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Anyone with an interest in ancient civilizations knows about the ancient Greek world, considered one of the first advanced, or perhaps best documented, ancient cultures on Earth. Not surprisingly, I come across ancient Greece when I remote view the past history of Earth.

Lyrans created in Greece

Lyrans are one of the several extraterrestrial species who were present on Earth Starseeding new populations. 300,000 years ago the Lyrans were in what is today Greece, and they had Starseeded a black chimpanzee and also created the Apeman which was probably made out of black chimpanzee with Lyran genetic material. The Greece that I saw then was wide open plains with large herds of a now extinct horned red gnu. The Lyrans also created the Atlantean culture in the west Aegean sea, which places it at Greece.
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Old Greece had giants

In a remote viewing I found out that the moons of planet Saturn had been artificially created and placed there to prevent Saturn from emanating peace. The moon of Saturn named Iapetus was worshipped by a people in what I call old Greece, which predates what we call ancient Greece at least 1000 years before. Ancient Greece is known to modern anthropologists to have thought of the planets as gods and goddesses with powers and abilities.

When I looked at the moon Iapetus I found a giant human in old Greece. The giant was a Caucasian man, his hair was curly or wavy and blonde. He was much larger than humans are today, nearly the height of two men today, other than that he looked like a human, he was handsome and strong and had strong legs. It was important at this time for men to wear short skirts to show the strength of their legs, because people traveled a lot so a man with strong legs showed them off because it meant that he had the vigor to be successful in that world. He carried a spear, he was a warrior and a knight, he was connected to the moon Iapetus of Saturn.

Today when we read about ancient Greece, our history books say that the ancient Greeks believed that the planets were actual giant men and women, gods and goddesses. And here I literally found a giant man who lived in old Greece, connected to the moon Iapetus.

This giant man was meant to father children with human women. We know today that ancient Greece had stories of gods having lots of children with human women, and that those children who were half gods would have godlike powers. This giant knew that he was meant to have children with human women but it was not something that he would have particularly cared about. The Greeks in old Greece believed that the giants had come from the mountains but this was not true.

The giants were known to have slain the serpents because they did, and the serpents were known to be dragons that retreated into the oceans, they were the ocean dragons that had been painted on world maps in ancient times because it is true that the serpents did retreat into the oceans they were known to be hiding there, this is the reason why dragons have been drawon on the oceans on maps and it is not a misrepresentation of whales. The giant man was able to fight the serpents of old Greece and the serpents retreated into the oceans.

At this time in old Greece, many urns of good wine were sunken into the oceans to appease the sea gods who were known to be lurking there, gold and pearls and jewels too, so the oceans would stop taking down the sailships that had all those good strong men on them and they would pray to the planets gods, because they had seen these gods themselves in the form of giants.

The giant man was meant to be treated as a king but he regarded himself as just a man. He did not want to have god or king like status. But they were known to have come from the mountains and they were known to go where the stars set in the sky and they would go far, and they were known to move the oceans where the boats sail, and so they prayed to the planets and the gods to ensure a safe voyage because they knew that the moons and the planets and the gods that were there they were pulling on the seas and were responsible for the good and the evil that happened out at sea. This is all based on truth, it is true that the moons have power and that they pull on the oceans.
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