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David Icke Wembley Presentation 2012 - My Comments
November 07 2012

Watch David Icke Remember Who You Are - Wembley 2012

Warning: This page contains graphic information about something sinister, it contains sexual, shocking, and uncomfortable topics. THIS PAGE IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. You have to be an adult to read here. If you are a child, please go elsewhere and watch some cartoons.

Stop watching television, stop watching the news, don't rent a movie - but watch David Icke's fantastic Wembley 2012 presentation titled Remember Who You Are. At the very least give it some thought and consider the message given.

I've been closely knitted to the Reptilian Agenda my whole life. Somehow I was genetically crafted to be different from other humans. I was always a loner, I didn't like human society and I lived most of my childhood in perfect isolation, by choice. I rejected school, rejected society, rejected the human world around me, even friends and family. All I did in my time alone, was daydream about being from an alien society, sent here to save the world. I had come here not to forget who I am. To not become another mirror reflection.

An Arcturian lady lives through my body and mind, but she has been prevented from being here by the Draconians and Malik the Black One. There is a battle between light and evil, taking place not only on a larger scale here on Earth, but having taken place in the mere humble body of a human girl.

When I was a child and teenager I had tremendous knowledge of vibrational science. I was telepathic, knew of other worlds, was a healer, I knew what people's problems were and how to solve them (empathic).

When I was 14 the United States men in black and high ranking military came into my life. The first thing they ever said to me was, "We're not gonna hurt you." They proceeded to put me through systematic verbal threats of rape and assault, and insults. Electric shock treatment, actual rape, medications, interrogations.

My later teen years were tough. I suffered from agony and suicidal thoughts. During this time the MILABS/MKULTRA were hostile, and I had two black demons following me.

In my early 20's I was a New Age teacher. I had pristine knowledge of the human energy system and how to heal. But the remainder of my 20's were atrocious. I was again suicidal, depressed, and lived in agony and constant lack and misery. It is now clearer more than ever - after seeing David's wonderful lecture - that I have been oppressed by the Agenda.

See I have always given away my light and not wanted to live to my fullest potential. I always justified it as me not being "worthy" to have more than the general population. Why should I be happy, when most people are unhappy? Why should I know of light, and vibrations, when other people don't? It felt as if I was doing humanity a favor, by being miserable. As if I was sharing their pain. But this was just the Agenda messing with me, I know now it was. Our dear uncle Malik was behind it all.

We all know the story of how Malik entered into my life, if you have been reading. I had a black demon standing beside my bed every night at my ex-boyfriend's house. I was afraid to sleep there. So one night I asked the demon, "Who are you?". "Betelgeuse", he said. Not long ago, a black "gust of wind" had sweapt into my classroom and shown me an image of a young man who, I was being told, would be entering into my life. I was also told that this young man was into Satanism and shown that he will be murdering young children and burying them in the woods. (NOT my thoughts. I have no thoughts such as those. I am a light being.) The next day I come across a young man and it is him. I've been trying to get rid of him ever since, but he has an obsession with me.

So I rejected this crazy Satanic person, and then one night about two years ago Malik sends me another image into my mind. Again I am being shown another man, this time a Master (in the D/s sort of way) and shown all kinds of detail about him. (He is a Free Mason, and heavily into Knights Templar, but not to my knowledge a Satanist.) The next day this random guy finds me on the internet and it is him. We get together, and I go through the Master D/s treatment, in which I have my first close encounter of the Black One, Malik.

I kept seeing a "black monster" inside of this man, like spirit possession. He had me kneel to him and call him "Master". There was very little and almost absolutely no "sex" involved in my encounter with this man. It was all just games of dominance and submission. That is what Malik likes. Malik was using this man so that he could "drink my juice" (energy). It was fine, I wasn't hurt. Somehow I didn't feel pain when I was near my Black Master, but when I turned away from him I was in excruciating pain. Somehow Malik turns pain into lust, pain into something smooth and velvety. That is how Malik feels it, and when you are with Malik you don't feel a pain.

I've been trying to break away from this man for over a year now. Very recently I called him up to break up with him - yet again, like I had done many times before - but this time I was very stern about it. Now, this man claims to not believe in the existence of this "Black One Malik", but that very next morning he called me to tell me that very night he had dreamt that he had a very realistic dream in which he battled with a black demon, so much in fact that he had been slung out of bed and hit his head hard on the end table, and he was so awkwardly wrapped into the blankets that it took him - a very strong man might I say - half an hour to untangle himself and come to his senses. I recall that when I broke up with him on the phone that evening Malik had not been pleased.

So, Malik the dear Incubus uncle is part of my life. I call him an uncle because he is like the uncle you do not like, but he has to come to all the family reunions because he is part of family. You kind of love him but you don't. Nah, I do love Malik in a way. He is charming the way that he tiptoes around the apartment. It's awesome to see him tiptoeing in the hallways, doesn't scare me at all. I always greet him with enthusiasm. We're buddies, sort of.

