This page first has a Background where we get to know how General Patton first came into my life, starting in my teens and leading up to the MKULTRA training he did around the year 2012. Then follows Investigating General Patton which reveals the massive amounts of new information I have on Patton since July 2017.


Who is General Patton?

When I was 13 years old, me and a friend experienced UFO and alien visitation. Ever since then, aliens would give me a feeling in my chest which told me to go outside to see UFOs. The aliens also taught me how to communicate with them telepathically. I was aware of the being taken part, but did not remember what would happen after I was taken. One day the Reticulans showed me their mental image depicting Reticulans in a meeting room together with human men in black suits. Somehow these men saw that I was seeing them, and they talked to me telepathically. And ever since then, I found myself under 24/7 remote viewing surveillance by these men in black who were watching me and occasionally talking to me telepathically as well. These survey men were frequently visited by high rank military officers who would take a quick look at me with remote viewing and get the latest updates from these men.

Over the years I got to know several of the survey men and military officers. Sometimes, I would hear the men say to each other with great excitement, "General Patton is on the phone!", or, "General Patton is visiting!". I would ask to be told who is General Patton, but I never got to see who this VIP man was, I did not get to talk to him, and no one would tell me a thing about him.

General Patton appears

It was more than 10 years later, when General Patton entered into my life. For a period of time, Patton replaced all other survey men and officers there, and it was just me and Patton with plenty of alone time together, through telepathic communication and remote viewing we could talk to and see each other. This formerly mysterious VIP person was now all mine, and I was all his.

The officers, and survey men, use code names to conceil their real identities. General Patton is of course not his real name. General Patton is a great choice for the code name for a VIP military officer. The real General Patton was a U.S. General in World War 2 who has gained notoriety for his leadership style.

My General Patton is a large man, without being fat. He has a thick neck and wide shoulders, a large chest and belly. His hair is thick with large tufts, slightly long meaning that his hair is not in what would be called a short haircut, and his hair is profoundly black in color. His skin color is not white, it is a medium beige or brown although he looks to be Caucasian. His eyes have a very dark brown color. A wide, square jaw.

Patton wears a black business suit to work, but he does not like to wear a tie and he also keeps one or two extra buttons unbuttoned at the throat just to keep comfortable. I have never seen Patton dressed in a military uniform.

Patton has a huge office when he surveys me. The office has large wooden doors, yet his brown wooden desk is rather normal and humble compared to the size of his office. The office has red wall to wall carpeting. One wall has very tall and wide windows that seem to reach from floor to ceiling, and there are heavy long red curtains by those windows. Looking outside through those windows, there is green lawn that is kept short, and somewhere I know there to be more than one U.S. flag on a flag pole. No adjacent buildings can be seen from through his windows.

Patton keeps a small toy car in his desk drawer, and sometimes he takes it out and picks it up into his hand, it seems to have memories attached to him. Patton is more likely to be standing or walking around in his office, or sitting on the edge of his desk on the side that is opposite from the side where the chair is, than to find him actually sitting on his desk chair, because when he sits he has a bit of a slumped posture and maybe he can think clearer when he is not sitting there.

Sergeant Wilkes has often acted like a sort of secretary for General Patton, so even his secretary or assistant has to be a military officer rather than some ordinary person.

General Patton trains me

When General Patton appeared to spend time with me, all of the other survey men were dismissed. I learned that General Patton has been involved in this since the 1960's, so he is a specialist and old-timer whose expertise and skills far surpass that of the others, there is this sense that everyone else doubts that they could reach to his levels so they rather rely on Patton for the work. Patton started to train me, he said, and he would use his mind powers to overlap his body and mind with my body and mind. He would then make a tight fist with his left hand, and my hand would do the same. He could then also move my body around at his will and a few times he even tackled me. He said that he was training me with MKULTRA. One or a few times Sergeant Wilkes, his close assistant, was supposed to do the overlap too, but he was too nervous and he did not do it to me.

