In the night to July 22, 2017, the reader of my website who inspires me to look for more clues about the military officers I am experiencing in telepathy and remote viewing, he suggested that I try to remote view the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. I gave it a try. The material will be made available as an audio file in which me and the reader talk.

I do not know if my remote viewing actually works. I try it because when aliens or military or men in black suits make telepathic contact to me, then at those times I will also receive a mental image of them. I can actively choose to initiate telepathy to these entities and people, and so it is reasonable to wonder if I could also be the one to retrieve images as well.

If I knew for a fact that the military and men in black suits were real people, and I also knew that my remote viewing works, then I would not be remote viewing the Wright-Patterson base. But, since two of the people who talk to me have said they are at Patterson, and, since these men are not helping me to figure out if they exist, I find it beyond just my curiosity, but also a necessity, that I try to seek out the answers by myself. And so I attempted to remote view into Wright-Patterson base, with the intent of locating Warren Allen who is one of my surveillance people who said that he works there at the radars.

During this remote viewing attempt, a male Caucasian military officer and an African American female military officer showed up and spoke to me telepathically. They seemed to be at the Wright-Patterson base. This page is about the woman.

Note: I did not write down the time that the handwritten notes were taken. Therefore I am not entirely sure which of Part C and Part E came first. So it was either:
Part A, B, C, D, E, F, or
Part A, E, B, C, D, F

Part A. Contained in the audio file which is later published dated July 22 2017

During the attempted remote viewing of the Wright-Patterson base. This was the first time I had spoken with this woman or seen her in a mental image. This part of the actual conversation between me and her will be available in an audio file which is later made available. This was on July 22, 2017.

Note to self: my notes said that there would be two audio files, not sure if that means two with material on this woman, or just two overall.

Part B. Things the female officer spoke to me on the morning of July 22 2017 before I took out the notebook

On the following morning, July 22, 2017, as soon as I woke up in the morning, I found that the woman was already in the process of talking to me telepathically. At least this is the experience I had. She said some things to me, before I then took out a notebook and pen and started to write down what she was saying. Quick notes I made later, remind me that what she was saying to me when I first woke up in the morning, included comments about my "hiney". She also asked me if I had gone to college, and then said that since I had gone to college I was a "smart lady", perhaps not meant as a compliment, but more that I should be smart to listen to her.

Part C. Things she said when I was taking notes, morning of July 22 2017

I then took out a notebook and pen, and here are the notes of what she said.

SHE: the African American female military officer (capitalized to avoid typo with he)
he: the Caucasian male military officer
(NL): spoken in my native language, here translated

