Everybody who reads about UFO and alien visitations on Earth will stumble across papers about how in history different human populations were genetically altered by extraterrestrial visitors. You cannot miss those claims. I ONLY post information on my website and in my books that comes to me directly from alien contacts. But I too come across stories of how aliens have altered the genetic makeup of human populations.

Here I list what information I have on human populations that were genetically Starseeded by extraterrestrials. This list is of course not complete, as I expect to encounter more information of this sort in the future. But everything you read here is entirely based on what I have been told by aliens and seen.

A Vega told me that the Vegas and Lyrans were Brothers and they Starseeded new colonies together, and that they came and seeded the human race, then the Pleiadians joined in and wanted to be their ally. Then the Pleiadian women deserted the Vegas and Lyrans and wanted to go their own way, and so the new Starseeded ones were made with the Pleiadian race and not with the Vega. Pleiadians made friends with the Lyrans and then the Pleiadians and Lyrans abandoned the Vega together because they wanted to Starseed their own races. Vegas say that the Pleiadians are still Starseeding the human race, that there are boys born today still being introduced to humankind but that we should not be told about that because it would start wars. Vega also said that then came Reptilian Anunnaki and starseeded "the whole of the rest", "that is why humanity is enemy with its own race".

Reptilian > Nubians (Osiris, Ra, Anubis)

A dark emerald green alien was used to Starseed a Nubian human race which were a Reptilian hybrid. These early or first Nubians were Kings, Osiris, Ra, Anubis.

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Reptilian Anunnaki > Ancient Egyptian line

In August 2017 I was informed by a Vega that the "Reptilian ones Anunnaki" were also Starseeding their own populations, that these Anunnaki first Starseeded the Ancient Egyptian line which was almost destroyed in the ensuing floods. At this point I am only assuming that this Ancient Egyptian line is to be listed under human populations and not extraterrestrial, also I have made the assumption that they may be a separate population from the previously listed Nubians who were also created by Reptilians and who were also original Ancient Egyptian gods. It is not safe at this time to make an assumption that these two would refer to the same, but in the future I might make the update to say that these were indeed, as they seem to be, the same.

Vega > The Jewish people

An original Jewish people were Starseeded by Vega. The original Vega Jews might have little resemblance to Jews of today, but Jewish people still have Vega genetic material which is why the Dark Lords envy and hate the Jews. The original golden Jews looked angelic, had golden wavy or curly hair and large green eyes. Their beauty and spirituality was far beyond anything we see on Earth today.

This might contradict with Jewish faith and their history but I am relaying what is being told to me by extraterrestrial beings. Furthermore this is not antisemitism or hatred. The Vega are the original Starseeders of most of the benevolent species out there. If someone were to assign an extraterrestrial species as the ancestral Starseeder to each of human populations then to be assigned with Vega should be considered as getting the best one. Besides I also write that extraterrestrials say that Pleiadians Starseeded the red-haired and blonde Nordic people and no one in their right mind would come to say that this statement is racist or hateful against the Nordic people. Everyone is entitled to their own belief. If the Jewish people want to believe that they evolved gradually from monkeys from Africa like what Darwin said, or that they were created by God as Adam and Eve as their Bible says, or if I want to believe that they were Starseeded by Vegas, then we each have our right. What I believe and write here is in no ways hateful against the Jews and it will in no ways undermine the religion of the Jewish people or spread hate against them. Because, in the story of extraterrestrials Starseeding humans, the Jewish people have Vega origin and in these stories that is the best one to get.

I know a lot more than this about the Jewish people and Jewish mysticism which was shared to me by angelic beings, and it all has a very positive message. We are all entitled to our own religion and faith. Millions of people believe that Jews, like all humans on Earth, evolved gradually from monkeys, and so if I say that humans were Starseeded by extraterrestrials, then the Darwinists are far more rude to say their heritage is monkeys.

Also to mention: Throughout the community that discusses UFOs and Aliens, many say that the Jewish people are corrupt and a part of the Dark Lord Agenda, behind satanic rituals, pedophilia, etc. Personally I have come across no evidence of that. Instead I came across in my own sources, that the Dark Lords hate the Jews for their Vega strain, and that the Dark Lords would have been behind the Nazi movement to destroy the Vega strain.

