Finding them in real life
written November 24 2017



When I was 13 years old, me and my best friend were taking her dogs out. Neither of us had an interest in aliens or UFOs. She saw UFOs in the sky that night, and we experienced strange alien activity in our bedroom that night, including bright moving lights, the bed shaking, strange behavior from the dogs, and alien writing written in neon green light on the bedroom walls. Ever since then the aliens started to give me a feeling that told me to go outside to see their UFOs, and I begun to experience the events leading up to the alien abductions, such as a dense white fog with blue flashes in it on the floor, the aliens moving my arms and legs and pushing me back, or waking up with strange marks on my body like fresh wounds and incision marks, but I did not remember any abductions at night if I would have been in the spaceship with the aliens. I began to speak to the aliens from my mind, I believed that they had taught me how to speak to them telepathically. After several months I thought I began to hear them speaking to me back as well.

One day the Zeta Reticulan aliens placed a mental image into my mind. It depicted two or three little Zetas standing in a room where men in black suits were having a meeting. One of the men sitting by the table saw me and looked directly toward the direction from which I was seeing. I will never forget these words that he said: "It must be one of the abductees!". I was scared, I tried to make the image go away, and as another man who had black hair and he was wearing a black business suit he sat down on a desk I saw it in a mental image, he started to talk to me calmly to explain to me what I had just seen, I refused to listen I was shaking my head not to hear him. Ever since then the military officers and men in black suits were in my life. "We're not gonna hurt you", and, "We're sending you home", were two of the first things they said to me.

In my mind I could see a mental image which depicted one of these men who was wearing a black suit with tie. He would be sitting in a small office by a desk and I felt as if he was looking at me. I called them the "surveillance people", or "survey people" for short. They worked in shifts and I had 24/7 surveillance. I could have set my clock based on when a particular one showed up and the earlier shift went home. Even at night if I would wake up, someone, the night shift, was there. I got to know several of my surveillance people. Tyler MacIntyre, Brian, Andrew, James or John for some reason I always forget which his name is, Aulis Greenshaw, Gillespie. There was also Assistant Carlisle, he would always start to cry and feel sad when he looked at me and he would wipe his tears from behind his glasses and say to me "I have a daughter your age", "If I were your father...", "You are just like my daughter".

Then there were the military officers. They were not surveillance staff, they did not sit in an office to look at me, instead they would visit the surveillance staff to get a report and an update. I got to know of several of the military officers. Captain Robert "Bob" Stephens, Major Cunningham, Captain Jacob Greene, Captain Marsden, General Warwick, General Owens, Colonel Richmond, Admiral Benson, and others. Captain Marsden was the leader of the team, so he was able to talk to me more, the others of the surveillance staff and the military officers did not speak to me much perhaps they did not want to say too much. Captain Marsden was later replaced by Commendant Larsen.

I had military abductions. I would wake up in the middle of the night and be somewhere else in the same place as these men. Sometimes there were medical doctors or medical staff there. One memory is being in an American home, a man in a black suit takes me down the stairs to the basement of the house where I have to sit down on a chair in the basement, another man in black suit comes in and he does something uncomfortable that made me not want to remember, I think that maybe he yelled at me but I am not sure. Another memory is waking up in a small glass room, a man comes in and gives me a syringe he says that he has to and that it is a "muscle relaxer", soon my body goes limp and he has to support me to help me walk, he takes me into a larger medical room and someone puts a cloth over my mouth and nose with a strong smelling chemical and starts to count backwards from 10, 9, 8, 7, I think it was at 7 that I lost consciousness. In another I wake up standing in a hallway with two men in black suits, Captain Greene walks up to us and he leads me into Admiral Benson's office and molests me there. And in another memory the man whose name is either James or John he puts two electrodes on the top of my left hand and electricutes my body through the wires that connect to a box, I fall to the floor and no one helps me get up from the floor they were just watching me.

The military abduction memories are few but precious to me because they help me understand this contact closer. But we spent hours talking to each other for several years. Most of the talking was from them talking to me. The three of them, Captain Stephens, Captain Greene, and Major Cunningham would together show up to harass me, each in their different way. Greene would talk about sex with me, and I was too young so it wasn't like he was flirting with me it must have served a purpose of disorientating me because that is the effect that it had. Stephens would say disgusting things about my body and he would call me his wife and say that he would marry me and he would talk about kissing me and about other sexual things that made me feel disgusted. And Cunningham would talk about having me raped and he would make insults about what I look like and insults about my clothes. Andrew was also mean.