Let me run this to you one more time. At the Wright-Patterson base, you are not welcome. - SHE
Did you understand that? Or do I need to run that by you twice? - SHE
I understand. - me
Well. It looks like we have got ourselves to an agreement. Will I see you here ever again? - SHE
Yes you will. - me
Well, we can't have that, can we. Did I forget to tell you the part that you are not welcome? Let me run this by you twice. - SHE
I'm going to get really old doing this. We have got plenty of time. The Wright-Patterson base is not a playground. Even though I think you are not fully a human. - SHE
I will bite her/your fingers, she said. - Hamish (I forgot if he said her or your)
My Flower. - Hamish (NL)
My backpack-back. - me to Hamish (NL)
I have to know if the people I've been hearing all these years are voices in the head or real, and I've traced two of them back to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. - me
Oh God! Did you really? Then let me get this right. What do you want from me? And do you have any animosity? - SHE
What can we do to help? - SHE or he
Come on, you can't be coming in to the Wright-Patterson base. - he
Look, we're not trying to victimize her. - SHE I think to Pleiadians who may have said something to her about that first
You know when women come here, and they whine at us? - SHE
So? What do you want from us? At Wright-Patterson? - he
One of your radar operators. Warren Allen. Ask all of the radar operators which of them is Warren Allen and report back to me. - me
Well! I guess our vaults are really safe, then. - SHE, relieved and happy
I have no interest in your vaults, because Warren Allen is not in one. - me
Oh, she is just looking for some dear old boyfriend! - SHE to he
Yeah, they probably met each other in college. - he to SHE
So, how can I help you. Tell me his last name. - he to me
I don't know his last name. - me
What'd he do? Get you pregnant? - he
Must've happened to her white hiney! - SHE
We were never dating. - me
Have you talked to the Zeta Reticulans a lot? Most of them come to our vaults then! - he, most of them refers to human people who have talked to Zeta Reticulans and those humans then come for those vaults
No. Just Warren Allen. No vaults. - me
He is a radar operator there. He has talked to me telepathically. - me
What about? And I've really got to know, Miss! - he
About UFOs, at the base. - me
Well then. *smiles* This can be resolved rather quickly. We have got one UFO nut here! And he is always talking about conspiracies! - he
Warren Allen. He has glasses. He is a UFO watcher at Wright-Patterson. - me
Would you, Miss, please leave? We can't help you. - he snug and smiles
Tell her, that we won't be arresting her. - SHE to he
Are you with MKULTRA, and MUFON? MUFON always send us stuff, and a van, and wants an interview. This kind of stuff has gotta suck. But are you one of those women who are having babies for the aliens? And, are you from the MUFON, at the base? - he
Yes, and no. I do have babies for the aliens. I have nothing to do with MUFON. I've also had military abductions. I need to know if Warren Allen is there, and if he is real. - me
What did you do, did you meet him in college, and are you guys sweethearts? And are you really not with MUFON? Because we hate those guys. Look at all that white hair! - SHE
So, if you leave now, I won't forward this to Pentagon. Otherwise we have got a problem/situation. - he, I forgot if he said problem or situation
No Pentagon, please! - me
We take stuff out of her nose. And, she was with me, and mine. My Toast. - Hamish to them, he is all snug when he says My Toast
That was my Hamish. He is a Reptilian. - me
So we really gotta show you what is in the vault. - SHE
I will leave the base now. I just wanted to find Warren Allen. - me
We have some bodybags, for those men in suits. - he, he thought of an image of aliens, one pulled out from a morgue compartment, it was in a body bag and was wearing a blue tight suit, alien like a small blue Alpha Reticulan
Was that an Alpha Reticulan? - me
Looked like one! - me
So. What do you know about their fingers? - SHE
I'm not sure. My Zeta Reticulans have suction cups on their fingers. But that one looked like an Alpha. - me
Oh god! Go and get the General! We have got a situation here! - he
I just want Warren Allen. No aliens or vaults. - me
Warren Allen, huh? - he
Yes. Please. He works there with the radar. - me
We are not a public place, to be visited! - he
And neither are we for whores! - SHE, perhaps SHE still thinks me and Warren Allen were lovers
Ask all the guys in the radar room which of them is Warren Allen. - me
And he watches the stars here, huh? - he
Yes. - me
Find him for me. - me
We could suggest a lobotomy for her. Then she won't be doing this. - Dark Lord to them
That's an Alpha Thetan Dark Lord alien. - me to them
We are having fun like in barrels! - Dark Lord to me
Are you having barrels of fun? - me to Dark Lord
Look here, Miss. We can't be here all day. - SHE
This is Agent Officer Bryant. Let me deal with this. - Bryant to them
Come on, Hon! It's time to leave! - Bryant to me
Yes, and we're also with the NASA! - Bryant to them
This stuff gets complicated, real easily! - SHE
I'll just go with my babysitter Agent Bryant. - me
The name's Josh. - Bryant
Bryant. Josh. I'm just trying to find Warren Allen. - me
Well, it won't be like finding a needle in a haystack, then! - Bryant
Why not? Is he at Wright-Patterson? - me
I'm just trying to figure this out. - me to Bryant
Reticulan shows me Mickey Mouse stuffed toy hand.
Miss, don't bother them there anymore. This is Officer Bryant. - Bryant
We are on the strictest orders to ask her to leave! - SHE
Look at all that white hair! God damn! - SHE
Can this conversation really be happening? I quiet my mind, expecting to hear nothing.
At Wright-Patterson base, we are not really here, very eager to meet. - he or SHE to me
I'm just finding Warren Allen. - me
I have got a glock. If you're really interested at what goes on here. - he, the gun on his hip
We go into her nose! - Reticulan approximately to them about me
I will leave the Wright-Patterson base now. - me
And? Will you ever come back? - he
Yes. - me
... So, some of this stuff has got to really suck and hurt! - he to me
Which one is it? Sucking or hurting? - SHE to me
Neither. I just want to find Warren Allen. - me
So! I guess our vaults are really safe, then! - SHE to herself or to him
Come on, I've got to show you something. So, it seems like you aren't here to see an alien. - he to me
Image of what I first thought were 70's videogames, then I saw it was the moving on the radar screens.
Is Warren Allen there? - me
Is he a, technician? One of ours? - he to me
Something like that. He works at Wright-Patterson, with watching UFOs on radar screens. - me
Come on. Which of you boys is Warren Allen? - he to room
This has really got to suck. Look at that white ass! - SHE
Did you find Warren Allen? - me
Never mind, Miss. I just wanted to show you the radar screen. That's what you came here to see. - he to me
I came to see Warren Allen. - me
Hello this is General Patton. You are not too young for this stuff, but leave these guys alone! - General Patton to me
No we won't have her under arrest. And trust me, we will have her under inundated! - General Patton to them
This kind of security breaches shouldn't happen. - General Patton
I just thought, she was trying to find an old boyfriend! God damn! Look at those hips! And those really white eyes on her! - SHE
I guess white guys really like you, say what? - SHE
I don't know. I'm not a racist. Almost dated a black guy/man once. - me, I forgot if I said guy or man
Well did you now, with your white hiney! So, what happened? Why didn't you give him your white ass! - SHE
Hello this is Agent Officer Bryant. - Bryant to me
So look at these, that is what you came here to see. - he, those "70's games" again
God damn! I can't look at your white hiney! - SHE
I came to see Warren Allen! - me
Hey this is me, and Gillespie. Leave the Wright-Patterson base alone. - Gillespie to me
She says something to leave my white hiney alone something them/there.
Alright let's say goodbye to each other. - me
And we will lock our vaults and they will be safe. - he, they being safe means vaults being safe
I don't have any interest in your vaults. - me
Are you sure? - he
I am sure. I just want Warren Allen in the radar room. - me
I guess I should've asked, is he a brother of yours? - SHE
No, I just know him. He used to talk to me telepathically. - me
This doesn't concern you or Agent Bryant anymore, let me handle this from here. - he to SHE
So, tell me, what were those conversations about? - he to me
About UFOs, and aliens. And a General. - me
We won't classify this again. But this stuff is really top secret! - he, "but this stuff is really top secret" he almost whispers
So, Agent Officer Bryant isn't here, he left. - General Patton to me
I don't wanna talk, I'm tired. Can we talk later? - me
Yes, Miss. - he
And we don't want any trouble from you! - he or SHE
This is Gillespie. - Gillespie to me
Hello Gillespie! - me
My Flower! My Buttercup. Grrr. - Hamish, "my flower" and "my" (NL)
My backpack-back, sweetheart. - me to Hamish (NL)
Was it my skin? - Hamish (NL)
It was Hamish. - me (NL)
It was not irritating. - Hamish (NL) irritating or annoying
So, come on down to my office any time. - he to me
My, Buttercup! And, about those fingers I wasn't going to bite, grrr. - Hamish about my moving writing hand

