On July 26-27 2017 I attempted to contact Officer Agent Josh Bryant telepathically, but I was instead put in touch with a military doctor who spoke with me telepathically. I spent hours and days putting together the pieces from what I saw in mental images around the base where the doctor was, and I concluded that the doctor must have been at U.S. Army Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, Finding the Fort.

This page is about the Fort doctor. The actual written telepathic conversations with the doctor are available following links on the page about the Fort (link just above) and other pages with more conversations with the doctor and more remote viewing notes from around him will be posted later and are not yet available on the website because of lack of time to process the vast amount of material.

Sports and athlete, canoe and longbow archery

The doctor has a past in sports and as an athlete and his life was not always a military career. He started out in the 1970's doing triathlon, marathon running, canoe, and archery with longbow. He injured his shoulder badly with the canoe and had to rethink his career options.

Even today decades since he had to give up his sincere dreams of excelling as an athlete, his mindset and thinking is definitely like that of an athlete, and not like the mindset of a military. What is the difference? He thinks of sports with the mindset of wanting to become the best, and for him it is more like a game among athletes. Whereas the mindset of a military is more rough and serious and knowing that military is a life and death situation. His mind is not like that of a warrior prepared for combat, instead for him the sports were about conquering personal goals and becoming the best. It is a very big difference. Sports is a game, military is serious.

He is a doctor or a medic

He has frequent thoughts on treating a variety of injuries on the military recruits. Everything from sprained ankles, vomiting, nerves, ringworm. He also gives the recruits some questionable drugs that I don't want to talk about here, anyhow medications that are on a trial basis and that might enhance performance of recruits. August 1 2017 he talked about doing field surgery, he describes it as having lots of injured and dying, so he has been a medic at a war scene for sure.

He has worked in a medic's tent on a battle field and he was treating the injured and administering IV, at least I saw him hang up the IV bag on the holder and I did not see any other medical staff there who would have inserted the needle, so perhaps he did that.

Recruits come to his office to talk about medical leave from the Fort. The doctor is a good listener and he has a very friendly, harmless and positive energy about him, he has absolutely none of that harsh brutal energy that the recruits would encounter from other officers on the Fort, so he is someone they can talk to and feel calm around. He also visits recruits at the barracks and can sit down next to them on the bed to listen to them talk about their problems.

Sometimes a recruit wants to have a sick leave paper stamped from him but he does not give them without a reason, recruits prefer to have a sick leave instead of leaving because they quit, but if they do not have medical grounds to quit then he does not give them the paper and they have to have it on their records that they quit, and not for medical reasons. Another problem that arises are the recruits who have to leave for medical reasons but they do not want to and they want to stay, but the doctor gives them the sick leave anyway. The doctor cannot be persuaded one way or another about his sick leave authorizations. He has a stamp in his right side desk drawer and that stamp goes on the papers to authorize a sick leave. He also has medical files of the recruits in his computer.

What he looks like

He has white hair, the hair is not thinning. His skin is a golden tan and not pale or white. He does not look as old as he must be to have white hair. He is in good physical condition and in good shape, he has some lines on his face but not like wrinkles. He is a handsome man.

He knows Josh

He said that he was on the battle field together with Josh, meaning Officer Agent Joshua Bryant. Josh served in Iraq and I do not know of any other wars that Josh was in but that does not mean that the battle field has to be Iraq where they served together, but Iraq is one possibility. And the reason why this Fort doctor spoke with me telepathically, was because he knows Josh, the doctor told me that he had spoken with me because he knows Josh, and remember that I first encountered this doctor when I was trying to contact Josh telepathically.

He has a Challenge Coin

On July 31 2017 I learned that the military doctor has what is called a "challenge coin" in his left side pocket when he wears his green camouflage uniform. These notes will be found in the PDF that will be posted later dated July 31 2017. I had never in my life seen or heard of a thing such as a challenge coin but I saw one anyway in his pocket when I remote viewed him. At first I thought it must be a quarter coin for the vending machine but it is not enough money to buy a snack so I figured it must be his lucky coin, but then I saw him take out the coin and put it on his desk and he was reading the text around near the border of it and I knew it was not a money coin. I told the reader of the website about the coin I had seen and he said that military can be awarded these they are called a challenge coin and it is rare to receive one and it means he has done something really good in his service, they are in fact worn in the leftside breast pocket of their uniform. I saw that he had it in his dark green camouflage uniform in the left side pocket.

