Diary 2001
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From age 14 and into my 20's I experienced the MILABS or Military Abductions phenomenon. Men, most of whom wore black suits to work, were what I called the "surveillance people" or "survey people" and seemed to be remote viewing me from a remote location in their office and they could talk with me telepathically in English. There were also military officers who visited "the office" of the survey people from time to time to see me with remote viewing and talk to me telepathically. Some nights when I went to sleep I would wake up someplace else and in a situation where we were in the same place, the so-called MILABS abductions.

I was pretty good at taking notes even at such a young age, quite the reporter and journalistic writing. In 2015 I begun typing up these diary notes on the computer for future books. Most of my notes were in a storage for eleven years and now in February 2017 I have finally retrieved them and am going to type the MILABS journal notes.

There are long conversations with the survey men and military which seem to revolve around the idea that the military are wanting to train me to work for them and they think that I am an alien in some way. A trio of them consisting of Captain Robert Stephens, Captain Jacob Greene and Major Cunningham seem to have been assigned to break down my spirits with harassment and sexual offense and threats of rape. But I'm a witty person, so maybe they're the ones who got tired from talking to me.

The telepathic conversations written down detail the frustrations of not being told exactly what is going on, getting to know these persons whoever they are, asking them questions that are not answered, and describing those fantastic MILABS abductions that take me to someplace else where I get to meet these mysterious men close up.

I did not write these pages as fiction. I still don't know exactly who they are or what the MILABS phenomenon is about, only that it ties in with the alien abduction phenomenon, perhaps that the aliens and military are working together on us who are abductees. My original MILABS diary notes tie in well with The Orion Project, because it is part of the same story.

The Orion Project and this website was about the alien contact with Orions, Reptilians and others that started in August 2011 and is ongoing, and it contains some - but really not much - stories featuring the survey men and military officers. As a separate chapter, these old diary notes about my MILABS experiences contain very little or almost nothing at all about the aliens, and heaps and tons with the survey men and military officers, and are notes dating from around ten years before.

I will be posting updates and excerpts of diary notes here from time to time, but in the meantime look forward to this new future series of books.