And if any Jewish people feel sad and think that what I wrote here about a Vega Starseed connection might be construed as antisemitism, I assure you it is not. Take a look at what I say about the Japanese people, they got the Zeta Reticulans and that one is less nice than Vegas. Really the Jewish people got the best one.

Reticulan > Japanese

The Zeta Reticulans, also commonly known as Greys, take an active interest in creating Zeta hybrids. Many humans across Earth report being abducted by Zeta Reticulans and shown the Zeta hybrids that were created out of their sperm or eggs. Zetas have a very special affinity with Japan. Japan has several old families which are called Dragon Dynasties, these Japanese families know for generations that they have got Dragons - Reptilians - in their family legacy. My Reptilian Hamish, is Reptilian Kemoro to some of these Dragon Dynasty families in Japan. Reptilians and Zeta Reticulans work together.

The nuclear bomb attacks by the United States on Japan, and the nuclear disasters of recent time in Japan, are oddly enough reasons or incentive that the Zetas use to consider the Japanese people kin to their own. The Zeta Reticulans once suffered their own nuclear power accident on their home planet, when they were trying to extract a huge amount of energy and something went wrong. The Zetas then had to move underground, and suffered a great deal of genetic damage and subsequent alteration to their species as a result. Zetas have somehow convinced fractions of the Japanese population, on what levels of society I am not entirely sure, to see a kind of brotherhood with the Zetas, who share the same fate. One naturally asks oneself, could the many unfortunate incidences of nuclear whoopsies on Japan have been orchestrated by the Alien Agenda for this cause? How come Japan had so many nuclear whoopsies when most other countries have had absolutely none? Never mind, that aside for a while, just my thoughts and by no means implying that I would have any hidden information on that, because I do not. It could just be a series of bad luck for Japan.

Based on what I have been shown, the Japanese people of today are being more or less completely re-designed to be Zeta Reticulan hybrids. Two more things to consider, no make that three: 1. The Japanese people used to look very different in the past. They were larger, taller, had brown skin and different faces and I think also blue eyes if I am not mistaken. 2. Japan is one of the most closed-off countries in the whole world, and also regarded as one of the most ethnically racist. It is very difficult to immigrate to Japan from another country, and people who do go there to work and live and do not look Japanese report a lot of racism on many levels. And 3. Don't the Japanese people, if you just squint a little and look from a distance, look a hell-of-a-lot like Zeta Reticulan hybrid versions of Homo sapiens?

I should also add, that I am of Northern European genetic descent, but thanks to the Alien Agenda I have got lots of hybrid children where I am the mother, some of these Japanese Dragon Dynasty men are the fathers, and Zeta Reticulans are the third parent. So there.

Pleiadian > 1. Red-haired European Giants

Pleiadians came to Earth and Starseeded a mixture of a pre-existing Earth hominid with Pleiadian genetic material and it resulted in giants with red hair and white skin. These were friendly and kind people. They were hunters and gatherers, some ate a type of reindeer, others picked seashells at the coast. They did not keep animals for food and they had no agriculture. They were very tall and large and muscular. They had a Viking type of culture and belief system especially when it comes to the traditions and beliefs about teeth. They buried their dead, whereas the contemporary Homo sapiens of Europe although these had horse riding, fire, spears and did cave paintings, did not at the time bury their dead and it seems also did not have the beliefs around teeth. These red-haired giants were persecuted by other populations on Earth and became entirely or almost wiped out.

Pleiadian > 2. Large blonde Nordics

Pleiadians started over and created a second version of Starseeded humans, this time with more Pleiadian genetic material. This resulted in large blonde Nordics, who were still much larger than Homo sapiens humans but not giants like the red-haired ones had been. Pleiadians and their Nordics lived together side by side in underground tunnel homes on Iceland. They were kind to animals such as to walruses. The Serpent God Anu was upset with the Pleiadians for starting settlements on planet Earth, since Anu and the Reptilians had been on Earth first. Anu started a war with his Reptilian troops against the Pleiadians.