The reader of the website says that challenge coins are extremely rare to be issued, he was ten years in the Army as E-4 rank and only met one person in all those years (that he knows of) who had a challenge coin. It was an E-6 who got a challenge coin from a General.

His rank is probably Colonel

He thought about being a field officer. I talked to the Army guy who reads my website, field officer means that he is either rank O-4 Major, O-5 Liutenant Colonel, or O-6 Colonel if he is a field officer. More than one time the doctor thought about wanting to earn the one star, and me and the reader of the website talked about this and it sounds like he would be one rank below one star General, and that would mean that he would be the O-6 Colonel, because a Major or Liutenant Colonel would not be dreaming about becoming a one star General because it is too far from where they are at. The doctor knows that he cannot become a one star General, he feels like his life is full of disappointments because of his shoulder injury and because of not becoming a top athlete or a one star General, but such is his athlete mindset that he will always want to get to the next step and he also poses a lot of demands on himself.

Remote Viewing the doctor

August 1, 2017. I return to the Army Fort to remote view. I visit the barracks and am impressed with how beautifully folded the itchy wool blankets on the storage shelf are. I read the experiences of some of the recruits, a lot of them hide forbidden items in their boots and are excited when they get away with it, things like cigarettes are their last bit of home that they cling on to. Many are happy to be here and are having fun and happy to get away from home and from their dads back home so this is like vacation to them.

I returned to remote view the doctor in his office. I told myself to see in front of me a picture with all of its details, instead of feeling my way around one thing at a time, to see it all at once as if it were in front of me. The richness in color and in a variety of items is overwhelming. I see that the doctor wears a dark brown jacket for his military uniform, again that implies him being a Marines officer. Again I see red with yellow v-shape patches on his shoulders. List of Marines patches. In my first RV of the officer I did say I saw a set of two v-shapes on each shoulder, that would mean that he is not Private, Private First Class or Lance Corporal. Corporal has two yellow v-shapes. But hasn't he many times said, or it been said about him, that he is Sergeant?

Staff Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant

The higher rank patches above that look too busy to be what I saw.

I could even feel the soft against his skin of the cotton sleeveless undershirt that he wears under his long-sleeve shirt with the uniform.

Perfectly clearly I noticed a large silver colored trophy behind him in the office. It is not very high up, about waist height on a shelf or table of some sort behind his desk, behind his back, right behind where his back would be when he is sitting by his desk. The shape of the trophy is a bit tall, I do not see a black base foot that it would be mounted on for instance, I also did not see that the trophy would have a cap.

I ask the reader of my website who knows about the military if the military ever receive trophies like those, he says never. So it is just as I thought, like my impression of it had been, it is one of his sports or athletic trophies from his time in sports and as an athlete. So you can see how much his sports and athletics mean to him, he places that trophy right behind his back and anyone who meets him in his office will see it straight ahead, psychologically speaking its placement means that he identifies with this award and with what it stands for.

August 1, 2017, 10:50 PM
What trophy is it? - me
Archery. I won it at the longbow. - doctor says
I do not really like to show it to the troops. But I have it there to show them and to remind them that they can be the best. So it is not for me. - doctor says
What is your rank? I notice you have a brown jacket - me interrupted
LOOK! We are only here to stop the aliens! From eating our young. So do you know about that? - doctor to me sharply, with an image of my Sock Turtle (Hamish)

Oh I see from the outside at where he works. There I see that round patch on which there is a gray flagpole with the U.S. flag. Going forward from that is the green grass yard which is a square lawn with buildings on two or three sides of it. It has a majestic feel to it, it feels esteemed, a very nice feeling. Earlier I saw on his uniform he has some small vivid blue colored patch on the left side of the chest on his brown uniform jacket. I reach around the flagpole area to try to read a sign from anywhere, I get the word "Army". I now see papers that the man stamps in his office. The office is still on that right side (if facing into the lawn from the flagpole) building and on one floor up from ground floor.

10:59 PM
I didn't want to tell you, but I heard you yelling out at me. And. I didn't think that it should concern me. - doctor, he turns like into concrete when he says "And." to say the harsh reality of what he said next. This refers to ALIEN ENCOUNTER STORIES July 31-August 01 2017
I don't care if the aliens are taking your butt. Because we are the ones telling them to do it. - doctor
I just came out here for Josh. To see what you were doing with him. - doctor refers to that first time I met the doctor
Because we don't want any trouble with him. - doctor about Josh

The Army guy reader of the website says that the blue is his "unit ID patch", "that blue patch is the unit he is with".

