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For several years now, the Agenda aliens have been telling me about the "Iroquois". The Iroquois would be humans who are of a specific genetic make. The Agenda aliens have various men have children with me, those children are kept in the Agenda. One of the men who has children with me is Russian Korpral Olav "Olli" Vetti, and the aliens have been telling me for years now that the sons that I have with Olav are "Iroquois". It is the Reptilians who have an interest in the Iroquois. I have been told that I am Starseeding the Iroquois.

You will find the Iroquois mentioned many times on the main website The Orion Project which deals with extraterrestrial topics. On the night between August 29-30 2017 at 5 AM while I was still awake and in bed because I had been chatting with a friend over the internet, I think I had just gotten ready to go to sleep and had put my head on the pillow and closed my eyes, when the aliens showed me a mental image of a young man with bright copper red hair, and they told me that it was an Iroquois.

The Iroquois

The aliens had shown me the sons that I have with Olav many times in mental images. They are handsome boys with long dark hair. They do look a bit special, but not a whole lot and nothing out of the ordinary. They are tall and slender boys with dark hair and dark eyes, their faces are a bit long and not round. They were always very shy boys and in their teenage years when I got to see them.

But this time I was shown a mental image of what I presume to be a pure Iroquois, and perhaps one from the past? The young man was leaning down or squatting down by a creek and putting his hand toward the water.

This pure Iroquois would not look human if we saw him in a human population we would notice that he was unusual and that there are no humans today who look like that. However, he does look human, just that he is of a human population that does not exist today. The skin color was a warm tan beige color, not white or pale, and not dark, but a healthy orange beige.

He was tall and very slenderly built, with long arms and long legs. The face is exceptionally long and narrow. The area under the lips, the chin, is longer than any humans have today. His lips are very full, which is not what we are used to seeing on a man who otherwise would be considered to be a European person, so that would also strike us as unusual if we saw him today. I do not recall if his eyes were light brown or blue, or maybe that I did not see his eye color, but I would guess that the eyes were a light brown in color.

Another thing that stands out that would make us not think that he was a human is that his snout protrudes out a lot. The area of the mouth and above and below the mouth stands out, and it does not look like that on modern humans.

Yet another thing that would make us think that he was not a modern human, is that his hair is bright copper red in color, but it is a bright orange copper red, a highly unusual color and very bright. His hair was long and is smooth and straight and shiny.

And so there were many things about his looks that would make us today think that he is not a modern human. He could almost pass for a human if he were in a crowd of a variety of humans, but humans would see him and think that there are no humans who look like that. It is mostly because of the bright orange copper red hair that he has, but there are also many features on his face that humans do not have today. But what I am saying is, is that if someone were to say that this is a human, then it would not be difficult for modern humans to accept that he is a human, once we get used to it.

So this what I saw was a pure Iroquois. I was then told by the alien that they want to make Iroquois and what they are saying is that the Agenda aliens need to use my eggs to make more Iroquois. I am assuming that my DNA contains some Iroquois DNA. The boys that I have had with Olav do not look exactly like the pure Iroquois, but I see a lot of resemblance in those boys with the pure Iroquois that I was shown. So perhaps me and Olav have Iroquois DNA in ourselves, and when we have children then the aliens can try to select out the Iroquois DNA that we do have, to try to recover the Iroquois DNA.

I have remote viewed Vikings in the past, and seen that their ancestors were in fact the Iroquois, those red-haired early Scandinavians that had a bit of a protruding snout and those long faces. The Iroquois looks "Scandinavian", but not like the blonde Scandinavians, but like a more ancient red-haired Scandinavian. For the record, both my parents were from Finland and as far as we know about our family history both sides of the family would be from Finland for as far back as we know. Olav on the other hand is supposedly Russian.

I know that there was supposedly a North American Indian tribe named Iroquois, but the Iroquois that I write about must more than likely be regarded as one of the ancestor lines of Scandinavians.