Are these encounters just Dreams?

I am trying to write an honest consideration as to whether my alien and military encounters could be the case of just dreams, dreams at night for nightly encounters and experiences, and dreams during the day for my daily experiences. But there have been so many compelling cases of real physical evidence, that make it such a gruesome violence toward myself to even try to discredit myself for the sake of science. Science scoffs at me and claims to know everything and would have me ridiculed and declared untrustworthy for having such faith as I have in these experiences. Meanwhile science is not the one who has been tugged and contorted into impossible body positions by the Draconians, nor seen real UFOs together with witnesses, and had a number of other compelling instances of personal evidence.

When my contacts begun again in August 2011 with the onset of the Dinosaur and the Orion doctor, I was intrigued and immediately put up this website. Its original purpose was to explore whether the Orion contacts were real or imaginary. But over the course of the following months, hundreds of pages of verbatum telepathic conversations later, and piecing together bits of experiences, I have had to abandon science and stay true to myself. And that is a hard thing to do.

I have not wanted to abandon science. And I abandon it by saying to science and to the rest of the world, "I know I am not lying. I know what I have heard and witnessed, and how many instances of personal evidence fit together and compile into something so compelling, I would have to abandon myself and reality if I were to remain in your camp, where this does not exist nor is this even allowed to exist".

I thought that I could stay together with the rest of humanity on this. That I could share this exploration together and with science. I had believed that I could remain a skeptic and doubtful and stay at a healthy distance away and refuse to believe in these experiences until I had "hard evidence" in support of it, such that I could then show to others and convince the whole world and all of science and then I could believe in this, all together with the rest of our world.

But I stand alone, and I have had to abandon the rest of the world. These are personal experiences. And as much as I have wanted to not have to be myself convinced before I could convince all others, I have become personally convinced, and it is a bitter sweet conclusion. The sweetness lies in discovering my personal and quite remarkable contacts with several alien races (and the US military, for what it's worth). The bitterness is that I now stand alone, my world is different from yours.

It is both good and bad. I gain so many friends in space, alien races, and experiences that enrich my life and understanding and make the world so much greater and more meaningful to me. But I also lose humanity and the earth and even science, because I have had to accept something that I cannot share to others.