Written March 13-14 2017

Written at 2 AM (due to a persistent jetlag). Hello. It is about time that you meet yet another form of extraterrestrial life, which has not been featured on this website for all of the years that it has been running. I write about her, being partly her, and being still in part the human I always was.

Only a few weeks ago, in February 2017, I retrieved a big box that contained my hand written journals which I wrote in the ages 14 to about 21. In 2005 I had left these notes and other precious items at a friend's house thinking that I would be moving to live in that area, but I ended up not staying, and the box stayed there for eleven years. I finally retrieved it back to me, and have begun reading those notes. At the age of 14, I started taking detailed journal notes because on that first day that I begun to write, I had seen extraterrestrial UFOs in the sky. I continued to go outside to look at UFOs and carried on with documenting the observations, and my feelings about the aliens, in my journal. But something more happened, as I was writing. I ended up documenting something highly extraordinary.

In the notes, you see me as a 14-year old girl who had read a book about aliens and I had become very captivated with them and longing to see them. What first happened, was that the aliens were giving me feelings that were inviting me outside to see their UFOs. I found myself, for reasons I could not myself explain why, thinking thoughts to the aliens. I confirmed that the aliens could hear my telepathic thoughts to them, by asking them telepathically to fly their spacecraft in certain patterns, and they did. I begun feeling an invisible presence in my home at nights, I could hear footsteps at night when no one was there, me and family members were hearing strange sounds from the sky at night which were moving location and source in the sky.

What is there out there in the sky? What kind of alien life? You see, something happened to this little girl who was staying up at nights with her star Atlas to look at the UFOs and talking telepathically to the aliens in the sky. One alien decided to incarnate into her body, to take over her mind and body. "Oh, do not try to make it sound so dramatic!", she now sighs. "I was only here to help.", she says with a radiance of love. It's almost like being fascinated with the biological life in a lake, going out to the lake to look at the fish and microscopic life there, but then one day because you are dipping yourself into the lake water, you bring with you home a parasitic life that has infected your body.

I had started to write my UFO observations, but what my journal entries ended up capturing in addition to that, was how an alien woman took over my life and incarnated to live in me. I started to make drawings of her and her home on another planet. I became very spiritual and discovered mental abilities, I had a strong urge to help mankind and the planet, I started learning healing with crystals. I had a secret life as her that I told no one about, at times when I was alone I would dress like her, dream of leaving my family so that I could live as that woman.

What you don't know on this The Orion Project, is that in my early 20's I left my human family, well we stayed in touch, but I moved from Europe to the United States and I had found a man who was 65 years old who actually made contact with me because he got to know the alien woman inside me on the internet. The man might have been working with the CIA actually, because over the four years we stayed together, he would at times mention to me that he was accepted into the CIA but that his father supposedly contacted them and said no, and he would always talk about his "friend in Spokane, Washington" who he was calling to but oddly never let me know more information about. Namely I had written a story about the alien woman inside me on the internet and this man had found the article and made contact with me just because of that. He would be endlessly fascinated with that woman in me. We lived together as a couple during my college years.

After college I moved back to Europe and was no longer in a relationship with the man. At this time the human in me confronted the alien woman and said, "You keep coming and going, I hate how that keeps changing my identity and how I know myself! You either stay or you go away, but stop coming and going at different extents!", and so she left. Over the years I lost touch with her, and without realizing it myself, I got settled with just "life", I just bothered with having a job and earning money, living my life, having no big worldly aspirations, also my abilities of MRI vision, healing, and the other abilities that she had brought with her, left, and I became a human again.

And as we know, some time in August 2011 I was contacted by aliens of the Agenda who wanted my eggs, and so I started writing this documentary The Orion Project which is about the Reptilians, Orions, Zeta Reticulans, Dinosaurs, and other aliens who are working together on a team which mainly focuses on the use of my eggs with Zeta genetic material for the genetic research and advancement of the Zeta species.

What bothered me a bit, was the inclusion of MILABS and military personnel and men in black in The Orion Project, because these seemed to be two separate topics and I did not want The Orion Project to get messy, but after time I realized that the two are connected, my alien contact with the Agenda aliens, and the military contact and MILABS. So these became two separate topics of The Orion Project.