Malik doesn't intend to hurt me. We've had some delicious sexual rendezvous, in fact Malik is the best sex I have ever had.

Just now: "Shut the cattrap!" I've thought that it's the MILABS/MKULTRA men who make these references to cats, but I've started to wonder whether it's the Draconian Reptilians. They refer to me as a "cat", possibly trying to turn me into a passive MKULTRA Beta Cat so that I could be confined. I've been told by the Draconians that "they used to kill Starsouls, but we just keep coming back if they do", so the best way to take care of us is to somehow sedate and pacify us.

I'm a Starsoul/Starseed. David Icke reveals to you how the Draconians do possession of humans so that their minds can live and act through those humans, and how Draconians bring the Satanic energies of the Black Ones here to Earth. Well, we Starseeds are here for the rescue. Most Starseeds come from the Pleiadian worlds. Arcturus is another source of benevolent Light Workers. We come here to raise the energies to Light, to undo the Satanic influence and bring healing, love, consciousness and heaven here to Earth.

So the Draconian Agenda tries to stop us Light Workers. They can spot us miles away due to our bright white light. If they kill our human host bodies then we will only come right back by having another incarnation so that doesn't work. So instead they try to enslave our minds and turn our human host bodies into "cages" where we are contained, but ineffective. That is what the Beta Cat is for, and that is why Malik sent me to the Free Mason Master to "encage" me. I was to be put into a dark energy through mind control and hypnosis, through D/s slave training, so that I would cease to be the beacon of light that we are.

I've rejected the Master and now Malik has been whining to the CIA to do something about me. When Malik addresses the CIA (who are part of the Agenda) about me, he likes to let me see and hear what he is saying to them about me. I also get to see the CIA men that he talks to, and their offices and whereabouts. So that is what the "cat traps" are all about. I was to be turned into an MKULTRA Beta Cat.

What is a Beta Cat? The MKULTRA is a mind control program by the United States Central Intelligence Agency. They use drugs, sexual abuse, electric shocks, yelling and intimidation, threats, and possibly implants and other means, to break down the mind of the subject. You basically want to put as much bad negative stuff into the subject's mind as possible, to swamp it with overwhelming negativity.

You then provide the cure and the salvation from that negativity and cruelty, and from that emerges an alternate personality, dissociative identity disorder, multiple personality if you will, which takes on the shape of a cat. I cannot remember what they must have subjected me to, in order to make the cat alter come out specifically, but they may show the subject images or give words related to cats.

I know that the Master who was "slave training" me had me wear a collar and once told me to crawl on the floor on all fours like a cat and eat and drink from bowls on the floor. I just thought it was a cute game at the time so I did it.

When you are turned into an MKULTRA Beta Cat, you become completely under the control and rule of the man who is your "handler" as they call it on other pages. He becomes her world. I would see nothing and know nothing other than him. Him and his eyes is all that I see. I would want nothing and be nothing other than a cat by his side.

I was surprised that being a Beta Cat is not as scary or harsh as it sounds. It is actually the most comfortable and safe nurturing state of mind to be. It feels nurturing kind of like being a baby cared for by a loving parent (the handler). It feels like ceasing to have to be a human. The world no longer has any chores, responsibilities, problems or worries, all you are is a cat, and all you need to do is basically be what a cat is. Comfortable, safe, nurtured and cared for by another.

A Beta Cat is a lady who becomes very cuddly and loses all sexual inhibitions. You could have a room full of men (MKULTRA CIA men) and you would not think twice about having sex with all of them. You don't care who they are or what they want to do, you are just a cuddly cat who wants to cuddle. It is no longer gross or offensive.

A Beta cat is a lady who starts to wear cat print clothing and soft plush clothing that feels like cat fur. A Beta Cat is never angry, never argues, is always compliant, always cuddly, and sees nothing and knows nothing other than her one man.

They were going to turn me into a Cat so I'm more than halfway there, but it's started to fade away. I don't know if they aborted it or if they are going to resume. All I can say it is irresistible and if they start the "training" again (with General Patton) I won't say no.

Light Beings are of a higher vibration and they are immune to attacks by the Black Ones. Malik is unable to toss or turn me around while my light is strong. He sees light being incarnations who are coming to Earth as a threat, a threat to his Satanic way of life, to his sacrifices of children, and "juice drinking", and corruption and rule of the Earth. So since they can't kill us, because we come back, he says, the way to handle us is to take over our minds. We will still remain associated to the human body we chose for incarnation, but our energies will be lower, and we will effectively be caged and maintained.

