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Some believe that all humans evolved gradually from earlier hominids and apes according to the methods introduced by evolutionary scientist Charles Darwin. Others believe in the religious texts and stories handed down to them from their ancestors and the creation stories supported in their religion. Many religions talk about humanity being created by a creator God. I was raised into the loosely upheld Lutheran Christian religion but in a scientific society which taught me to believe in Darwinian evolution. I studied science at university for several years and even took an anthropology class, and with the strength of all of my love for physics and sciences (anthropology and paleontology being two sciences that I love) I was a supporter of Darwinian evolutionary theory for the origin of humanity.

But when I communicate with extraterrestrials and listen to them and remote view scenes of the past on Earth and in outer space I learn the story that humans evolved in part from earlier hominids and were in part Starseeded by several extraterrestrial species. On this page I try to take a comb and spread apart the many different human populations and their origins as I encounter it. I ask that readers adhere to their own personal beliefs on human origin. I ask to be allowed to write my findings here per the freedom of speech. My writing is not intended to humiliate or offend any person or their beliefs. You are allowed to believe in human origins in the way that you do, and here I am allowed to present the findings of my contact with extraterrestrials and remote viewing.

As you see this page is just a pinch of the full story. More human populations will be represented here as I continue to learn more.


I saw that Indians who were dark, almost black in skin color, had traveled from North America on a pilgrimage to the mountains of Peru. These Indians were tall, they had a very strong build, long handsome faces, chiseled cheekbones, sharp contours and frame. Long shiny black hair and dark eyes. Their spirits told me that they met the Pleiadians there in Peru and that they and Pleiadians had children with each other.

A. A dark almost black North American Indian who originated from North America and traveled south to Peru for a spiritual pilgrimage. Their origin is unknown to me. (A) DOES NOT look like people of Peru today although some Peruvians have resemblance.
B. The children of the dark Indians and Pleiadians. I suspect these to be the people of Peru today, since the people of Peru look exactly like how I would imagine the children of the dark Indians and early Pleiadian species to look like, but this needs to be confirmed! (B) is not confirmed!

Source and main article: remote viewing and communication with spirits of earlier Indians of Peru: Peru dated August 24 2017.

Sphinx people

The Sphinx people are probably the same as the Babylonians. Ancestry and descendants unknown at this time.


Encountered in the remote viewing of the Sphinx people. We found a Jewish population who had been made to leave Judea, they were living far north and a bit west from Judea. Their village was destroyed by the Sphinx people. From earlier material on the main website of The Orion Project, I have learned that the Jews were Starseeded by the Vega extraterrestrials.

descendants of Cambodian wide-faced hominid
contain some Pleiadian due to mixing, but is not a Starseeded race

Cambodian humans are direct descendants of a prehistoric hominid. This hominid had a very special appearance which makes it different from the other hominids whose fossil remains have been found. This Cambodian hominid has very wide and prominent cheekbones and a notably large and wide face. Its face was not covered in hair, but its body was covered in brown or red brown hairs. In the remote viewing I saw that Cambodian humans would still have the wide cheekbones and faces that this hominid had, and true if you look at photos of modern day Cambodians you will see that many of them look very much like this hominid.

Cambodians were not created by an extraterrestrial species as a specific Starseeded race. However, Cambodians do contain Pleiadian genetic material, probably due to the natural mixing that happens when people from different parts of the world mix with each other.

A. The prehistoric hominid which was larger than modern humans.
B. I saw earlier humans who looked part the hominid and part human, midway from the hominid to modern humans. Wide cheekbones and yellow skin color.
C. Another form of Cambodians that used flame torches, their lower jaw was protruding forward as an underbite, they had black hair, skin was a bit yellow, no hair on the body and soft skin, the prominent cheekbones but not the wide face.
D. Modern Cambodian humans, evolved from the hominid.

The hominid was larger than modern humans, it was wide and a bit robust built rather than tall or slender. I feel that they were friendly and docile creatures. All three types of Cambodian humans, ranging from earlier ones and modern ones that I saw in the remote viewing, are notably small in size people.

Note: I am not a racist and this is not racism. You also hear in the audio of the remote viewing how beautiful I found the history of Cambodia and its people to be. I described it as a world within a world, as a world in itself, and as a greater treasure than the knowledge we have and share in the Western world completely overlooked and ignored by the West. I also want to say that when I remote viewed Cambodia, I did not know in advance what the people of Cambodia look like today. It is not a country we know about in the West. I would have guessed them to look like Thai people or perhaps like Koreans, but in the remote viewing I saw the people with the wide faces who were direct descendants of the hominid, and true enough when I after the remote viewing looked at photos of Cambodian people it corroborated my findings.

Source: All from the remote viewing of Angkor Wat. The part about them having Pleiadian genetic material was said by a Reptilian in the remote viewing of Angkor Wat. Dated August 24 2017.