goods. They call the reptilians "Dragons".

The older man is actually nice. I had assumed that he would be something for me to worry about, like all the American MILABS guys always were, but turns out this man is the gentlest and nicest most polite Japanese gentleman. He has given me his full name, and as much as I'm dying to share his name here, I still respect their privacy and nothing would be gained if people start seeking them out and harrassing these men. So I keep his name to myself. He doesn't want women to have to talk to the reptilians, he is very protective of women. He is a wonderful man.

Then the images of me being there became more interesting. I was having images as if my body were there with them. The Japanese men regretted that I was naked and said that they would wish to have a kimono for me. It had been the reptilian that had, moments earlier before this interaction began, told me to undress, and I had done so and went under my covers in bed. Still in my bed, I could see this big hangar by the Japanese coast and these two men who were familiar from before. They talked as if they could see me, and, I could see an image of them. And we were talking telepathically.

The charming thing is, that these men have a Japanese accent. It is very cute, but they speak to me in English still. I then was seeing a small room that had a thin mattress on the floor. The mattress was white and with the figurines of black branches and twigs and some red flower detail. There was a porcelain white bowl with blue pattern also seeming to be of twigs with flowers or with flowers and large birds with long feathers. I saw that one of the men was sitting on his legs on the mattress like how a guru sits on a mattress, with folded legs. And he had a naked woman in his arms.

That woman looked to be me, only she was entirely limp and appeared to be sleeping. I watched this image from here, and I watched as the man used a white or pale gray cloth and dipped it in the water in the porcelain bowl, and was washing her face very gently with the cloth. After a while, I heard the older Japanese man say to me, "We have douched you". I took several pages of notes on every single thing we said. I would love to share that entire conversation here. The only thing keeping me from doing so straightforwardly, is that I feel that I was a guest in their home and I do not want to violate their privacy. I want to build good relations with these men, so that I can come closer to them and maybe have some conscious abduction experiences, like I have had in the past with my American MILABS guys.

After some time the man said that he was washing my hair. He spoke as if I were there, and I was seeing the images, as if my body were there, but meanwhile I was in my room and typing. On two occasions, I caught a whiff of the older Japanese as he seemed to be close to me in those images. It was the scent that a man might have, a typical scent of a man, but unique to him and unlike anything I have smelled before. (No, not sulfur like the reptilians. Just a man.) There was also a time when I felt the man's hands press down on my shoulders, but done in a kind and supportive way.

It took me several pages of notes until it finally hit me - THIS IS JAPANESE MILABS!

How exciting is that! I can't wait to hopefully go to sleep one night, and wake up and open my eyes, and there I will be. In Japan. In that Japanese hangar. With these two men whom I am already quite acquainted with. I do not fear them, and in fact I would want nothing more than to spend some time with them. I am a friendly person, and I would be happy to meet these people. They are surprisingly talkative, in fact, the boss is so polite and such a gentleman that is why he has given me his full name, and he expresses concern for my well-being and he gives me information and he answers all of my questions. Japanese culture, at its best. Meanwhile the American MILABS were never so polite, and they never answered any of my questions, and left me confused and distressed for years! I look forward to contact with my Japanese MILABS. This is wonderful, such a pleasant surprise. Again, the American MILABS were enabled by reptilian technology, and that is also the case with the Japanese MILABS. Somehow, they are able to bring me to human men, just the same way as the aliens are able to abduct me for alien purposes and to a spaceship.