Patton also intended to train me into becoming the MKULTRA Cat or Doll alter, but he never went far enough with this training to really make anything of it. Then came a time when he introduced me to the Russian Korpral Olav "Olli" Vetti who was a Russian missiles expert, and Patton said they were selling me to the Russians. Thereafter I was asked if I could remote view Russian missile sites and satellites to help the Russians protect these sites.

The interaction with General Patton started I think around the year 2012. I have written down several conversations precisely, between me and Patton when he is training me, as well as other conversations between me and Patton.

The Battle at Syracuse

So my interaction with U.S. military officers and survey men in black suits started when I was around 15. I am now almost 35. There was a lot of interaction at the ages of about 15-22, then a many years gap, and then more contact again starting at around 2012. I like to say that there were the "teenage years", "then a gap", and "then from 2011 and onward". Even when I was young in the first period of contact, the military and survey men would talk about a "Battle at Syracuse", and whenever I would ask them "What is the Battle at Syracuse?", their answer would always only be: "That's where we fought for you." This term continued to be used in the second period of contact, and I have since been learning that Syracuse, which is a place in New York State, is of a central importance to what these people are working on.

One day a few years ago, I begged the Dark Lord who is the leader of the team of aliens who abduct me, to please let me stay awake during an abduction. I told him that I needed to see what happens when I am taken. That same night, I woke up to find myself fully awake in the hallway of what seemed to be a hospital, and a Dark Lord in Insectoid/Reptoid form was standing there next to me, looking at me calmly, and like thinking to me, "Here, this is what you wanted to see." I ran through hallways, bumping into what seemed to be hospital staff, and reached into a restaurant where military officers were feeding dinner each to their own date who was a woman dressed up but unconscious like a doll. I ran through the restaurant and outdoors, and found myself in a city with black skyscrapers. Two men ran after me, and I let them catch up to me because I had nowhere else to go. Next I was taken to a house where these two men were talking to me, and a Reticulan alien was sitting on the staircase. I seem to think that this was General Patton's house I was taken to, and that I may have met General Patton there. I now forget what the reason was, but it seems that this place I was taken to was in Syracuse. The Battle at Syracuse abduction.

There was a time when I fell madly in love with General Patton, possibly the strongest crush I have ever had. I wanted to marry him so badly. Perhaps it is normal that a mind control victim falls for their MKULTRA handler, at least, the overlaps that he did to me mentally are very intimate, it is closer than hugging someone and closer than having sex with someone even though it is not a sexual connection. But, in my defense, he also happens to be a very handsome, rather masculine type of man that I imagine women would have easy to fall for. I later got over that crush and do not have those feelings for him anymore.

General Patton's personality

He is a very strong, stern, and serious man. Very focused. He rarely smiles, but there are times when he smiles and even chuckles or laughs. There is a tremendous depth to him, he has many memories from his life. He seems to carefully think before he speaks. He listens carefully. I sense a sadness from inside of him too.

There is nothing "inviting" about him. It is not like one could walk up to him and give him a hug. It is almost that one would say that he is intimidating. Although, when I apply all of my girly happiness and friendliness, I am still cheerful around General Patton and I can say that I like him a lot. I make a friend out of all of them.

General Patton's left hand and wrist hurts almost constantly. He often makes a fist with his left hand and rubs his left wrist.

General Patton's memories

There are two scenes that Patton revisits very often in his memories, and then since we are telepathically connected I will see those memories. In one, his favorite, he is standing in an indoors are that has a low platform stage, and he is wearing a very handsome military uniform which has colors black, red, and white, with a stripe across the outer length of the pants legs, and he has a stick with a ball on the end and white gloves. He was a young man then. I was unable to find a picture of this military uniform to know what it was, until some time later when General Patton provided me another clue and I could do an internet search on that specifically, and it was a match. See what that was, further down on this page. The second memory that he often revisits, is him as an even younger man on a big gray Navy ship under the deck, wearing white clothing.


