The Aliens Operate from another Dimension
written August 31 2013

I have daily visitations in my home by Alien beings. Hamish the red Dragon Turtle spends almost all day and night in my home, guarding my eggs from being stolen by other Alien teams. On occasion, Malik the Black One visits. I also have Alien-human hybrids, Dinosaur, Bird, and other Alien visitors in my home from time to time. When they visit their bodies are located in my home. But my eyes do not register to see them, and my body can walk right past their body without running into a solid body. So let's try to analyze this scenario for a moment.

Real? Or Imaginary?

The obvious

We could come here, and let you greet us! - says an Orion man showing me a mental image of the large open field in the forest and his orange sphere UFO in the sky, he would fly down for me to see his UFO
I would love that. - I say breathlessly
I would love to meet you. And to see your beautiful spacecraft. I have seen them before. Thank you! - me
We would like to do it. Bring a rag, it will get wet here. - Orion shows mental image of our green kitchen towel and his thought images indicate that water would drip down from the bottom of the spherical UFO as it descends, some type of atmospheric condensation I imagine?
.. When can we do it? And would you show up? I'm afraid - me, interrupted
No, there aren't any bears. - Orion, meaning in the forest
No, I'm afraid if I run into humans in the forest. That could be dangerous at night, who knows. - me

The obvious hypothesis which every person who encounters what appears to be otherdimensional Alien visitations should be obliged to burden oneself with, is the hypothesis that these visiting Aliens are imaginary. If you are hearing conversations from Alien beings, but you hear it in your head and not with the ears and sound cannot be recorded on an instrument, and you see the Aliens but not with your eyes and only in your mind, as well as sensing smell and touch by Aliens but not with the usual human senses, you have to ask yourself, or tell yourself, that your experiences might be imaginary and be something delusional invented in your head. That the source of these experiences would lie entirely in the inner workings of your brain, with nothing external no Aliens on the outside world who are reaching out for you.

It is an uncomfortable accusation of insanity which robs the experiencer of themselves. You had no other humans there experiencing Alien contact with you, and now as you are forced to discredit yourself and distance yourself from yourself you no longer have even yourself there with you. It is a lonely position, somewhat of a selfless state. But necessary. Would it not be scarier to wade further deep into an illusion made by your mind? Is it really that graceful or cool to, in effect, be talking to yourself when you thought there was someone else? Is it ok to fall in love with a red Dragon and put your heart and soul out there if he is not there? Embarrassing, if turns out you are only talking to your own brain. If no Aliens are there.

When the experiencer thinks that it's real, it becomes real in their own world. As long as it feels real, it feels real. As long as things are seen, touched, smelled and heard, they are seen, touched, smelled, and heard.

Hey, look. Listen to me. We are not delusions. - Orion
And we don't like pumpkins I said! - Hamish
You guys, I love you guys. Thank you. - me
We are in these flying machines called spacecraft. - Orion
How can you prove your existence to me? It is of great importance that you prove to me that you are real. Otherwise I will have to slide down toward the hypothesis that I am only imagining this. Please help me know that you exist. - me
We are not allowed to come into your city. - Orion (other language, OL)
We would like to speak to your eardrum. - Hamish says to me, while thinking of his own eardrum
My snacks!, were here! - Hamish says
I love you Hamish. I really do. I just wish I could see you that's all. Can't you guys manifest? Could you - me interrupted
Hey, you know, we are not playing any theater. - Orion
And, you are these childrens' mother. - Orion shows hybrid children
I don't care for those children. But I care for Hamish and you. - me
We are over the moon here sometimes. We like to park there. Because we cannot be seen. We have hospitals there that we take you to. - Orion
Can I come there, soon? - me
Yes Eva Draconis you can come there soon. - Orion, yes he said my pen name Eva Draconis
... When can I have evidence that you are real? And why, or how, can you be in my home but invisible? Why do you seem to be here but I cannot see you? - me
Yes, you are not her cat... - Orion answers the little hybrid girl's question, she had asked him if she was my cat
Leave me alone with those filthy children. Take them away. - me
We are not disgusted with you! We thought we would be presents for you! And now look at what you have done!! - hybrid girl yells at me, but she doesn't have much force behind her yelling
... I don't like that children are sexually active. - me
She shows me a mental image of a yellow flower, meaning that they are flowers that are pollinated, as if it were something normal. Here on Earth, it is not legal for children under age to have sex with anybody.
Now Orion man shows me a mental image of wild oats or grains growing on a field and he said something about it but without words, I didn't quite understand.