Other persons who spoke were General Patton, Agent Officer Bryant, and Gillespie. See who they are on this page.

Part D. Things she said later after I was no longer taking notes. July 22 2017

She asked me if I was with the Ku Klux Klan and if I was a Nazi, and I explained to her that I was not a racist. She told me that white women hate her. I told her that some white American women are stupid. She told me that she was sent to a military boot camp when she was young and that is how she got into the military career track, and so we learn that she made a career out of it. She asked me if I want to get married. She was very chatty and most or all of it was girltalk. Girltalk is unlike my character, my friends are always men because I don't like to talk about "shoes and makeup and boys", so she was an interesting character and very realistic.

Later on July 22 or 23, she said something about things being "Hunky Dorey". She later said this term a second time in the evening on the 22nd or the 23rd. An internet search reveals that "Hunky Dory" means "everything is going fine, going well". It is also a term that I did not know when she said it, again that is interesting how the "voices in my head" these military officers are using words that I do not know the meaning of, and this is only one of the reasons why I want to find these people in real life, if in fact they do exist. (On July 22 or 23, my notes were not clear on that.)

Part E. More talk from July 22 2017

This typed document was dated July 22 2017, and since the first contact occurred during the remote viewing which was captured on the audio file (not yet published), then this document contains conversation that occurred after the audio.

SHE: the African American female military officer (capitalized to avoid typo with he)
he: the Caucasian male military officer
(NL): spoken in my native language, here translated

July 22, 2017, at 1:50 PM this file was created.

