Green Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis insect of Earth
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There is a bright-green colored praying mantis extraterrestrial entity and from my first encounters with it I was under the impression that it is a hybrid whose one ancestry is with the Dinosaurs. It would have a higher amount of Dinosaur genetics and a lesser amount of other race genetics.

It looks pretty much like a praying mantis, though it is all green and large in size. They have a touch of that fiesty sassyness in the way that they come across, though in my impression they are benevolent creatures. They are kept living under ground in alien bases, presumably here on earth. They wear no clothes.

But having become acquainted with the Thubans, the creamy-yellow pale race from the star Alpha Draconis, who were evacuated by the Draconians due to some earthquakes there, I have to wonder whether the green praying mantis hybrid is possibly a cross between the Dinosaur and the Thuban? The Thuban has all-black eyes and the green praying mantis has the Dinosaur eyes that are yellow with a narrow vertical slit. The arms of the green praying mantis resemble those of the Thuban.

I was informed by a Dinosaur that the Thuban used to live in water, so its body and boomerang-shaped arms were adapted for a life in water. The Thubans may since have been adapted for a life on land, though the Dinosaur declared that both the Dinosaurs and Thubans require high air humidity.

Note: as a child I was always immensely fond of the dinosaurs from earth's prehistoric past. I would look at pictures of them and have almost an unnatural attachment. I even got bullied over it in school because it was not a popular interest but even that did not change my infatuation. I now believe that I was an alien abductee even then only that I had no conscious recollection of meeting with the various alien races at nights. But another creature that I have always had a deep and odd affection for, is the praying mantis insect.

I know how Hamish the Red Draconian has influenced me so that I am in love with him and my heart can only feel joy when I see him, joy rather than fear. I suspect that a similar fondness was planted into me since my childhood so that I could bear to see them. Many humans would instinctively feel fear toward seeing most of these ET races that I have here, but I can only feel delight. It is silly really, we should not have such shallow reactions to seeing an alien creature, but especially when we are children we just can't help it.

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Another source - Insectoid Aliens - the author brings up the fact that many DMT users report seeing the praying mantis entity. DMT is a drug which if taken induces the experience of meeting with spiritual entities.

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