The Zetas, are also here. - Orion shows me Zetas
Hello... When can I see you? Why do you have to be invisible? - me
We have these for you. - Zeta shows me a black pet's collar on a leash
No thank you. I am a human. We don't make great pets. - me
Zeta shows me a mental image of a lavender colored orchid flower to say without words that I am one of their most beautiful flowers that they use like a botanist.

I am flowers. I am not insane. These are Aliens. But it's exhausting not having solid physical evidence.

We are like a radio device in your brain. A Satellite! - ETs say
... I just wish things were different between us. We argue all the time and that makes me sad and tired. I wish you didn't take me when I was asleep. I wish I didn't know that I go there and you don't let me remember. - me
Zeta shows me the thin plastic tubing. I know they use it on me, and they think I don't want to be aware. The Zeta now speaks to me without words that they had that nuclear power accident, which led them infertile. The Zeta showed me a mental image from an Earth based nuclear power plant. They do that when they remind me of their fateful accident.
No, she won't sleep with you, sshh... - Zeta says to the hybrid girl, the girl had asked if she could sleep next to me, just sleeping, I didn't sense anything sexual
I am afraid of two things. One is that I am afraid - me interrupted
Don't be afraid of me. - says Hamish, first he showed me him biting, in order to tell me that he won't bite me
I love you Hamish. I am not afraid of you. - me
My eyes and brain are good. - Hamish, I think he meant my brain and my eyes
I love you Dragon Hamish. I will Honor your Scales and Scutes. - me
I am afraid that you Aliens would one day leave me. I am becoming so fond of you all and it hurts me to think that one day without warning without reason you might be gone. - me
The Zetas start masturbating me before I finished what I was saying there.
I don't want to be touched like that. Please don't molest me, I don't enjoy it if I am not ready for it, and not under these circumstances. - me
We do it to get your egg. - Zeta
Why do you need to do that to get eggs? - me
We have a device that goes in there. - Zeta means my uterus
What kind of device? Does it collect eggs? - me
And look, we have got suction cups. - Zeta shows me his fingertips, with suction cups
Yes, I see them. You feel with them. - me
We make love with them also. - Zeta whispers to me
You have been equipped with a mind program/implant. - Zeta tells me
Is it a physical implant? Or a software program? - me
It makes you, receptive of us. - Zeta, shows me the hybrid girl
I don't want to have sex with hybrid children. - me

How do I... get to meet you in person? - me
Let's start with, my name is Lasarus. - Lasarus
Hello Lasarus. I am always happy to meet you. - me
You and me both, my Dearie. - Lasarus "bows" graciously

The continuation of this conversation went into the archives, meaning on my computer. You will find the rest in one of the future telepathy books, the first one of which is "Real? Or Imaginary?"

I ended writing them here at the right time. Immediately following this last part, Lasarus shows me a probe and talks about what they do with it.

This page was going to be something else, but it became what it is with the conversations from Orion and the Zeta Lasarus, and Hamish.

Now Lasarus talks about the fiber they collect from my fecal samples with the probe and how they process it. He talks about how the milk (dairy cow's milk) I have eaten is still in those fibers that they study there in the spacecraft. And Lasarus holds a lion animal cracker between his fingers for me to see, and says "Look at this, cat!" The Aliens try to train me into the MKULTRA Beta Cat so that I would be sexually receptive for their hybrid programs and fertilization. The Aliens literally have animal crackers that they give to hybrids and humans who comply. They also use cat (lion, tiger, panther), elephant, and giraffe to mind program the hybrid children, but that's another story.