I RV his office again I see a round golden colored tin with a lid and it has thick white wax lipbalm in it, unless that is used to polish the shoes or guns or what I don't know. The tin is not tall, and the lid tapers down all around the borders instead of being part of a perfect cylinder with straight borders shape. The contents is similar to petroleum jelly or vaseline although not as white as that it is more gray and sheer translucent in color.

By the window to the right from his desk if sitting at his desk, I find the picture of a white bald eagle, more realistic although perhaps still not a photograph, so it is not for instance one of those round symbols of various defense agencies. There is also a rifle there by the window where the picture of the eagle is, the rifle has brown wood on the back end. I feel like the picture of the eagle could be on a calendar. The energy of this place is really nice. It has a very nice feeling in his office and also outside by the flagpole. It feels like clarity, like something esteemed, a beautiful energy signature that I love.

There is something small there that belonged to his father, a tiny button or thing with a sharp thin metal needle on it, also there along the shelves under the window. The window has blinds but I see no curtains. I hear shouting and yelling with short like cut-off shouts from a man like a drill sergeant to troops, odd how the words are cut-off, as if he says a word but only says one short syllable and shouting them loud and clear. One of the sounds sounds like "Heeyyp!". They are not words. The Army guy I talk to says that Army does not talk like that but that he has heard that Marines have their own language and it could be Marines. A very strange way of communicating that I hear outside.

There is a small cardboard box with yellow text on it in the shelves in the left corner if you are standing and facing the window. The bullets are large and have a back end that goes inward instead of being flat, it looks to be made of two sections that detach, you know when you fire then the piece drops down to the ground, the front end of the bullets becomes pointy and is the part that goes into the flesh. The bullets are large and long overall and have brass color, they belong to the rifle that sits at the window. The box lid is not fully closed and a few of the bullets are missing, perhaps they have been loaded into the rifle. I love being in his office now that I am seeing it more clearly, it really has a lovely energy to it.

I see him treating the nosebleed of a recruit, he leans the guy's head back there is cotton he has put into the nostril and he is looking inside the nostril. The guy also has one or both black eyes and his face is beat up and swollen with red on the cheekbones, the cheekbones too have taken a hit. "He was in a fight like a bar fight, I was trying to repair the worst, it was over some girl", doctor tells me now 11:37 PM. "It happens! Even to the best of them!", doctor adds. "At least they didn't punch the stomach", doctor says, it seems that internal injury to vital organs is more work to treat like stomach and liver and things so that is a relief. One of the eyes on the guy is swollen half shut. So he is definitely a medic. "Sometimes they try to rip each other's dick off.", doctor says. "Literally?", me. "No!", doctor. "Just over some girls, and cunts. When they both like the same lady over here. You don't get this stuff as much over there, in civilian society. Where there are more honeys and ladies to go around. But here they come sparse! So you gotta know what I am meaning.", doctor. "Isn't sex forbidden on an Army Fort?", me. "Oh boy! Bless you!", doctor gasps at my question. "You don't know about the Army do you?", looked like the John/James guy of my MIBs in a black suit, smiling at me. "Yeah, they gotta have their dicks in order. Otherwise they can't walk.", doctor.

I hear that sometimes a guy sits on the chair opposite his desk and the doctor knows the guy is talking suicide, so the doctor tells him he can take that rifle by the window that it is fully loaded and that this one does maximum damage to actually get the job done, the doctor then says go ahead blow your brains out and the doctor then tells the guy the actual names of two recruits who will have to come in and clean the blood and mess after him. "That is definitely not a Corporal.", someone says now to me, maybe a Dark Lord said. "They would never say that to their troops. And do you know how I know that. BECAUSE I WAS THERE. And they also killed Derek. Or we did.", Dark Lord adds so it was Dark Lord. Then the guy will sit there and not do it, and the doctor says "Or you can go back in there and do your best, soldier". And that takes care of that. Some moral boost that perhaps only guys can understand. The names of the two low-ranking guys who would have to clean the office from his blood and brains and body are two guys that this one knows and cares about and so the guy does not want to put them through that, but it somehow works as a moral boost so he gets back out there to do his job.

The doctor has really a good shave. I have never seen a shave that good before.

I have never heard that gun, or rifle, go off either. - doctor adds about the story of how he has offered it to a recruit, 11:50 PM. So no one ever used it. He knows how to talk to them.

