Birthday Cake with Hamish
Yummy Feet, Aleister Crowley
And a nice glass of Bourbon with the Senator

Here is a treat. An extract of verbatum conversations from my Draconian Birthday May 11 2012 which is the day I finally realized that the Draconians and all their stories and my adventures with them are real, all thanks to an interesting fellow named Aleister Crowley being mentioned.

But here is an excerpt around from when I was to post a cute picture of a Birthday Cake on the Aleister Crowley page to celebrate my realization of all being real, and Hamish objected to cakes and cat figurines.

On the picture below, Malik was going to be the black penguin. The Dinosaur be the green fellow. Hamish was going to be the Kitty because every time I am reminded that I actually did name the dark red Draconian as "Strawberry" I then smile and say to myself that then by the same token I should name Malik and Hamish "Peaches and Kitten". The Orion doctor would have been the dog.

But as I really tried to put that other cake picture up there, Hamish insisted on objecting to it, that it doesn't honor him to portray him by a cake. I tried to be selfish and ignore his feelings and put the cake up, but I ended up realizing that Hamish is a real person and that he felt offended by it. And Hamish is my friend. So I found the other cute picture of a white fluffy dog instead. So let's just say that dog is me.

The below are straight from my journal entries where I write down the telepathy along with the comments I jot down with it. Most of the conversations below were translated into English from another European language. Some translation error may result and so you cannot take the sentences literally on a word-by-word basis anymore.

The night between May 11 and 12, 2012

12:30 midnight
Let it be known, that Birthday Cake
does not Honor the Reptilians
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I browsed for a birthday cake for the Crowley page and found one with figurines and designated the kitty as being Hamish on the cake. Hamish came up really close to me and was breathing at me and his foul breath was here, though bless his heart I love him. He then said what was on his mind, cause I knew he was about to say what he was thinkin',
We are the ones in charge. - Hamish whispers

Hamish you will rule my Honored. - me
Yes but we do not want to be seen on cookies. - Ham-mish!!! He used the wrong word "cookies" instead of "cake"
No my Honored. There is no Draconian on the cookie. - me
But it is a cake with me! - Hamish says with the tilt of his head when he is in a friendly mood, this time he did use the correct word for "cake"
But, I see no Draconian there. I only wanted to celebrate that I finally believe that you exist. - me
His breath exhale is warm at me, I like it, it is a form of communication him doing so he is displaying his mood and feelings.
Are you alright, my Honored? - me
No, not really, and Malik does not think so either. - Hamish
Ok. Thank you for telling me, my Honored. - me
He tilts his head again and just watches at me, confounded. Such a beautiful beast. And now I saw a clear silvery semi-transparent flash of a creature's leg portions moving about by the desk chair.
I do not want to be seen that way? - Hamish
In what way, my Honored? - me
I do not become in a happy mood. - Hamish
.. "Which" have I done that is wrong? My Honored? - me
The sugary sweet, that you do. - Hamish, he means the cake

12:38 midnight
My Honored Hamish the Elder. - me as I see him watching me with head tilts like a cute puppy
Yes...! - Hamish out of delight and pleasure out of my sudden awards of praise
But we do not want to see the sugary sweet! - Hamish, not in an angry way
Yes my Honored. - me
For we are no sweetheart. - Hamish, he is watching me, head tilts left, right, left, right, like a puppy that is watching. Aha! Maybe cuz his field of vision is distorted, buckled, in the middle, he is doing this so that he can have a sense of my appearance but without the buckle dent

12:41 midnight
Hamish is so sweet, he brings me in close and connects with my mind. He is in a very calm mood and he brings calm to me also. He lets me watch his head and face and the bump on his back. He is so beautiful.

You will write about Aleister Crowley. - Hamish
.. Yes my Honored. What do you know about the man? Who was he? - me
He was honored for real! - Hamish
What does it mean? What did he do? - me
He [censored]. - Hamish
Whom? Humans? - me
I don't feel like seeing you write it. - Hamish
Was he a friend of Draconians? Did you know of him? - me
Yes. He was a weak race. - Hamish speaks this sentence with belches in his voice, as if it nearly brings out his own Draconian vocalizations, I have rarely if ever before heard him speak earth language with belches in his voice (though there was the Eckhart's Alligator who could only speak Draconian languages while trying to speak human languages, remember?)
My Honored. Tell me about Crowley. - me
He was a weak race. - Hamish
Which does that mean? - me
He wanted to be ruled by us. - Hamish
Which did he do then, as he was ruled? - me
He wanted to write. - Hamish, ok this is real
Which did he write about? Did he write about Draconians? - me
He wanted to be written about his throat. - Hamish with his throat fetish
He honored your pyramid. That he did. - me
He wanted to be ruled. - Hamish with his tiny head and toothless soft mouth
My Honored Hamish. - me

