Japanese Lady Hybrid

On the morning of July 24 2012 there was a lady hybrid visiting me. She wasn't physically in my room but I was enabled to see her through remote viewing maintained by one of the ETs, and she was communicating to me in my native language telepathically. She was just like the other Zeta-human hybrids, but an older adult not a young juvenile nor a child. And what was interesting she had jet black hair. Her hair was kept up in a nice plaited arrangement. All of "my" Zeta hybrids are blonde.

This lady had come to see me from Japan. She is a hybrid made out of Japanese human DNA! Isn't that something! She was here to ask me not to ruin her home for her. Namely she has sexual relations with the Japanese human men, either with one man or several. And because I wrote this yesterday, she had become concerned, it seems that she was concerned that I would take her place with the men.

She showed me a mental image of a hand-painted Japanese sign and told me that she knew how to write in Japanese and that she could teach me. She also told me many times that she was a follower of Shintoism. She was very chatty and had many things to say. She also told me that she had always dreamt of speaking with a human being and that she was happy to finally be speaking with me.

Too bad I have not had good past experiences with my blonde Zeta-human hybrids. My Zeta-human hybrids are over-sexualized, bratty, arrogant, racist and rude, and constantly threaten me with the bat (like a white baseball bat), put me down, call me a "dog race", make threats of violence, and molest me. So even though I am a sweetheart with a generous threshold for irritation and upset, it didn't take long to reach a point where today whenever my Zeta hybrids show up I threaten them with not only violence but murder and I tell them that if they don't leave immediately I'm coming to pay them a visit and I'm bringing a knife to cut them up with. It's the only thing that works to get them to leave me alone! Courtesy and pleading from all manner of angles didn't work with them so it had to come to that. It's called self-defense.

So I greeted Japanese Lady Hybrid with the same hostile greeting as I do any of my own Zetas. For a while I wondered whether I might have been overly harsh with her, I mean maybe she wouldn't be as over-sexualized and arrogant racist as my Zeta hybrids are? Didn't take long for her to be talking about detailed sexual things and I was once again disgusted with this whole entire hybrid species and I was reassured that throwing her out was the only option.

She was showing me images and talking about her having sex with the Japanese human men. And I'm just not interested. I've been shown so many sexual scenes with the hybrid children that I'm utterly disgusted. So I wasn't nice to her at all. One does best not to be nice to these hybrids or they bring a whole bunch of them that molest and offend and threaten me all day long and then it takes ages to persuade them to leave me alone. More than once they have been so agonizing that I have been near a nervous breakdown. It's them, it's not me. I am a sweetheart and I'm very tolerant. But these guys are impudent, racist, over-sexualized, they molest me, they threaten me, they do everything wrong. I hate Zeta hybrids.

She told me how the Japanese men liked to see me dancing in my room. And she was concerned because I have breasts and a proper mouth and that she might not be able to compete with that. She has no breasts and she has the Zeta-type mouth which is just a slit and no soft lips.

A while later one of the Japanese men talked to me via telepathy that is enabled by an ET. He is yet another new character. He is an older man with some gray in his hair. Which is fine cause I like older men the most anyway. A few days ago it was he who said that I was cute or nice or something like that, like a "plum". And this morning he told me that he would like to see me wearing plum-purple nailpolish. He also said that he loves how my skin is so white, which it is. And then he said that I would look good in a plum-purple velvet dress. Oh well.

In the process of being dismissive of her, I was so verbally hostile and verocious against the Japanese Lady Hybrid, that the Black One (a demonic type of entity who rules over the Draconians) showed up and told me that I was talking just like a King does! The Black One is to be referred to as King, and so he was letting me know that I was talking just like he does! He seemed impressed. It seems that the Draconians are welcoming of me being verocious or powerful. They never try to suppress my expressions of strength.

Well, this bit started with the Japanese Lady Hybrid telling me that she hopes that the spider in my shower doesn't bite me. I do indeed have a spider in my shower, and she seemed sincere. I then said that I do hope that the spider bites her and kills her. That is when The Black One appeared to tell me bravo, I was speaking just like a King does.

I'm not a bad person. I've been nothing but sweetness toward the hybrids and I've really tried to understand their cultural differences and all of that. But I think they intentionally want to harass me. They act like a kid who is using a stick to smear out the insides of a slug against the pavement. It's that kind of behavior that the hybrids have against me. You can't blame me for defending myself. I've been close to nervous breakdowns because of how the hybrids act. They really are disgusting.