But you see, it didn't all start in 2011 with the Agenda aliens contacting me for the eggs. In my teens, as documented in my journal from age 14 to about 21, the U.S. military seemed to be remote viewing me and keeping me under constant surveillance, abducting me using probably alien technology for abduction, and talking to me telepathically. The first thing that the military guys ever said to me telepathically, was, "We're sending you home.", I was about 14. That very first line has always remained a mystery, but I am now perhaps finding out what that meant.

So. We are getting back to today in 2017. I had just retrieved my journal notes from age 14 to about 21, and thinking that I am going to lift out the MILABS related material to make books about my MILABS experiences from that time. But the journal starts with when I was seeing UFOs as a little 14-year old girl, how I had been reaching out to the stars telepathically, and to my surprise I discovered something that I had not realized before in my life. I know that the alien woman living inside of me was a very big deal in my teens and 20's, even though I had lost touch with her over the years up until now because I had given her an ultimatum which made her leave. I didn't realize, until I read those notes, that I seem to have opened myself up to outer space and had her incarnate into me then and because of that. You see, when I started discovering that I was an alien woman inside at the age of 15, I had always assumed that I was born with that, that she had always been dormant inside of me, but now reading the notes, I clearly see that I was a human girl at the age of 14, and how someone alien had incarnated into me because I had opened myself up to space.

The very day after I had read a large portion of my first journal notes where they began at the age 14 with UFO observations and the starting changes of me having an alien incarnated into me, the alien woman returned. It was great to see her beautiful wide eyes and white hair again, and I realized that she had not been in me for a long time. I also learned many things today, it was today. I learned that she was not "always" in me, but that she can come and go. Looking at my journal notes it seems that she came to me at age 14-15.

The most fascinating thing. As she was visiting me yesterday (March 13th), first she paid visit to a U.S. military officer, I was seeing the mental image of the officer and of her and hearing their conversation. She was reporting to the officer that she would be incarnating here, it was a strict obligation that if an alien incarnates they have to report it to the military and also state the reasons for why they are coming, in some part they are also asking for permission. Then a short while later a men in black or surveillance person with brown hair and glasses, also from the United States, and this man I felt had a strong background in education in engineering and was highly educated and intelligent, he was remote viewing me, the human who would be the host for the alien woman, and he was telling the alien woman/me-combination that he was going to marry me. He was thinking and planning fully sincere to marry me so that I would live with him in his home, I read from his mind that the military has a strong interest in alien incarnations especially those of us who come with many extrasensory abilities and knowledge from more advanced worlds. The human in me was fussing at him and saying things like "why would you marry me?", "you don't even know me" and things like that, while I was at work working. Interestingly though, the alien woman who was visiting me was considering the marriage as a good option and she would have gone ahead with it!

The alien woman was not pleased with what she found when she was re-visiting me yesterday. She did not like the job I had or what I had been doing for all these years that she had been away. She had a strong urge to do something productive that is large-scale and that helps the world here, and she saw that I had done no such things with my life since she was gone. "You would, huh? Oh man, this could be great.", that very same brown-haired man says now, because I had just now written that the alien woman in me would marry him and somehow he had found out what I thought and wrote here about it.

I told the alien woman that life here on Earth is all about making money because things do not come for free, I told her that life here is hard work and that she is not to quit my job for me until she has first lined up another source of income. She is convinced that she does not need my job and that things will sort out financially anyway, but the human in me thinks differently about life. She now wants to incarnate again and the human in me has allowed her to fully take over my body and mind and life and to make it her own. I have given my life to her before. She says that things will change quickly and drastically, some of those changes scare the human in me, she would quit my job right away [added same day: while I was at work, she was about to throw in my apron right on the spot and go home on the minute, but the human in me struggled to have her let me stay, because I worry about finance and income so we stayed], she would get rid of and throw away many things in my home that she does not need or want, she would even especially delete my saved Sims 2 world in a video game I have been working many hours on and that hurts like almost like cutting off a leg or an arm but for her that would be an obvious thing to get rid of! Every time that she incarnates to a greater extent, she starts going through my things and throwing away clothes that she does not want to wear.

One thing wonderful, though. "Yes we can really use her, [my first name and my last name].", the brown-haired man says now over there. Is the military and men in black remote viewing surveillance back, the way it was in my teens, now because the alien woman in me is back? But one thing wonderful though. The alien woman noticed Hamish, and she was very sweet and tender toward Hamish, she spoke to him sort of lovingly like a human does to a dog, and it was very sweet to hear, she was so nice to him in a way that even I never spoke to him as much as I love him.

"We need the eggs.", Hamish says now. "Yes, we have grown accustomed to that.", the alien woman in me says to them.