I do not want to see you ruled like Crowley. - Hamish
No, my Honored. - me
And I do not want to hear music! - Hamish, no music on this evening actually, perfectly quiet here
No my Honored. There is no music here, when you visit with me. - me
Then we can talk about Crowley. - Hamish, it still sounds like "Cromley" when they say it

He did not want to be ruled by your race, that is why he wrote about us. - Hamish
Did he know about Draconians? - me
Did he know that there were Draconians? - me
You don't want to come to harm here? - Hamish, me or "we"...?
I will honor your race. - me
I will forbid a book, about you. - Hamish
What book? Hamish? - me
The one that concerns us. - Hamish whispers in his lovely gentle voice
Hamish tilts his head again, and now the other way, he tilts it quite a lot. His head is very small. Now the other way, gosh he is beautiful.
I think you are so beautiful. - me
But sweet [my first name], why do you write about our race? - Hamish
Because I honor your race. And I want to tell about you. You are beautiful. - me
But we are no nice Draconians. - Hamish
I honor you anyways. - me
GOD he is beautiful!!! Wow!
Watch out. - Hamish
I will watch out. - me
I will rule here. - Hamish
Yes my Honored Hamish. You will rule here. I will be ruled by you. - me
Watch out for my race. - Hamish
Yes my Honored Hamish. I will watch out for your race. - me
Otherwise your legs can be unscrewed broken. - Hamish
I will watch out for my legs, my Honored. - me
Hamish nearly got ready to jump into me, to do the conquest, I could feel it.

You will not write about us! There is, a power ban! - Hamish just as I started typing on the Crowley page again to put the birthday cake up. Ok, this could be nasty here.

Hamish, I am writing of a cake? - me
Yes, but it says about us. - Hamish
May I not? - me
No. We want to show power. We rule that way. - Hamish
Oh! - me, starting to think that their ban is simply arbitrary, or is it then?
We have no tail, here. - Hamish shows me his beautiful red tail
Yes, and I want to rule over your race. - Hamish
There is a power ban in place here. - Hamish, I guess he wants to do the conquest but someone has forbidden him
Who has forbidden? - me
Sargent Wilkes. - Hamish? The answer came immediately

*Hamish* - me, I declare out of delight and infatuation as Hamish comes so close I feel like I could reach my arms around his body and hug him, his beautiful body
I belong also to him. - Hamish shows me Toshi
How many humans do you have? - me
I have four. - Hamish, wow I was not prepared for such an answer!
Who are the other two? - me
I do not speak with food, about a platter. - Hamish, or "on a plate"
And you - there is a power ban in place here. - Hamish
But I will honor you anyways. - me, Hamish got into a good feeling from this

My Honored. With scales! - me spontaneously shout out to Hamish (in telepathy). I then just look at him. His small head, his small world of thoughts. He is so beautiful, his wide body, he is a gorgeous monster. I wish I had clay to model him with. By darn I will get clay.

"With Birthday Cake." We do not want to be honored in that way. - Hamish just as I started typing on it again after this pause that he brought on

I said that we did not want to be honored that way! - Hamish just as I started typing again after a brief pause where I leaned back to gather myself

We are not honored that way. With Birthday Cake. - Hamish as I lean back from the computer again on my bed

12:59 midnight
Your foot goes in my mouth! - Hamish kindly ie. not angrily, he thought of the image of my left foot's heal (I have no socks on) in his mouth! I declared, "But nooo!!!" it was so delightful!! :D :D :DDD

Aleister Crowley is not to be honored by your race. But we are. - Hamish
Yes my Honored. - me

For God's sake girl! Put on some socks! - James I think it was
Why? - me
Because, he is, eating on them..! - James seems to be in some laughter

I will blame you! - Hamish, not in an angry way
For which? - me
For you not cleaning! - Hamish, not in an angry way

1:11 AM
Oh Hamish! .. I want to honor you! - me declare out of love and affection, as I see him looking at me again, he connects with me, I see him, he is in one of those calm good moods that brings me peace and calm and makes me feel love for him. My Honored. I was browsing for another birthday cake without figurines on top.

