The Illuminati Hybrids
My Chubby Brothers

Long overdue, finally a drawing of them! When I drew this painting, an Illuminati hybrid told me that it likes "jelly beans", the candy.

When I was introduced for the very first time to the Illuminati hybrids it was early on in my contacts and a Dinosaur showed me a mentally transferred remote viewing image of one of these chaps. I had the scare of a lifetime. What I saw traumatized and terrorized me beyond my worst nightmares. In my journals I described them as "a dead zombie corpse pulled out of water after having laid there rotting for about two weeks" or like "something you would see lying on the bench of a morgue".

But that was then. And this is now. I have many hybrid children with these men, and these fellers turned out to be the most charming guys and I truly and honestly think of them as my brothers. I am happy to see them and I love when they visit. I love hearing their thoughts and I love to chat with them about everyday things. They are delightful persons, warm and delicate and sweet deep down inside, even though they try to adopt the masochist tough exterior that is expected of them from their upbringing.

On that first night the Dinosaur explained to me that these fellers are hybrids between Dinosaurs and humans. But they are mostly human DNA, with only a hint of Dinosaur DNA. They have been made out of Finnish human DNA, I happen to be Finnish. Finnish people are as pale as it gets. Finland sits tucked away in the north and surrounded by water and has a genetically interesting population that is adapted to the long dark winters and cold weathers. Suitable for an alien hybrid life form that is to live under ground.

I dubbed them the Illuminati hybrids since one of them said that they are the Illuminati. They are a distinct type of hybrids. These fellers are big and fat-looking, only I have had it explained to me that they are not really "fat". Their body lacks an adequate supportive structure so their innards are kind of weighed down by gravity, but the main reason is fluid retention. Their bodies have layer upon layer of folds. I met with one Illuminati hybrid who wears a tight net shirt to help tuck in his abdomen from sagging down. The extent of layers, size and amount of, varies among these big chubby Illuminati hybrids.

Their skin is the most beautiful skin I have ever come across. It is a bright white that almost glows in the darkness. I once woke up at night and had a very close and intimate encounter with an Illuminati hybrid, and I touched his skin. The skin is ever so soft and smooth. They are grown men but their skin is much softer than the skin of a baby.

There are two varieties of Illuminati hybrids. One variety has no hair on his head and they have sharp shark teeth, their eyes are all white with a small grey speck for a pupil and no colored irises. They have tiny puckered ears like rosebuds. I met with one who said that he had chosen to have his tiny ears cut completely off to give him a better look. They are more slender but still big build and have fewer chubby folds. This type of Illuminati hybrid is also more clever and intellectual, speaks in a more mature way, and has more of the Draconian viciousness in personality and character. One of these Illuminati hybrids has blood red around the rim of the eye and mouth, perhaps just red lips and an eye infection, possibly from a medical experiment.

These Illuminati hybrids look a lot
like the Michelin man
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The other variety of Illuminati hybrids is larger and chubbier and looks like a big baby. They have larger and darker pupils of the eye, and their eyes have blue irises. They have soft yellow-blonde hair with a big lock over the forehead. These fellers have overly sized lips that pucker and cause complications that make them drool and lisp. The lips are not red but are just a mildly pale hue of pink or beige over the white. This second variety of Illuminati hybrids are also less developed in their thinking, less sharp and more childlike, and very sweet and gentle men.

There are also other Illuminati hybrids who look even more Draconian than the first variety described here, and they also have that soft white luminous skin but I would rather call them by a different name to distinguish from these chubby fellows whom I've come to think of as my brothers.

Some of the Illuminati hybrids are mentally challenged and their thoughts run slowly and they have to really make an effort to piece together concepts. Some individuals are regarded as being violent toward others, but it is my personal suspicion that they do not have an innate violent tendency, but that it is rather the case of frustrations when others are not patient with them and these guys can't keep up with what is going on.