In 2017, when I was almost 35 years old, I started doing something new with my guys for the first time. Instead of just writing down the interaction that happens, and living with the hope of one day finding and meeting these people in real life, I started to investigate the facts that I had and to see if I could understand if these people were real and if I could find them in real life. I also begun to speak with them differently, focused more on this task of figuring them out and of maybe locating them. In July 2017 a reader of my website who was in the U.S. Army himself joined in and guided me on what questions to ask them and pushed me to dare to try to remote view these men. In just a few days this new style of work brought massive quantities of new information on my military and surveillance guys, and in just a few days I have built up a deeper understanding of who General Patton is.

I think that this should be a complete list of all of the material that revealed more on Patton from July 2017. Here is that list:

Digging for General Patton, July 20 2017

General Patton tells more about Vietnam, July 21 2017

General Patton might be Marine, he might be General Harris "Gunman" Richards, July 22 2017

Remote viewing General Patton and Assistant Carlisle, July 21 2017

YouTube General Patton, Abductees taken to med lab, Reptilian Base | Remote View | The Orion Project

Will be posted later: possibly there is a second audio file with information on General Patton

Catching up with notes, July 25 2017

General Patton's Interests, reveals he has leukemia, July 25 2017

Talking with General Patton about his military career, July 25-26 2017

YouTube General Patton's Phone | Remote View | The Orion Project, July 28 2017

According to statements made by General Patton, and images that I have picked up from his mind, and information I have obtained from remote viewing:

Personal life

General Patton is a citizen of the United States. When exactly he was born I do not know, but I would estimate him to be born in the 1940's or 1950's. He was definitely not born in the 1960's or after that. His father served in the U.S. military as one of the "Eagles". Patton prefers to date Asian women, and many years ago he married a woman from Asia. He has two sons and both of them are in some kind of academy and one can assume that this means that they are in military training.

His name might be Harris Richards. He smokes cigarettes especially when he wants to calm down his nerves. He has pain in his left hand and wrist and his left arm and shoulder tend to get numb, that is why he often makes a fist with his left hand and also rubs his left wrist because it hurts.

Military background

Patton served on a big gray Navy ship when he was a young man. He would look at small brown military fighter planes flying over his ship, these planes have a metal nose with a sharp pointy edge, he loved to see them because his father was one of the Eagles and would fly something like that.

Whether he started out in the Navy or he was stationed on a Navy ship while becoming a Marine, it seems that Patton would later graduate as a Marine. He often thinks back to the time when he stood on a stage in his Marines uniform. I also saw an occasion when he was graduation from one of his academies and the graduates were outdoors and a small cannon was fired in their honor.

Once while in the military he was stationed at a turret and he got every target and did really well. That earned him the nickname Gunman, and he is also called gunner after that. And so it seems that he is the "Gunman Richards" that even Major Cunningham is very fond of. General Harris "Gunman" Richards.

If he is a three star Marines General, then he is one step from having the highest rank in the Marines. The three star Marines General is actually referred to as a Liutenant General. Marines Ranks. But when we read on this next page about Marine Corps Liutenant General it seems to say that this rank is addressed as General followed by the last name, so the Liutenant would be left out. I have never heard Patton referred to as a Liutenant General. It also states that persons of this rank must retire after 38 years of service of after the age of 64, so it would be likely that Patton would have retired, which would explain how he can be or have been a Liutenant General yet he is now working out of an office. Patton is an older guy, I would estimate him to be in his 70's by now.

I would like to know how many 3 star Marines Generals there are at any given year. If that number is reasonably small, and if I knew the years when Patton did have that title, then maybe it could be possible to find out if this guy is real.

He served in Vietnam and has shared many memories from that time of what he has seen and experienced.

He has earned a military award which is called the "Blue Star". Patton also wears a large metal ring which has a large blue surface on the top of the ring, this is most likely a military ring.

Making deals with the aliens

General Patton said that he has been diagnosed with incurable leukemia. He wonders if the aliens had given him this illness, but the Dark Lords confirm that they did cause him this disease in part to punish him for opposing what the aliens do here on Earth and in part because Patton would be a "three star General" and could therefore be useful to the aliens if the aliens blackmail him into being on their side. General Patton agreed to work with the aliens, he has authorized the aliens to take my eggs, and this is probably not the whole of their agreements, and in return the aliens would work on finding a way to cure his leukemia. The aliens create hybrid alien and maybe also human children out of my eggs, the aliens put some of those children into hospitals and give them leukemia so that they can be used in finding for him a cure, and Patton knows this.

