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I feel bad about naming this species Apeman but I just can't think of a better name at this point. I have been shown this same species both by a Vega and also by a Lyra. I might give it a new name if I think of one.

Vega tells me about the apeman

He showed me the mental image of an apeman from Earth's past. The image was perfectly clear. I just stared at the image with my eyes wide open and I asked the Vega, "What is that?". The apeman was an ancestor that had been Starseeded to become what we call at least closer to the modern human. The apeman had a strange shape of the head, it had a protruding snout with a large bulged upper lip and lower lip like the chimpanzee. The apeman was tall and stood upright, he wore brown shredded hides to cover his pelvic area and a bit on the belly as well. He used tools I think he was carrying a spear, but he was barefoot. His skin was a beige brown color, his skin was not covered in hair but he had hair on the head and some beard hairs. The hairs that he had were black. The hair on his head was smooth like chimpanzee hair and not curly. His eyes were dark with eyewhites.

I heard the apeman make a sound which sounded a lot like a sound that chimpanzees make. The apeman could not have spoken a language with the sounds that humans use today. I asked the Vega if I could talk to the apeman, the Vega said yes I could because it would only collect information based on what was, and would do nothing to change what was in the past, and so I could talk to the apeman but it would do no harm. When I allowed the apeman in the past to see me, he responded by grimacing in which he opened his mouth to show me his canine teeth and he frowned his eyebrows and looked angry. It was not a friendly greeting, it was a warning. Funny how humans today expose their canine teeth to show friendliness, but back then it meant the opposite. I did not want to interact with the apeman more than that, I was a bit startled from seeing him.

Source Contact With Vega dated August 27 2017.

Lyran tells me about the apeman

August 28 2017, I did a remote viewing to learn about the Nazca lines. It brought me to an ancient human who lived 300,000 years ago. But at the same time on Earth, 300,000 years ago but in Greece, Europe, the Lyrans were Starseeding a black chimpanzee. That Lyran told me about their enemies the Azkeths who were located further East in the Middle East. Azkeths and Lyrans were enemies with each other. The Azkeths had taken some of the Starseeded chimpanzees that the Lyrans had created, and they had added their own further modifications to those, and the Lyrans were displeased. I spoke with the people in the East, and they would tell me and show images that depicted what must be the same Apeman that the Vega had shown me the day before on August 27th.

Source Nazca lines, Lyrans, Ape people | Remote View | The Orion Project. Here is that story:

I took a look at the Azkeths in the East and I found burning corpses. One of the people from the East said, "We burned them and we took out the rest." Some population of monkeys being Starseeded but they had been killed and on the ground in Azketh land were dead bodies and being burned into ashes here in the East. "We drowned their cities.", says someone in the East. It smells like burning flesh. "We took them. We kidnapped them, and we hijacked them.", I ask why. "For our friends were not benign with us.", I ask which friends. "The ones who brought the ones with the spears and guns at us." The pictures I saw a tall apeman, it looks like a modern human except the face is very chimpanzee round snout, pale skin and not hairy all over. Looks like what I imagine a Lyran chimpanzee mixture. Was tall, wore some type of clothing. Look like monkey people but look like humans, almonst the only difference is that the snout comes out like a chimp, other than that it looks like a man a human. This apeman was probably the Lyran Starseeded chimp, the Lyrans had armed them with spears and guns to go after the Eastern people as soldiers. This looks exactly like the Apeman I was shown by a Vega "yesterday" and wrote about on the website. Lyrans, Pleiadians, and aliens of the East, were on Earth at the same time, they all wanted to Starseed the chimpanzees, these two populations (Lyra-Pleiadian versus Azkeths) fought each other, trying to ruin or take each other's work away from the others.