1:44 PM, July 22 2017
Some women think that women like me should go back to the African djungle. I've been told that before. - SHE
Now that's just rude. They're just being bitches and retards. - me
I was picked on and bullied a lot in school. That's why I came here! To kick ass! And also, to make my mother and father proud. So, I guess they were. - SHE
What's your name? - me
Look, we don't want trouble with you! We've been talking to General Patton about you. - he
Do you know General Patton? - me
Well, we got like a "phone call" from him. He was talking to us. - he, he gets all serious and stern and his face turns like into stone
You don't have a good track record with us, or with the police! - he
Seriously? Really? - me
Yes. Ma'am. - he
How would you know such a thing? - me
That's why it's called, why they call it, a track record. - he
I don't understand that. - me
Hello. Me. I am her [Eva's] turtle. And I was therefore pretty significant, yes. - Hamish sways his back sideways on the last sentence, Eva was my first name
Hello Hamish. I was proud of you and your back. - me
You don't have to look like a filmstar over here. - SHE
Miss? Or Ma'am? I won't go into your Patterson base vaults. So cool down! - me
We could stop talking actually. It's been a lot of hours. - me
Well. We are just getting started. I don't know about you, Hon. But we wanna know more about you. About this, Wright-Patterson base you wanted to be inspecting. - he
Do you want to come here and meet us, do you huh? - he
Yes please. - me
Well. Don't. - he
Well, are you sure that she won't be trouble? - SHE to he
I can bleed the blood for them. - Hamish or Dark Lord
This was like my cookie jar. - Hamish or Dark Lord, probably Hamish about my food just earlier I ate some ice-creams
I've got to bully you around a little bit! Show you who's tough! To get you afraid! - SHE
Not necessary. I've been through all that with Major Cunningham. It won't affect me anymore. My meter for getting scared of military officers has run out long time ago already, with Major Cunningham, he says he's a Special Forces Major, meaning he's Green Berets. He used to be brutal with me, and I was just a, young woman back then. So I'm done with all that. - me
Why? What did he used to do? - SHE smiles all happy and cheerful again
He used to harrass me, with verbal abuse. - me

Part F. One more July 23 2017

Sunday July 23 2017: (source: news54.html "Catching up with notes", July 25 2017)
I am with the Alpha team. Here to check you out. - SHE

The female officer

She looks to be young about in her 30's. She is slenderly built and with long arms and legs. Her skin is not dark black but a golden color, so she looks to be part African American and part other races. Her hair grows very thick and dense and frizzy so she keeps her hair very short. The hair is not fully black, it looks like there are pale gray hairs mixed in with dark gray hairs. Her face also does not look like faces of dark African Americans. Her face is very narrow in width. The chin makes a protruding and rounded shape. Her forehead is round and bulging. She has large lips.

It was wonderful to connect to the deeper realms of her personality, which touched on who she was in her childhood, the love that she had in her family life, and her true nature. There is a person in her who is very cheerful and absolutely lovely.

I was not sure if all of her comments about my body were her actually saying it to me, or if I was instead reading her private thoughts, because it does happen in telepathy that private thoughts are heard the same as what is meant to be said. She was very typically a woman, having many thoughts about what her own body looks like and what my body looks like, and in that she was assessing whether she could see a reason for her to need to feel insecure about my body while in my presence. She was also looking for reasons to feel that I would hate her body or that I would hate who she is. One can call this insecurity, or one can call this caution, but many women have this internal voice going on in their heads when they meet another woman, and, she did say that white women have been disrespectful toward her and I was a white woman so it is natural for her to be cautious.

She does not like her hair because it becomes frizzy and she feels that she has to keep her hair very short. She sort of envied that my hair was so straight and that my hair was so long without a problem. I have platinum blonde hair which looks almost white, she kept thinking about how white my hair was and when she said that my eyes were white she meant my green irises and my eyes are yes very bright and light in color. All of the thoughts about my body were probably just her automatic internal dialogue, which I am sure is based on her past experiences with how other people have treated her in her life, and it is probably true that most women have this kind of conversation going on in their heads.

There was once a woman who was going to work with the surveillance on my team, but she did not come again after her first introductory session. And with the exception of that one woman who I never got to know, this female officer is pretty much the only woman who was among the military officers and surveillance staff. There was, of course, Captain Doctor Bryant, the woman who accused me of cheating with her husband, and as we see in how she spoke to me, she too was very fierce and competitive against me in the way that also this officer was, with thoughts of body and insecurity and hostility. The men I interact with never ever have these kind of thoughts of insecurity and hostility toward me. The men sometimes have some sexual thoughts when they see me but even that is very rare and that is also on an individual basis, where some of the men are more likely to have such thoughts and others are not going to have any such thoughts at all whatsoever.

Well, telepathy also opens up the person's personal thoughts. I treat all of my people with respect and kindness and love, it doesn't matter what thoughts they have. And it was not hard to find a place in my heart even for this "badass" tough woman, because in telepathy, you really feel and see the person who they are inside, and she is a really beautiful and cheerful energetic girl inside her soul that I am happy to have met.