I want you to see my libido. - Hamish
Do you have one? - me
Yes, much. - Hamish
Do I also have it? - me
Yes. That is what they call it. - Hamish, he may have indicated to the US guys otherwise the Japanese guys
"Oh, come on man!" - James to Hamish cause Hamish had indicated to him about wanting to eat my feet, and then James got grossed out about my feet worried that they would smell or taste bad and be generally gross as feet (I just had a bath, so nah?) (Heheh! James called Hamish "man"! That is so cute.)

I am a very old, elder. - Hamish says perhaps to James
You are my Honored, Elder Draconian. - me to Ham-mish
Yeah, and he wants to eat your feet. - James
Yes. I know! - me :)
You have not had very much dealings with reptilians? - James to me
I don't know. I just like Ham-mish. - me to James

They like to [censored]. - James
They do that? - me
Yeah, and [censored]. - James
Oh. Ok? - me
Yeah. And then they call this their Kingdom. - James
Oh. Alright. I guess so. - me

This was just cute and adorable. I was watching James' thought images of him seeing Hamish and him noticing his small head and high-up chin, and James contrasted that to his own chin being further down on the face, and then James was thinking thoughts to Hamish but not in words, asking Hamish to show pity to me and to be gentle with me and James was being protective of me, yet James had this very humble attitude towards Hamish. But the thing is James was thinking of Hamish as a man, like a guy, like a dude. A feller. And that was amazing, to see. I shall never forget it.

"I am a better race and I am the one who rules" say it!! - Hamish to me just suddenly as I saw him and thought to myself *Hamish!* out of delight and love
I want to be honored. - Ham-mish

1:20 AM
I am an old man. - Hamish
I like older men. They know the most. And they have seen the most. Then that makes you more honored! - me
Yes, by my race also! - Hamish
I will rule over you. - Hamish says as he tilts his head the other way

Conversations continued even after this and someone whom the US MILABS claimed to be a "Senator" showed up. He was an older man with white hair and he was enjoying some bourbon while there in the offices.

Comments about the above text

1. I sometimes say "Ham-mish" instead of "Hamish". It is my babytalk or puppytalk of his name, and will be until Hamish finds out why I sometimes pronounce his name a bit differently.

2. I often say "which" instead of "what" when I speak to Hamish. It is because Hamish uses this peculiarity in his speech so I try to adopt his own language and I say "which" where I know he would.

3. I have known Hamish since August 2011 so for more than ten months now. Do not take it too seriously when I call him "my Honored", I have learned how to address him and it does not bother me. I know how to talk to him to obtain the desired effect that calms him and appeases to him. We understand each other really well, and he has also done something to me where I am in love with him. My body and brain responds like being in love, so I can't help but to adore him. I know that most outsiders would frown upon the way that I interact with Hamish. As if I was supposed to hate and want to hurt him. But we both stay calm with each other and I see no harm in that. We're buddies. It doesn't mean that I tolerate the cruelties that Draconians do.

4. Hamish made a claim about something that Aleister Crowley would have done to others. I had to censor it because in the human world those are serious allegations and out of respect for Aleister and his living relatives I feel that I cannot post things that certain readers could take by faith and then spread as truths without any evidence. False allegations of potentially criminal conduct is a serious matter and I will take no part in posting it. Even if I made a disclaimer, some readers could lack that discrimination and I will have no part in defamation against any character whether now living or passed.

5. Sargent Wilkes and James are two of my regular US MILABS guys.

6. Toshi is one of the Dragon Dynasty Japanese Army guys. Hamish spends a lot of time with Toshi in Japan.

7. When Hamish refers to me or to a human as "food" it is his way to say "There there, calm down now, please stop talking". It is not really a threat. It is more like to say "You know that I want to be in charge and I would like to ask you of a favor, would you please calm down and stop talking for a while now? I am not comfortable with the topic of conversation."

8. I had to censor two more pieces of conversation due to their graphic nature. It is not suitable to children nor to the general audience. It will be available in my book uncensored.

My books will look pretty much like the above extract, only filled with all the shocking and interesting stuff that I can't post here.

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