I developed eating disorders and I would stay up for hours at night unable to fall asleep and just crying. I would hold a knife against my wrist while they were saying mean things because it made me feel like I had a way out and a door open. I started to have thoughts about jumping off the bridge to die or going into the forest to fade away. One time Andrew and Cunningham were so mean that I hid in the closet because I felt safe with the walls all around me near me and that it was dark so I felt that they could not possibly see me there. I would collapse, so completely fatigued from all of this. And one time Cunningham threatened to rape someone I care about, and I did not know what to do, I thought that if I die then Cunningham who is in my head he dies too so I knew I had to jump out of the window to my death to save that person that I cared about. The stress of this situation caused me to have the medical condition that is known as heart failure, when one of the valves of the heart fails and blood goes backwards through the heart chambers. Exactly one half of my body I forget if it was left or right went cold and limp and numb, I could not move that half side of my face or lips and I had to hold that arm up with the other arm. It took me years to recover from the paralysis and one side of my face still doesn't feel as soft and right as the other side does.

From around my mid 20's the military officers and surveillance people seemed to vanish and for many years there was pretty much nothing of them in my life. No military abductions I would wake up to at night, not seeing them in images in my mind, not hearing them talk to me telepathically.

When I started The Orion Project which is a documentary on the alien contact that commenced in 2011 when the Orion man contacted me, little by little and here and there the military and surveillance people have become a part of it too. And now we have new inclusions into the team, such as Jack who says he is with NASA Ames, and General Patton. I had heard of General Patton already those years ago, but now in this second chapter I also got to talk to him and he did the "training" of me in which he used his mind to overlap our bodies and he could use his mind power to move my body physically, he would move my arm or make my left hand into a tight fist or tackle me down, and he talked about it being MKULTRA training and he was going to turn me into the Doll alter or Cat alter.

First Chapter: When it all started, I was from the age about 15 to about 22 years old.
Gap in between: From about the age 22 to about 28 there was almost nothing of them.
Second Chapter: From about age 28 to now 35 and ongoing.

In the first chapter I never got to know much about who they are. Although Greene, Cunningham, Stephens and Andrew talked quite a bit to me, it was mostly their insults and harassment, and not real conversations between us about who they are and about life. Back then, perhaps the one that I knew a bit more of was Andrew, because I was reading his private thoughts while he was doing the surveillance of me. I read that Andrew was Jewish, he celebrated Hanukkah but not Christmas, and I read that he felt bullied in school, he thought a lot back to his days in high school, he was also the youngest on the team so high school was probably not too long time ago. Tyler MacIntyre used to call me "Gal" and he was always so happy and cheerful, so I used to long for the moments that he would show up for the surveillance work, he really cheered me up, "Yay MacIntyre!" I would say when he would show up and the previous guy would go home. And Carlisle tried to talk to me about his daughter. But other than that, I did not know much about who they were on a personal level.

In the second chapter, now in the year 2017 I have started to have long conversations with these people. I have also started remote viewing them to find out more. And based on what they have told me themselves, and what I have learned by remote viewing:

Major Cunningham finally did get that Lamborghini that he always dreamt of. His mother passed away this year from some time of illness, and after the funeral he took his Land Rover cross country to look up his biological father whom he did not know. After months he found his father and he and his dad spent some time getting to know each other in his dad's camper. Cunningham's real name is Donovan Brown, and he is in the Army Special Forces and a Green Beret. He has specialized in something called battle tactics, and when I remote viewed him I learned that he likes to watch American football on tv and that he collects some sports cards that he keeps in hard plastic casings that are baseball or football or some sport like that, and I saw in remote viewing that he has been trained in things such as how to sneak up on a man who is napping by a campfire and how to stealthily assassinate the man, or how to use a hook on a rope to throw the hook up to get up on a roof and how to sneak into buildings silently during operations, might I say again he has been trained in how to kill people. He talks about how he likes to do cookouts which are big garden parties in his backyard, he would like to invite me to one if he could.

