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I try to remain factual and scientific when I write about the creatures that I encounter. I intend to just state facts and observations in a neutral manner. Usually I reserve the personal feelings (and lots of them) into the Stories section, where I like to write miles long about how much I love Hamish the Reptilian. But I cannot contain my joy of encountering the beautiful Yeti. It brings me so much joy to have seen him and to know that I have them in my life and in this world. They are incredible and beautiful and I feel a great joy of knowing him. And that too is my scientific observation.

On August 28 2017 a Vega contacted me and he wanted to tell me more about things and he invited me to come to his base. I declined the offer to go to his base because after days of working on The Orion Project I was exhausted, and I asked if we could do this some other day. I was shown mental images from the Vega base. The base had at least this one Vega, two Blue Kings, I felt that there were pumas there. And I was shown mental images of the Yeti and I was allowed for our thoughts and emotions to be connected telepathically so that we could feel and know each other and talk to each other.

It was a hominid with orange brown hairs and its head is notably very high or tall up. He had light blue eyes. I sensed that it lives in caves in the Himalayan mountains and that they also live in caves in Peru in alien bases. I was told that sometimes one of them escapes out into the human world and that causes problems. The Yeti man spoke to me telepathically and he said that they do not like it when humans come to look for them.

This base in the Himalayas has at least one Vega, at least two Blue Kings, there are pumas and then the Yeti, and I feel there are also other species and animals there even though I did not see them.

Source Contact With Vega dated August 28 2017.

My mind was connected with the Yeti and I strongly sensed that in his mind he is not an animal, he is a man, and that he is a very firm, stern and adamant character who utmost demands respect. I cannot say however that he would be an aggressive or violent sort, but he is adamant and stern. Also the fact that the Vegas allow him to live with them implies that the Yeti is friendly to other creatures because the Vega do not tolerate the slightest hint of cruelty among their friends.

The Yeti is a large and tall man. When he stands he is not standing with a perfect human posture like a human would, instead the upper back is hunched downwards a little bit, and the head and neck are notably facing down and a bit forward especially more so while he walks. The head has a peculiar shape which is very tall and pointy. I am not sure of his face but it might have a dark gray thick skin and dark eyes, a thick skin that can only remind me of the type of skin one would have on the soles of feet that is thick and rough. He has large hands and his feet are large and wide.

His feet are flat in that the toes are not long and the toes do not have a tendency to curl underneath the foot while he is walking, meaning that the toes do not have a grasping motion as he walks, and so the feet are like big flat snowshoes. I think the underside of his feet and hands are bare without hairs and that they also have a very thick dark gray colored skin, the skin is thick and there is a rich blood flow pumping through his feet to keep them warm as he walks in the snow. However: the outer layer of the soles of his feet is thick and does not have the rich blood flow, but further in into the sole of the foot is a layer with an incredibly rich blood flow which is what supplies heat throughout the foot as he walks without shoes in the snow.

He has long bright orange hairs on his body, similar or same color as the hairs of an orangutan. The hairs on the body are silky fine and long like head hairs can be on a human, and so he looks to be covered in head hairs on the body. The body hairs are not thicker or curly and do not resemble human body hair, but are instead a very handsome cover of long silky orange hairs. These long fine orange hairs cover most of the head but not the bald top of his head which also shows the dark gray thick skin crust, the face is also not covered in some parts but I think there are hairs on his cheekbones. The hairs are along his arms, body, back and legs, perhaps there are areas on the chest such as the breasts area that have no hair but I have to make sure.

I was told that sometimes a Yeti escapes the base and wanders off into the Himalayan landscape. The Yeti seemed very strict and deeply unhappy bordering to angry and I pryed more into his feelings and I learned as he told me that he is not allowed to leave the base and he wishes that he could go outside, that is why he is feeling so angry inside. I saw from his memories how much he loves the wide open outdoors and to go out into the Siberian open landscapes with the snow and the smell of snow and how he likes to roam for miles and miles. He makes long strides as he walks, he also walks alone without other Yeti members with him on his walks. This species needs a large habitat to roam in. But they cannot leave the base because humans are dangerous.