I learned many things yesterday that made everything start to fall in place. First, by reading the beginning of the journal entries from age 14 on Sunday the 12th, I realized that I was probably not always the alien woman inside me, but that it began when I had opened myself up to space and she somewhere saw it as an invitation to come and live inside me. I see how she took over my life. And while she was in me from about age 15 to 26 or so, she had been such an integral part of me that I had then felt that she had always been me. But reading the journal before it began, before she was here, I was shocked to see that I was writing exactly as any 14-year old girl, just one that carried a starmap Atlas and went out at nights to see UFOs in the sky, but I was not always an alien woman inside me. And now that she returned yesterday, Monday the 13th

"Is she going to be any dangerous to her?", the MIB with brown hair. "No of course not.", my alien woman to him. "We don't want any trouble", he says. The first question was him asking if my alien incarnation was going to be any trouble to the woman I am living with who is my flatmate, he is asking if my alien woman is dangerous to other people.

So when the alien woman returned yesterday on the 13th, I realized how different I was as a human, I had been living as a human for years now ever since I had given her the ultimatum and she had taken it as her choice to leave then, and I realized that she is "someone else" and that I am not "her", when she is not here. She is not me, automatically, but she is an outside external person who can come and live in me, but when she is gone, I am not her. I had not seen it that way, because when she came in to live in me during my teens, it had been so integral that I had felt as if she was always me, as if becoming her was my only natural development into a person. So I didn't realize that until yesterday!

Another thing I realized yesterday, was that most likely, or I am actually almost entirely sure and the only reason why I do not say that I am entirely sure is because it is such an overwhelming thing to acknowledge, is that the reason why I started experiencing military surveillance in my teens was because I had an alien woman living inside of me and they knew it! Well of course they knew it, because as I witnessed it yesterday my alien woman was announcing her intent of incarnation to the military officer and she was also talking to this brown-haired man about it! So, the meaning of "We're sending you home" might - perhaps - finally have an answer. The very first thing that the military said to me that has always remained a puzzle might have finally an answer.

In my late 20's, the military surveillance seemed to vanish, and some time there also the alien woman had left me. Now she is back and the military and men in black surveillance staff are very interested and they seem to be watching me with remote viewing again. The thing that bothers me, although do note that it does not bother the alien woman in me, is that the military seem very interested in having my alien woman work for them, because she can do things like healing, she can change the shape of body parts by altering the vibrational pattern of tissue, she can see like an MRI vision from the inside of bodies and also read atomic structure of other things, she can create things into existence just by visualizing and creating the vibrational pattern and solidifying it and they show up in life, telepathy, remote viewing, she can for instance alter the "energy" that is in a room around people and it will change how people are behaving because people are acting in response to the vibrational information that leads to their emotions and the interchange of that can be altered directly in the air.

So, now that she is back, I can of course let her stay. She makes my life wonderful. I feel great in my body while she is here. Many things are great when she is here, but other things are a sacrifice for me as a human who gives up things when she is here. For one, she does not have sex, she has no interest. She also does not eat foods a lot, sometimes goes for long periods without eating and she is fine. She does not watch tv, which means that I would definitely not be seeing more episodes of The Walking Dead. She does not play video games, which means that I will never get to see how my Sims 2 characters develop and how their kids grow up and what they will do with their lives in that game. But she also does not get depression, or anger, or conflicts. She is very strong and she knows what she is doing with her life, with this life I mean while she is here. She creates and manifests great things for her.

I am sorry that I never told you who have been following The Orion Project about the alien woman who used to live incarnated in me. It was a very big deal in my life back then, but here I started writing about the Agenda aliens who wanted my eggs, but I see now that perhaps it is all somehow connected. There are many alien stories that I am now going to bring together, write about and publish.

1. The Agenda aliens who take my eggs, this is the main theme of The Orion Project
2. MILABS, military abduction, surveillance, remote viewing and interest
3. The alien woman who incarnates in me

The alien woman in me does not want to write The Orion Project, she does not feel any interest at all in writing here on this website and she does not want to read my teenage journals or to write books that are based on them. So the human in me will have to fight to stay here to some extent so that I can type up the journal notes and make books out of them, otherwise stories like these, of alien contact, of military surveillance, of alien incarnation, end up becoming secret stories that other people know nothing about. "There is no reason for anyone to know, everyone lives out their lives secretly", the alien woman now says.