According to my remote viewing, General Patton's real name would be Harris Richards, and he has the nickname "Gunman" because he was really perfect with the turret or gun and did not miss a single person. His father was in the Vietnam War as one of the Eagles, and he too was in the Vietnam War. Patton seems to be a Marines. He also served on a Navy ship when he was young, he used to read comic books on the Navy ship back then. He has a wife who is Chinese, she still speaks in a Cantonese accent and her favorite flower are calla lilies. They have got two sons together, both sons are in the academy which probably means military academy. Patton keeps a metal box of guns buried in his backyard, and he keeps his military memorabilia in the basement of his house so that his wife doesn't have to see them all the time and get upset or sad. Patton is an oldtimer and he has been doing this whatever this is since the 1970's. The Zeta Reticulan aliens gave Patton leukemia by introducing plasticides into his body, and so Patton has had to agree to give the Zetas some of what they want in exchange for medical treatment. Patton smokes cigarettes and he has an injury to his left wrist so he keeps making a left fist and flicking his left wrist. He used to have a subscription for premium steaks that were delivered to his home, he also likes Texas hold 'em poker and old wild west movies.

Jacob Greene, whose real name seems to be Captain Jacob Daniels because that is what the others call him, he now has a daughter. Greene has been diagnosed with HIV and is showing signs of developing AIDS.

Tyler MacIntyre was lost to esophageal cancer just about a year ago. And Derek one of my men in black was killed by the aliens "because he was a good guy".

And Assistant Carlisle, he now says that his real name is Langdon, which is supposedly his last name not first name. When I remote viewed him I saw him in the late 1980's working on a reverse engineering team where they had a Russian UFO in a military hangar, Carlisle himself was measuring the length of the diameter of the hull. Carlisle claims to have raised two daughters who were clones of me. Carlisle has been married to Captain Doctor Bryant, and they raised those daughters. Carlisle says that he is my biological father, and that I was switched out at birth. He says he was in the delivery room when I was born. He has worked for the U.S. Navy dealing with the treatment of trauma in the military personnel. When I remote viewed him I saw the orange tile roof that is typical for Orange County and I also saw that he has golf clubs.

I did know Captain Stephens quite a bit back in the first chapter already, because he would talk to me about his life. He was always a good Catholic, the kind of man who would not have sex with a woman until they were married. He used to say that he was a widower, meaning that he was once married and that his wife had died. He would hunt wild boar, and his favorite foods were Salisbury steak and lamb with mint. He wanted to marry me and for us to have two sons together. Stephens grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. Today Captain Stephens is retired and he is living in England in the county of Suffolk where he has joined a hunting lodge and he is enjoying his great passion of collecting all manner of foods from the wild, from hunting animals such as birds and picking seaweed, mushrooms and herbs from nature and cooking with those. It seems that Stephens is also now happily married. And his once brown hair has turned salt and pepper colored meaning black with white hairs.

Can I find them?

Admiral Benson told me that he was at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base which is in Ohio. And one of the surveillance people Warren Allen works out of Wright-Patterson Base where he monitors the screens for UFO activity in the sky over the base. Carlisle retired and is now living in Orange County, in California. Stephens is in Suffolk county, England. General Patton lives in or near to Syracuse, New York. And I traced Aulis Greenshaw in a remote viewing to "5th Street Avenue" in New York and I would recognize another street he goes to in New York which is a Jewish street with a bagel shop and a meat shop and with Orthodox Jewish people living there on that street.

I have got the address to where at least two of my guys are. Two of them are at Wright-Patterson. But I can't go there to meet them unless I am invited. Cunningham wants to meet me and to invite me to one of his cookouts. And me and Carlisle need to meet because he is my father. And I need to meet General Patton and Greene because these two gentlemen are fairly ill right now.

I will continue talking with them telepathically and letting them know that it is time to meet in real life. It was probably never in their protocols that one day they would meet one of the alien abductees in real life, but what it means to me to meet them in real life in person is too great to be written in words. They are a part of my life. They mean more to me than they know.

I will continue remote viewing them and trying to see things like real names and addresses. But I would only show up in real life if they invite me. I live on the hope that one day we get to meet in real life, and I feel only happy and excited, I have no resentment. Also I do not allow myself to think that the day will never come, because I cannot live without meeting them all in real life one day, knowing that we would never meet would break my heart. I already lost MacIntyre and Derek and it breaks my heart.

Maybe if I go to Suffolk county in England and just look for a guy who is picking mushrooms to find Stephens? Or go to every Jewish bagel shop in New York to wait for Greenshaw?