Japanese Dragon Dynasty

Hamish my Red Draconian Reptile spends a lot of time in Japan with Japanese men who I'm told are the Japanese Dragon Dynasty. Hamish acquainted me with his business in Japan quite early in my contacts with Hamish. Hamish would show me an Army base at the coast in Japan and he would show me that he was visiting there and he would show me the men there. Hamish has shown me and told me several times about the first time when Hamish arrived there and the Japanese Army were trying to shoot at the Draconians but couldn't. And so the Japanese were forced to try to work out some sort of agreements with these visiting lizards. And so they did.

I am also shown these very big cargo ships at sea with several big metal containers in different colors stacked on deck. These containers contain some of the cargo that the Draconians need. Food. The Japanese supply the Draconians with fish guts. Yes, fish guts. Such as cod liver. It is a red and black slippery mess and the Draconians eat it. These big containers are hoisted down to the base that sits right at the coast. The containers are then brought indoors into the big hangar building, where there is a private sea entrance. The containers of fish guts are then taken down into the sea, where the Draconians have bases down on the ocean floor in Japanese waters.

The Draconians then send their containers back up empty. But they put one hybrid child into each of them. Yes that's right. They put a hybrid child into the empty large container. This child is then sexually abused by the Japanese men whose minds and bodies are under Draconian rule. This would be some of that stuff that I would normally censor from this website, but you're just going to read it somewhere else if you're really interested in the Draconian Agenda and some other websites know what they're talking about. So I might as well be the one to say it or someone else will. I will not describe the details of the sexual business going on at the base, though I'll have you know Hamish shows me everything.

Hamish lets the Japanese men look at me. He especially lets them look at me when I am in my room dancing. Perhaps one or a few of the men have said that they like to see me dance. The first Japanese man I was acquainted with his name is Toshi T. I won't reveal his last name. Toshi is a middle-aged man and he is in charge of the hangar building at the base. He feels terrible about what is going on with the Dragons. The Japanese call the Draconians and Hamish "Dragons", which I find cute. Toshi is a really nice man, he is a perfect traditional Japanese gentleman. He lives in an apartment up in a tall apartment building. Hamish has shown me his apartment. I know plenty of details about Toshi's personal life and his private thoughts. Hamish really brings us close, it's very intimate.

And then there are two younger Japanese soldiers who work at the hangar, I've been introduced to them also. One of them has gorgeous jet black hair with a long fringe. The soldiers wear uniforms that are blue and black, and they have rifles that look light-weight and like black carbon fiber. They also have a blue hat with their uniform.

Then there's the Japanese Dragon Dynasty, comprised not of military but wealthy and influential powerful men in society, such as Mr. H. I will not reveal his last name. These men tell me about how they are direct descendants of a long traditional historical lineage and how their ancestors were the famous Samurai soldiers of Japan. Mr. H. even has a thousands of years old Samurai sword in his home and said that the sword has taken many lives. Mr. H. has many children and many grandchildren, and he loves the thought of his big family. Mr. H. is a proud grandfather. He owns a big property that has a huge courtyard which is fenced in by a wall that has a red roof running along atop the wall. This place is called something with "Dragon".

The Dragon Dynasty are dashing men really. They are very proud of their historical traditions and they know fully well about the Dragons of Japanese legend, except that these Dragons are real and always have been real. They regard my Ham-mish to be one of their Dragons.

Before I became a Japanese prostitute, yes you heard me right, I was instructed by one of the Japanese a few months prior. He taught me how to act like a proper lady. I was in my room and he was teaching me in images and words telepathically via a connection established by Hamish our Red Dragon. The thing would start with me being bathed in a Japanese hot tub. I've been shown the beautiful traditional rooms where they have a hot tub. The room has paper walls with paper panels with painted trees and flowers. After a proper wash, because these Japanese come across as very hygiene conscientious, I would then be dressed in a red Kimono that they would provide for me.

After perhaps hair and makeup there would then be a tea ceremony. We would be sitting on the floor by a low table and the man sits opposite to me and we each have a cup of small green tea. The whole purpose is that he watches me as I drink the tea. The Japanese men teaching me told me how to lift the cup and how to drink the tea. There would be one cookie beside the teacup. It was important that I only take a tiny little nibble of the cookie and then place it back. The cookie was the most important test. A woman who eats the whole cookie is gluttonous and inappropriate as a concubine or wife.

