Disney movies have a lot of Agenda symbols that are used by the Agenda to program behaviors, identity, and tolerance to being subject to certain things. Even the Zeta Reticulans program their human-alien hybrid children with Disney characters and symbolism to control the behavior of the hybrid children and to make them easier for them to manage.

At this time I cannot say whether the Disney company has any responsibility of producing and displaying these symbols, or if their movies have just been used by the Agenda. It is also interesting to mention that when I was a child I was fully focused on becoming a Disney animator when I grow up, although that ended up not happening. All of the following information is based on my own experiences with information I have received from my Agenda alien contacts.

101 Dalmatians

Dark Lords and several other aliens of the Agenda like to call humans "dogs" and a "dog race" as a demeaning term. In the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians, a female dog gives birth to 99 puppies. This is a reference to how some human women are made to produce a lot of babies for the Agenda. If such a woman is called a dog and is shown that the dalmatian gives birth to so many puppies then this symbolism can be used to condition her for her role to produce children for the Agenda.

White roses painted to red roses, rose garden in Alice in Wonderland

There is a White Fat Lizard who goes by the name Queen Mother and she poses to be Queen Elizabeth of England. Note that this is a Lizard and that nothing can be implied of the human queen. Some Reptilians and Lizards like to pose as human royal figures. The Queen Mother Lizard likes to sit in the rose garden of the castle. Under the table where she drinks tea in the garden there are often hybrid children who will be mistreated. The rose garden of the queen in Alice in Wonderland is a reference to the rose garden of Queen Mother the Lizard. And the white roses being painted red in the movie is a reference to taking the white souls or white life force energy of mostly child victims that are turned into blood sacrifices. Note again that this is behavior of the Dark Lords and Reptilians and does not imply anything of any human persons.

Princes and Princesses

Many Disney movies portray princes and princesses. Hybrid and human or part human children in the Agenda are often conditioned into believing that they are princes and princesses. Such children then end up being sexually molested in the Agenda. It makes me sad to write about such things but other authors have also reported on this phenomenon. The young Simba in The Lion King is one of the symbols used to make boys think that they are special and princes.

Alice in Wonderland - the white rabbit

The white rabbit has a huge important meaning in Agenda symbolism just that I do not yet know what it means. You will also find many depictions of a bunny in clothing in the bizarre Agenda images, seemingly just as frequent as butterflies and many other symbols.

Alice in Wonderland - the mad hatter

The mad hatter was mentioned by the Agenda but I forget what its meaning was, I think it was to confuse the children with his mindless meaningless blabber.

Beauty and the Beast

Today on August 19 2017 someone told me telepathically that Beauty and the Beast should be on this list, and of course now that I think of it it is obvious, though I only put on this list those Disney symbols that the Agenda itself has told me has been used in mind control. The Beast is quite classically depicting a Dark Lord figure in what I call the Gremlin form, horns and all. The story is clearly teaching young women for the mindset of being welcoming and loving toward a Dark Lord. "Do not forget about the card games that we do. We invented them too. And that is your homework.", Dark Lord August 19-20 2017, 2:05 AM, "homework" sentence was in one of my other languages. The cards referred to the deck of playing cards.