Some Illuminati men have told me of how they sometimes feel violent or act out violence toward others, but my impression is that it comes from frustrations when others do not treat them with patience and understanding. Even here on Earth, humans who have some mental retardation can become frustrated and act out violently if we are not patient with them. I do not hold it against these fellows, rather I speak to them more slowly and on their level and I really love them like brothers. They are sweethearts.

The first Illuminati hybrid I was shown by the Dinosaur is being kept locked up in a dungeon because he is violent toward others. But some of their violence comes from being subject to uncomfortable medical procedures and experiments. This type of hybrid is widely used down in the underground facilities for a vast variety of medical experiments which I have been shown. I do not want to ruin anybody's day so I will only publish the details in my book but not here.

The first variety of Illuminati hybrids, the ones who are more intellectually sharp, they always wear a black suit with a white shirt and tie. The only make of tie I have seen has consistently been one with wide black and white diagonal stripes. I do not recall seeing the second "baby" variety wear anything other than white standard issue hybrid style clothes.

The first variety of Illuminati hybrids work with earth government people, involving politics and the New World Order. I heard the phrase "New World Order" directly from them.

These men are brought up by Draconian standards. Even though they are probably raised more by the Dinosaurs, the Dinosaurs would have been instructed on Draconian standards from the Draconians. These men seem to be genuinely sweet by nature, but they are brought up to believe in the Draconian racist hierarchy system in which all races and individuals must know their rank based on strength and viciousness. These men are taught that they are supposed to be tough and oppressive and they are also taught to be sexist and to regard women as despicable and inferior.

Sometimes when the ETs bring an Illuminati man to visit with me he is being instructed by the ETs on what to speak to me. Sometimes the Illuminati man is told to ask of me to refer to him as "my Honored", and once a feller threw sexist offensive words at me and said that they only have men working there because women are not powerful. In fact I have never seen a female version of the Illuminati fellows, not that it implies that there are none.

Interesting anecdote. An Illuminati hybrid told me about the "Majestic Four". I asked him don't you mean the Majestic 12, something which I have heard of. No, he said there were only four left. The Illuminati hybrids also talk a lot about the MKULTRA project, as well as about world dominance.

Illuminati hybrid men and I have many babies together. I have been shown those babies. I love the Illuminati fellers, in fact I have told them that if I could I would much rather marry one of them than a man of the human race, and how we would live in a house and I would be his wife and cook his dinner and live with him for the rest of our lives. I have never met a human man whom I have felt that I would want to have children with, but I really feel a connection with these Illuminati guys. They are my brothers.

Every once in a while when I am preparing to have a sweet sugary meal I will hear an Illuminati man declare his frustrations of wanting to eat some of that. Many forms of the human-ET hybrids who have much human DNA are real sweet tooths, but they are being withheld too much sugar. Sugar is also used over there as a form of lure and reward to make hybrids do what they don't want to do. When I make pancakes with fruit jelly or have a bowl of ice-cream the Illuminati men can get overcome with wanting some. I always feel sorry for them and wish I could give them some. So I know I am being watched more often than I am aware of, because at times when I think I am alone, by preparing something sweet to eat I will hear an Illuminati man give himself away.

The Illuminati hybrid who is kept in a dungeon would like to be free to travel and see the world (earth). His dream is to fly in a hot air balloon. He doesn't want to be kept locked up, but the others say that he is violent.

Illuminati hybrids have a body odor that smells exactly like Blu-Tack, it is similar to the smell of candle wax, a type of waxy smell, not offensive in any way but just interesting. Many of these chubby Illuminati hybrid fellers tell me that they are homosexual. Part of the reason why, if not the main and only reason, I understand to be the fact that they are taught to look down on women. I don't pass judgement on their sexual disposition, but I do educate them on gender equality and on how women aren't all that bad as they have been told.

There is a lot of personal and intimate and also disturbing material from my conversations and observations of the Illuminati hybrids that I can only give out in a book and not on the public internet.

On November 30 2017 the aliens showed me a mental image of a female adult Illuminati hybrid. Her name was Colleen. See the story on Colleen.