It was important that I never talk to the man unless he asks me a question. I would make slow and small movements. And when I walk I must take very small footsteps. This is etiquette for a lady. Sadly it is quite unlike how I am as a Western woman. For instance if it were me, I would have eaten the whole cookie and asked for more as well as been chatting with the guy the whole time. What can I say, I am not a Japanese lady. And turns out that would prove true when I finally got to have a private date with Mr. H. But no one is mad at me.

I had thought that they were teaching me about Japanese etiquette just to be nice and to share their culture with me, which is why I hadn't been taking notes or paying attention too carefully. A few months later I found myself dressed in a red Kimono, in Japan, and on a date with Mr. H. Afterwards I was told that I had been talking the whole time, and I wasn't supposed to. Oops!

This will sound strange, but somehow I grew up with Military Abductions and Alien Abductions and I've been used by men in the abductions since age 17 at least. You'd think I would be mad and consider myself raped, but I'm so accustomed to this that I don't even mind. And I don't even know if I should be sad about that or not. But I'm a bona fide Draconian prostitute. The Draconians work with human men from across the world, and "half" of the payment to the men, I am told, is in the form of women. If this is the first time you are reading this, I do apologize. It's not a fun read.

Mr. H. was quite unlike any Western man. I now kind of regret that American men can't be so delicate with a woman. It was very nice with Mr. H. He treats a woman like a work of art, it is quite special. These Japanese men I am introduced to by Hamish are so different from Western men. They are so gentle and sweet and delicate, and they love their traditions and etiquette. They are modest and often very shy. And they are all very nice to me and treat me like I was their daughter, simply because I am a younger woman. They are so sweet toward women I love these guys. In fact Toshi is so much like a father figure to me. I wish he was my father, my life would have been different and better. Maybe in my next life I can be Japanese. They sure have a beautiful and delicate culture over there.

I got to see some of Mr. H's children. The children looked to be half Japanese and half European. There were boys and girls across a wide age range. The kids were brought to stand before the Dragon Dynasty men for evaluation. The kids started running and skipping, like kids do, to go to the spot. Well, that inspired me to skippety hop after them in a childish manner. The Japanese lady who was escorting me was appalled and she made me stop and told me to walk like a lady. So I did. Later I was told that only one of the kids had passed the evaluation test. It was a boy who was very skilled with Japanese swords. And I have to tell you that I have heard the word "Kendo" being told in my head many times over the years. I think Kendo is a Japanese martial arts where they use swords.

Well, now we have the Japanese Army Captain since just a few days back. He is a charming man. He is rather short in height. He wears a beige military uniform but I haven't seen him with his hat on. In only a short time I have gotten to know him very well, because Hamish brings us together telepathically and we perceive each others' thoughts. The man grew up in the south of Japan and I saw his thought images of the town where he grew up. It was a very humble town right at the water's edge. The buildings looked like not more than shacks. He also thought of his mother and that he missed his mother.

He is married and he showed me a memory image of his wife when he first met her in the 60's and how beautiful she was. She has aged and he would like to be with younger women. So Hamish would like to provide him with me. So Hamish brings him in to watch me, he is a prospector. The Draconians have brought him hybrid children, but he feels too guilty to do anything like that. Which is why it is better if he has grown and consenting women. A lot of these Japanese men are really curious about European women, and I am one. Sadly just I'm not a proper lady for them. They have very strict rules of etiquette that I just can't meet. I'm just not a dainty girl. I'm outspoken, strong, confident, and I sure would eat that whole cookie and ask for a second one.

How I feel about this is I feel more inadequate and clumsy than angry or upset. The worst part about going out on a date is having to feel not pretty enough or not feminine enough. In reality there is a big red Space Dragon kidnapping me and bringing me in as a prostitute to Japanese men who rape me as a form of payment for their services to the Dragons. But in my mind? Hamish is my best friend in the world and he is our mutual friend and he is simply setting us up on blind dates with these men. Which is why all I can know to say to Hamish is, just let me know in advance so that I can have a bath, shave my legs, and do my hair and makeup and put a pretty dress on.

My life is weird right now, but as long as I have Hamish, I can trust in him and I won't be scared. By the way, this new Japanese Army Captain man told me that the first time when he saw Hamish, he cried. I then told the man that I love my Hamish and that I was never afraid of my Hamish. I feel kind of strange about the fact that I am having to share my Red Dragon with these men.

The hangar is located in Komi Saki in Japan. My dream is to one day visit. I would love to just hang out with all of these men and with Hamish there too. Then Toshi could adopt me and be my father. He is such a sweetheart. Hamish sure has changed my world.