These are excerpts from original handwritten notes from years ago when I was experiencing MILABS, military abductions and surveillance and telepathic conversations from what seemed to be U.S. military and men in black suits. Here are samples.

Taken To A Naval Base Camp

Thursday evening, June 21 2001, I am 18 years old
Me: Now Sir, help me.
Man: Isn't it just obvious?
Me: Help me! NOW.
Man: Let's talk.
Man: You were in a UFO.
Me: Sir... it is not a UFO. It's an alien spacecraft.
Man: Well when you were inside one, these UFOs, these black things (...)
Me: Go on.
Man: (It's hopeless.) [speaks to himself or to another]
Man: (Let me try.) [speaks to himself or to another]
Man: These black things...
Me: Sir! Talk!
Man: Now what do you remember?
Me: I, remember, a, lot.
Man: Do you?
Man: You were kidnapped into a large size UFO.
Me: Yeah. An alien spacecraft. I've seen those things in the sky...
Man: Oh excuse me.
Military: You were taken to a Naval base camp.
MIB: Sure you were.
Me: Sir...! I know these things!
Military: I know how upset you are.
Military: It's the first time we're talking like this.
Military: (I would like to take a good look at her now.) [said to another man there]
Me: Sir... Ok...
Me: Why do I see military during my kidnappings??
Military: I do not know what you are saying.

An Example Of Captain Robert Stephens

Friday, October 19, 2001, 7:10 PM, I am 18 years old
Me: I don't think he loves me, because he would have contacted me in reality.
Someone: I don't believe it!
Captain Stephens: I could come knocking at your door...
[I "saw/see" him by the door before and after he speaks.]
Me: Please do. Why don't you?
Adjunct Carlsen: Well... you could leave Mr Stevens alone.
Me: And why should I leave Mr Stevens alone?
Adjunct: I could talk to him for you if you want.
Me: Would you tell Captain Stevens that he has to contact me in real life... in reality.
Adjunct: He's kinda keen on you.
Me: What is an Adjunct? What are you? What are you? WHAT ARE YOU?!
One to another: (She seems kinda interested in me too.)
The other to the first: (You fool, you know she is.)
Stephens: I could watch you at your door.
[Wow... the strongest feeling of a presence.]
Me: I have been crying so don't look at me.
Me: Don't look at me, I've been crying and my make-up is a mess!
Stephens: So you don't want me to look at you - how would you be my wife?
Me: Well Captain Stevens, I would look awful.
Stephens: Nah, you don't. [some lie in his voice, but kindly said]
Me: It's unfair that you've seen me, but I haven't seen you, not once have I seen you.
Stephens: Don't cry...
Me: Captain Stephens, is that you?
Stephens: You don't look the same.
Me: Of course I don't look the same! I've been crying!
Stephens: What would you do if I kissed you?
Me: Well I would be happy, I...
Stephens: If I kissed you and brushed away your hair from your face.
Me: How is this possible? How is it real?
Stephens: What you don't know, is that I'm right behind you.
[Yes I was "seeing" him the whole time.]
Me: What I do know is that you're right behind me.
Stephens: I would like to be your husband.
Me: Would you really marry me, Stevens?
Stephens: I would marry you for sure.