Longbow. What do you need to know, to be good at longbow? - me I forgot the exact words
It's all in the aim. And in having a sharp eye, and in keeping it steady. - doctor I forgot his exact words but that is the gist of it
They don't like the diving challenge over here. - doctor, he thinks of recruits who have swallowed some water from the pool, again this pool

I've got news for you kids. - doctor
What news? - me
You can't come here. - doctor presumably about my RV

I stare at him. I hear: "I am a Staff Sergeant!".

There is a strange bottle of fluid there. He uses it to pour into the hollow pipe of a rifle or gun to clean it. He then uses like a bottle pipe cleaning brush to clean it out. The fluid was poured in from the open end. The Army guy reader I talk to says that is never done.

I see someone on a stretcher that is carried by two persons one at the front one at the back, perhaps training purposes or who knows a sprained ankle or what.

The diving challenge gets the most of them, and not coming back. - doctor, I keep hearing him think about the diving pool challenge time and time again even though I know from the Army friend that Army Basic Training does not have that segment, I see and hear what I see and hear and it is not altered by my expectations or beliefs

I could never have become an engineer. *grimace of pain and sadness* I guess I have done the best I could have with my life. - doctor, here again the remorse
I wanted to be an astronaut once. I used to hike up the mountain. But I couldn't get along with the other guys at that training. Wanted to climb the Mt. Everest once, yep I did! - doctor
Did you climb the Mt. Everest? - me
Oh, hell no! - doctor smiles, but I did see him thinking of the big red rucksack and those metal rings and ropes for mountain climbing, so perhaps he has done some mountain climbing practice anyway
You are a very sporty guy, and you always push yourself to excel. - me
I was never a good, or a strong swimmer. Some guys can swim over canals! - doctor
You mean the English channel? That's a, challenge for sure. - me
Oh they've always got guys in boats watching over them. They don't blindly go out there. But anyway, I check their hearts here and monitor their blood pressure. That is all in a day's work! We don't get many losses or casualties here. I used to do really good field surgery. What was that like, you wonder? Well, it was a hell! Suck it, blood and guts all over the place! And the stress! And not knowing what to do first! And somehow you've gotta help them all. - doctor

How did you get to know Josh? - me I forget exactly what words I used but that is what I asked
We are really good friends, out here. I saved his life once, out at the batallion. He couldn't thank me enough, I said, I am just a medic I am only doing my job. But he couldn't thank me enough, he said. So, that is how we met! - doctor
He was screaming out of pain! - doctor, I see Josh on a medical bed which is just a canvas and not a mattress in a tent with the wounded, Josh is holding up his right side knee bent and there is a bullet wound that has gone into his bone on the thigh part near to his knee

Dictionary time: batallion = a large body of troops ready for battle, especially an infantry unit forming part of a brigade. Also see: Batallion

I cooked some food and while I was at the stove I talked to the doctor and to General Patton about what I see in Josh's mind, Josh is still in Iraq in his mind. I asked them to talk to him, I described his condition. I told them and to Josh about when I had post traumatic stress disorder and what it was like to relive the moments and how long it took for those images to go away and I shared from my life. I said encouraging words to Josh. I really do care about him and he needs to talk to someone. I told Patton to talk to Josh about Vietnam.

August 1-2 2017, 12:46 midnight
You don't know what it's like, when they are carrying their dead husbands over to me, and they say that I killed him. - Josh, he remembers a woman in Iraq literally carrying a man over her arms to Josh
There were so many bullets flying, I literally could have had them in my teeth. - Josh
Hey! Oi! Stop talking to her about Iraq! - Patton to Josh
He can tell me if he wants. - me to Patton
I am not going to tell you about the shit, about the shitstorm. But there were bullets flying everywhere. And I was just trying to escape it! Hoping that my colleages could deal better with it! So I was called a coward. And then I decided to flee. I couldn't take it anymore. I fled, and so I was a deserter of the U.S. Army. - Josh, he and others had been up on a roof in Iraq, the roof is flat and has a low raised edge around the border, he had ducked down for a while to avoid the sea of bullets hoping that his colleagues could take over for a while

Doctor? - me
I am just a medic. But you can call me doctor if you want. So. With Officer Bryant. - doctor I didn't hear the rest
Medic. What is your name? - me
I am only here because of Officer Bryant. - dr
Why is Josh and you in my life? How is this happening? - me
We don't wanna tell you. - Patton