Making deals with the Russians

General Patton was training me with MKULTRA. It seems that they know that I am a Starseed and that someone like me could have psychic abilities which the military could use. Patton wants to "sell" me to the Russians, so that I would work for Russian Korpral Olav "Olli" Vetti who is a missiles expert and is also an expert on satellites, Olav is an engineer. Olav wants me to remote view Russian missile sites to protect them for the Russians, he has also asked me to remote view satellites belonging to other nations so that I could tell him what those satellites are doing. I have not performed these tasks for Olav. General Patton is eager to sell me to Olav, and perhaps doing so would contribute toward finding him a cure, perhaps due to finances.

The Battle at Syracuse

General Patton is like the highest ranking military officer in a team that consists of many other military officers as well. Even though my team also has others who use the title of General and even an Admiral, Patton is the highest ranking one who seems to be most involved with me. The others look up to him, he is a legend and an old-timer who has been there since the 1970's doing this, whatever this is.

The Battle at Syracuse is a term used by these men frequently. When I ask them what it means, they say "It is where we fought for you". I remote viewed Patton in a meeting where he was upset about Reptilian underground bases or basements that were using human women in unethical ways. General Patton is involved with the U.S. military dealing with the alien presence on Earth, and this is probably what is referred to as the Battle at Syracuse.

Why Syracuse? Syracuse is a place in New York State, and is of central importance to all of this. Remote viewing Patton, I located a high security medical research facility which my remote viewing revealed is interrogating UFO abductees and having women who were abducted by aliens deliver alien babies, the abductees are then given the "date rape drug" Rohypnol so that they do not remember being at this facility. This medical research facility may be located in Syracuse, though that needs to be confirmed.

Doing an internet search on "syracuse laboratories medical building" I wanted to see if I could see a building that resembles the one that I saw when remote viewing Patton. Here is a screenshot of the search results with the picture highlighted that resembled what I saw when remote viewing, note that the remote viewing was done first, and this search for the actual place that would look like what I saw was done afterwards:

In the audio of the remote viewing where I found the medical laboratory which General Patton is connected to and which deals with UFO abductees and gives them Rohypnol, you will hear my description of the medical building that I saw. The blue glass and black frame exterior. This building that I picked, happens to be a cancer center in Syracuse. NOTE THAT THERE IS NO WAY TO ASSUME THAT THIS BUILDING IS WHAT I FOUND IN REMOTE VIEWING. At least this picture lets you see what I was experiencing in the remote viewing session.

Please read this page from the Cancer Center in Syracuse. General Patton has what he says was diagnosed as incurable leukemia, and if he lives in New York or especially in Syracuse, then perhaps at least he has visited this cancer center as a patient, that could be what I was seeing, yet we should never forget the treatment of UFO abductees and the use of Rohypnol which I also encountered at the medical laboratory that I saw.

What are Plasticides?

General "Gunman" Patton says that he got leukemia from plasticides. According to one source I find, plasticides would be a volatile carcinogen (which means that it is a chemical that goes into the air by itself and can cause cancer). It is used to process polymers. source So when Patton said he would have gotten leukemia from plasticides, his statement is at least plausible.


"A malignant progressive disease in which the bone marrow and other blood-forming organs produce increased numbers of immature or abnormal leucocytes. These suppress the production of normal blood cells, leading to anaemia and other symptoms." Leukocytes are the white blood cells which are the immune system cells in the blood.

Patton's Hobbies

On July 31 2017 Patton told me that his hobbies were sailing (used to be at least), Texas Hold 'Em Poker card game, eating high end steaks which is like a dining experience. Also billiards. He said he was never into gambling and women. Find these quotes in the PDF that will later be published dated July 31 2017.