The Yeti has been told about how humans would try to find them. I told him to stay in the base and to stay away from humans, I told him that humans are extremely dangerous. I told him I wished I knew of a way so that they could safely be in the outdoors. I would personally make myself an armed guard and patrol around their area so that they could roam in the snow, but I don't know if that would be enough. I would not hesitate to shoot a human in the foot if they tried to approach the land.

Most humans would see dollarsigns in their eyes if they got in contact with a Yeti. I could probably lead an expedition into the Himalayas and convince these creatures to let me see them and have them photographed. But that is not at all how I am thinking. Learning about them made me deeply concerned for their safety. I urge from the depths of my heart that everyone understands that the Yeti is not an animal. He is a man, he just happens to look different from us. He is to be awarded not just with all of the benefits given in human rights, but more so, he is to be regarded by each and every one of us as our most beloved family member whom we would only cherish and want to protect.

"They used to chase these goats.", someone tells me now August 30 2017 11:54 PM and shows me a mental image of a pure white mountain goat, meaning that the Yeti used to chase these.
"They used to make them fall off a cliff.", adds about the goats and Yeti. Yeti would hunt these goats and make them fall of a cliff. At first I doubted that a bare unarmed Yeti could catch up with such a goat by running up to it and how would it kill it with its bare hands I smiled a bit as I doubted that it could be done, but I see now it makes sense to chase it off a cliff.

The image I was shown looks a lot like this Mountain Goat but the horns were different, and this Mountain Goat is a species of North America. There is a large goat in the Himalayas called Bharal sheep. There are a few types of goat-like animals, the one I was shown was large and white.

Sure of course the Yeti is fascinating, but when you have telepathic contact with him and you are reading his thoughts and feelings, then he is just a person. Only ignorance can make a person want to seek them out without being invited, only immense stupidity would make someone try to harm them or to take a photo to earn money. I say these things because I know that some people have looked to find them, and it is because of this human nature that the Yeti are denied their rightful access to roam the wild landscape.

He is by all means a person. And it is the utmost compassion that I have which is the reason why I am allowed to meet with creatures such as these in the first place. The Vega know that I can look at an animal as a person, that I can feel their thoughts and feelings, and they know for a fact that I would never harm them.

I urge you to realize that the Yeti is a person and a man and to regard him as a family member and as a friend. The fact that he is a different species than we and that he is covered in long bright orange hair like the orangutan does not mean that we have any rights to forget that he is a person. I almost did not write this page because we live in a world where beautiful treasures such as the Yeti have to be kept secret because humans are harmful and destructive. A part of me feels that humanity deserves to know that we have this beautiful treasure in our world, but it was really close that I did not write about it, because if I had to choose between my loyalty toward the destructive human species or my loyalty to protecting the wonderful Yeti man you know I already said I would arm myself with a gun and would not hesitate to shoot a human in the foot. I even told the Yeti that I would not hesitate to kill a human who was about to harm the Yeti.

If there was a situation where me, the Yeti, and a human were near to each other and the human was about to attack to kill the Yeti then I would not hesitate to murder the human to save the Yeti. Because the Yeti is to be regarded as a man. The fact that his body looks different from ours, does not mean that we can somehow ignore the fact that in his mind he is not an animal he is a man. He is to be given not only human rights but we must also cherish and want to protect him with the same amount of compassion, appreciation and caring that we feel and show toward our closest family members and loved ones.

The Vega have a breeding population of Yetis, there are males and females and the females are having Yeti babies, isn't that wonderful? Knowing about the Yeti marks as one of the best things in my whole life, and one of the best things that I love about this world.

I feel such a tremendous amount of love toward the Yeti, and happiness that they exist. I cannot quite explain why I have these feelings from seeing him. It is just absolutely marvellous and wonderful that they exist.

Please understand that I have reluctantly given humanity a great treasure by letting it know about the Yeti. To write this, I fight against my strong knowing that it does not really serve any benefit to write about them and that it would have been best and most compassionate to not write about them. You know when you are standing by a window and you know that it would be foolish to jump and what a strong resistance you feel toward the idea of jumping, a feeling you have to overcome if you are going to do jumping out of an airplane. I have gone against my strongest knowing to write this here. It is far more important to protect the Yeti than it is for humanity to know about the Yeti existing. I am very close to deleting this page.

I pray from the bottom of my heart that the Vega use their advanced weapons to protect the Yeti at all costs and at all times. The safety of the Yeti is of utmost importance.