So the MKULTRA CIA turns us into Beta Cats. I've been informed by the Agenda that good Cats sell for a lot of money among the MKULTRA. If they go all the way with my Cat training then it would involve me living with one of the men as my husband. A man might pay up to two million US dollars for a Cat wife. We are essentially robots, Stepford Wives, sex Cats, the perfect wife in every way.

The relationship with the MKULTRA handler as a Cat's husband would be violent, but she doesn't see it as violence. He would hit her and be frequently abusive. Malik worked on making my mind accept physical violence as something natural and something to crave for. Also, although married, he would not "love" her. He would never say to her that he loves her. He would not be affectionate or loving. He would have to avoid talking to her too much, and avoid looking her in the eye too much. Also she would not be allowed to speak. They would use drugs to reinforce the don't-speak rule. (General Patton often tells me, during training, "Don't SPEAK!")

But the MKULTRA has a choice between Beta Cat or Doll. The Doll is a much more harsh and serious treatment and "cage" for the woman. They used to do lobotomies on the Doll women, or maybe they still do. There is a heavy use of drugs to pacify the mind. A Doll is a woman who is a lifesize puppet. She does not have any thoughts at all, and she does not speak at all.

After the initial treatment which makes her into a Doll, perhaps this is the lobotomy, maybe electric shocks, violence, abuse and drugs, which does a lot of the transition all at once, for some time afterwards she won't be able to speak, to walk, to think, to talk, or to feed herself, or anything. I have been shown images that as a Doll my handler would have to support me as I walk, I couldn't walk on my own. And he would have to put me into the bathtub and bathe me. I've been shown many times how a man would bathe me, though he would be very slow and careful bathing her.

She just stares in front of her. The man would have to do her makeup and hair and dress her, at least for the first part afterwards. She would not be able to feed herself and the man would feed her. It's been indicated to me that she can't use the bathroom right after the Doll has been set in place. It seems that she might have to wear diapers, and how creepy is that, perhaps not for all of the Dolls and perhaps not for all of the time.

She would be alive, her heart would be beating, but the body is a cage which entraps the mind. Better than killing the Starsouls isn't it. Plus the MKULTRA handler who was "so nice" to take care of a Starsoul threat on behalf of the Black Ones, gets a personal sex toy.

During Doll training, General Patton would call me "Doll" but I just thought it was cute like when they call me "Sugar". He would also show me images of himself with a ventriloquist doll on his lap. For the longest time I didn't realize what he was doing, he just called it "training" and "Welcome to the MKULTRA!". I think it wasn't until I started searching the internet a bit on MKULTRA (cause this was the first time I had heard it and I wanted to know what it was) and I came across the Doll and Cat and then it made sense. Just now: "Don't tell them that we make the perfect soldiers."

General Patton had first intended to make me into the Doll. There was a day when I suddenly - for a whole day - intensely craved for being turned into this Doll. As soon as it was over I couldn't even consider it. The mere thought scares me now that I'm back to my senses, but they were turning me into it, then they changed their mind.

During my conscious abduction to the hospital in Syracuse, New York, which Malik the Black One took me to (I got to see Malik in the hallway of the hospital), I found my way to the downstairs dining room and there were anywhere between 30 to 80 or so men dressed either in black suits or high ranking military uniforms. Each gentleman had a lady sitting at their table, and all the women were like zombie dolls. They were unresponsive and the men were feeding the ladies. This was long before I knew anything about MKULTRA Dolls.

Being a Doll is safe and fine in itself. It is kind of like reverting back to your childhood. And the men take good care of the Dolls, but I've also been shown that a lot of the women who were made into MKULTRA CIA prostitution as Betas or as Dolls end up being put into the trunk of a car and killed by the side of a road. I've been shown that! I'm not making it up! When the men get tired of them. When the women are spent. But I sensed that my handler would marry me and have a child with me, so that would be different.

I have to become the Light Being that I am. For far too long have they been misleading me and confusing me. They somehow made me justify living a life in constant poverty and lack. They make it so that I always end up starving, doesn't matter how much money I have or when, I always somehow end up without money. And not because of poor planning skills. The Black Ones keep us in constant agony, starvation, hunger, deprivation, fear. They ruin our lives, they make us think that people want to hurt us. They make people in our lives fight us. They turn our loved ones against us. But I am stronger than all that.

Malik is a bad, bad man. He has shown me how he tortures infants and feeds off their energy. Sometimes Malik hides under my bed and gives me nightmares at night just so that he can feed off my fear and agony at night.

But I can't say that he is pure scary or evil. I mean, he doesn't attack me or anything. He tries to lure me in. He wants my choice of being with him to seem voluntary. Every time when he gets too close and his presence starts to make my body physically ill because it twists and contorts my energy flow, when I tell him to back off he always does, respectfully and almost apologetically.

Malik is a complicated man, yet simple and frail. When you go into his mind (and as an Arcturian I can really go into his mind and see and feel him as he feels himself and his own life), his mind feels like insanity and madness. When I read his Thoth tarot cards, the card that described his "problems" or "weaknesses" was the one that describes "tendency for violence due to insanity such as schizophrenia". Malik doesn't like it when I tell him that he is insane, but I feel that he is.

His mind is a cold empty place of confusion and loneliness. He feels so much better when he can be with me and my energy. When he can be in my presence to feel the warmth and love that I have then he feels good for a moment. He is like a poor homeless guy with shreads for clothes in winter, trying just to warm his hands against the window glass to someone's home where a fire is burning in the fireplace and a family is seated by the dinner table to eat a good meal together. He is lonely, he is frail, he is weak, he is sickly.

He is incapable of feeling or understanding pain or fear. When he brings a human into agony, he feels not the agony of the human but an intense sexual ecstasy. What he feels, I feel with him. I have enjoyed feeling "the power" (the ecstasy) with him from my energy. But when he feeds off my energy, he pulls my energy out of my chakras and then twists my chakras around so that they close. Afterwards I am drained and totally lifeless. It takes me hours to recover from a "juice drinking" by Malik the Black One. But sometimes it is worth it, if I can enjoy it too. They say that very few humans can feel "the power" when they feel it.

Hamish is here now. He said that he wants to show me something. Then he said that I will not be trained into a Doll. He was being supportive. Hamish actually is a nice guy. He helps me and he cares about me and he protects me from the Black One Malik. "I will simply test your DNA", says Hamish now. That's why he's here.

What is this?
Malik and the Keyhole

My DNA has twelve DNA strands, they tell me. Both the human(?) MKULTRA CIA tell me that I have twelve DNA strands, and the aliens tell me that too. Beats me what it means, but I suspect it is how my psychic abilities and knowledge and awareness manifests into this body, this life.

I guess I wanted to talk about my impressions with David Icke's Wembley talk (I've only seen parts 1 and 2 so far), but it got into a rant about how my involvement in the Agenda is.

I guess I could write a part 2 to these comments later. There is a huge negative influence on me right now preventing me from writing what I meant to say next, namely about the Vega-Jew connection, Hitler and the Nazis, Rosicrucians, Aleister Crowley, pentagrams, and all of that blah stuff. I should come back and finish it later. I'm also being influenced against posting a link to this page, but I have to fight against the influence and just post the link. After all I wrote all of this.

Just now: "Sshh", says an MKULTRA man to me. "I haven't said anything!" I whine at him. "Don't do it!" he says, and they twist my right arm firmly behind my back. "I haven't done anything!", I say to him. They were talking about this page I wrote and said these just as I posted the link on my website so that people can access it. And just now I saw a rare but delightful sight - Malik's black foot and ankle walked by the bedroom door, which is where - in the corner - they have the black portal through which the aliens enter and exit to my room.

In fact I discovered their portal door just yesterday when I closed my eyes and decided to try to see the room with my eyes closed. This was inspired after seeing David Icke's first part of the Wembley 2012 talk. I used to do this in my teens all the time, to see the world vibrationally with my eyes closed. It was wonderful to do it again. But that is when I saw perfectly clearly that there is a door in the corner of my bedroom door. It has black frames and no "door" in it, just an open walkway, rectangular. On the other side through the door I saw Reptilians, snake-type Reptilians.

I then asked the Reptiles there if they would let me somehow walk through the door. Their response? They closed the door. I could still see it, but it now had a dense "block" placed where the entrance was. I suspect that they also have another door that leads directly on to the bathroom rug in the bathroom, I've sensed it there many times, but I haven't bothered to close my eyes to check it!

Yowza. There was another black footstep by Malik. And another. Did watching David's presentation break the spell? Am I now beginning to decode the Reptilian presence, visually? Thanks David! This will be neat! I can't wait to see them more! It's fun. I mean, if Malik is tiptoeing here I'd much prefer to see him. I tend to see him but in the mind's eye, but here I am seeing him with my eyes so it's different. (Let's not tell the aliens. Wouldn't it be fun to see them all the while they think they are still being invisible? Speaking of which. I once sat on the floor and I could see an MKULTRA man in black suit and dress shoes standing right there on my bedroom floor, but when I looked up I couldn't see his upper body. It was as if they hadn't bothered to mask their lowest half because normally I don't sit on the floor, or something. It was cool!)

"The lowest-energy men are not here for you." - says someone now, whatever

The MKULTRA/MILABS men get to borrow the aliens' portals and abduction technologies and that is how alien abductees can have military abductions too.

Update: I don't know who or how but my mind just opened in a mind - not expansion - but explosion! It is related to taking part in David Icke's Wembley presentation. Sound and vision became bright and clear. I am no longer in the black grasp of the Agenda, energetically. I feel great! Everybody, take part in David's wonderful presentation!