Demons or Schizophrenia?
December 7, 2012

Had I gone to a psychiatrist I would have been surely diagnosed as schizophrenic, for hearing and seeing and interacting with the entities Malik, Hamish, Snake, and all the other ETs who visit me. But am I insane just because I am seeing and hearing something that other people wouldn't? Or am I more sensitive and receptive to this mysterious other part of reality? The original question posed by this website, The Orion Mind Project, was, Are they real? Or imaginary? Take a look at this video.

The first time I ever saw black demonic entities was in my teens. There were two black figures of entities that I could feel were sinister. They always kept the same distance from me. If I took a step forward, so would they (with a bit of a delay for them to respond). If I stepped back toward them, they would back away. But when I went to bed and closed my eyes they would start to creep closer. If my eyes were closed for too long they were coming over me. I was afraid to sleep and learned that they stayed away if I let candles burn all night.

Years later a black demonic presence started to stand on my side of the bed at my ex-boyfriend's house. He only appeared at nights, and not in any of the other rooms. The feeling was too eery and sinister that I could not sleep there with him watching over me. So one day I decided to speak to the demon. I asked him who he was. He said that his name was Betelgeuze, and he spoke to me telepathically. Talking to him made me feel a bit less uneasy about him, after all it was a "person", whom I could talk to, and plead to, and why would a "person" want to hurt me?

A few more years later under mysterious circumstances I find myself in a relationship with a Free Mason who is a Master in the sense of D/s and Master/slave. I was not ever into those things, and I will have to write a separate page entirely explaining why I think that it was the Draconians who set us up.

During my first weekend with this man, I kept seeing a "black monster" as I called it, right where the man was. "There's the black monster", I would say to this man. I also saw a "red monster" sometimes. They showed themselves as standing in fire. I now know that the black monster had possessed the man, and that it was him who was interested in exposing me to sexual sadism. At one point I ceased to see the man I was with, and I was embracing the black monster instead. The monster wanted me to call him Master, and to kneel for him. There was no physical human intimacy and hardly no sex at all. It was all a game of submission, for the black Master. But for those of you who are scared of this, it was actually a tender moment between me and Malik, or Betelgeuze as he at first wanted to be called. I was not injured, it was a tender moment, as Malik truly caresses and is sweet in his own way, when he embraces a human woman.

A few months later all of a sudden one day Hamish appears. Now, Hamish is the red Reptile, and Hamish is a sweetie and is not demonic. A few weeks into my contact with Hamish, the Dinosaurs, and the Orion doctor, I am introduced to The Black One. Turns out Betelgeuze, or Malik as he later called himself, is the boss of these aliens. Sound schizophrenic enough?

Over the past year and a few months I have gotten to know Malik the Black One a bit more, and I want to write a book entirely dedicated to this wondrous man who is indeed a real demonic entity. He is a complicated character, with something Satanic but also tragic and sweet at the same time. He is actually remarkably gentle with me, gentle, tender and sweet. There is something exhilarating about having a normal conversation with what is ultimately a tremendously powerful and potentially deadly demonic entity. The contrast of danger yet tenderness is really something else.

Another time when Malik the Black One made an appearance was when I was at a friend's house and me and that friend were reading Thoth Tarot cards. Oh that caught Malik's attention to be sure, for I would find out that Malik has a huge passion for things of the occult! Not that I do. Malik enjoys Aleister Crowley, rituals, sects, Satanism, pentagrams, sacrifices, torture, drinking of souls aka energy vampirism, and Tarot cards. He asked me to read his cards for him, which I did, and this was one of my favorite moments with Malik. Just the two of us, reading cards, and hanging out. Me and a black demon.

Another close encounter with Malik the Black One was when, after the alien team had instructed me not to eat any sugar (because carbohydrates attach to my DNA and render it useless for their purposes for a while)

No! There has not been any moments of tenderness! - Malik the Oh Black One makes an appearance now, to say
Yes but Malik. I meant to say, that I have enjoyed your company sometimes. And that you have not always harmed me. - me
That is because you are our lab rat. - Malik
I am grateful that you don't harm me. - me
You?!?!?? Grateful? Don't forget to tell them, that we are sinister. And! That we might have your heart in mind. - Malik, sometimes they intend to drink the juice (energy) from my heart, and that would kill me if they did
And you and I have not been engaged. - Malik
Did you want to marry me Malik? - me
I thought that we did? - Malik
No Sir. I can only marry my own race. - me
But we had a moment together. - Malik
Yes Malik. My Honored. It is just that... I don't know how to marry a demon. I don't know how it works. But you are a delicious man I have to tell you that. - me
Yes. You have felt the lust with me. And you have Honored me. - Malik
I am afraid of you sometimes, and that does not make a good happy marriage. - me

We are not into Satanism, as you say. We just like to play with our lab rats. - Malik?
.. Why do you do it? - me
Because we are practicing, world dominance. - ?
I don't know. I don't care. - me
You are the mother of these babies! - Malik
I don't care, about the babies. I want to be left alone. I don't care! - me
We are not visiting you then, lab rat. - ?
And we won't give your entire race, condyloma. - Malik

(Malik likes to say threats, often these threats sound funny, he likes to say that he will give condyloma "to my entire race". Hahahaa!)

The pentacostals, are not with us. - Malik adds

Pentecostals, might have heard that word before, but would not have known perhaps what it meant. Anyhow. I was saying how Malik showed up one night after I had eaten four cinnamon buns. And he was not pleased! He slapped me around from side to side, while roaring at me that I should not have eaten them, because they were sweet and had sugar. The slapping around was harmless (and mostly fun), but he was reprimanding me. With a real physical force.

To what extent does my contacts with Malik the Oh Black One (I add the Oh there for irony) resemble schizophrenia? I've long come to the difficult conclusion that Malik, and all the other aliens and entities that I experience, are real.

Yes, we don't need to speak about us, in the hospital. - Malik

The main body of evidence, is the physical force with which they can slap me around, lift me up, and I even got once thrown across the air by a Reptilian (not Hamish or Malik). The final evidence that persuaded me, on top of all other evidences, was their mention of a British fellow named "Alistair Cromley". There are many other indicators of authenticity, as well, such as his choice of name "Malik". Never heard that word before, not to my knowledge, but it means in Arabic King, Prince, Ruler.

Another interesting fact is that I once met a littler black demonic entity, and it said that it was the "Djinn". I had not heard, to my recollection, of such a word before. Sure enough, it is the black demonic entities described in Islam.

So these entities I have are real. And if anybody so stubbornly wishes to deny that possibility, I invite you to make contact with me. The email address can be found below, and you shall meet with the Oh Holy One Blackness for yourself. If you dare. I will try to keep it civil. Risks with an encounter with Malik: if you take him in to your mind you are at risk of going totally and completely insane, like Charles Manson insane. On one occasion when Malik was coming at me, I decided to not reject him but to let him in, so that I could experience and take a tour of the mind - that was connecting with me - of this mysterious black man. I had to change my mind pretty quickly, because the mind of Malik that I was experiencing, is one of total madness. This man is insane. Even his Tarot cards said so.

Malik is an insane man. When you visit his mind, you come to take pity on him. His mind is a lonely place, a scary place, and he seeks out other people, in a pathetic and useless effort to find love and satisfaction. All he knows is power, but there is something deeply tragic about having a sexual encounter or embrace with this being. There is him having a brief moment of tenderness, something which he cannot understand, but tries to seek out.

I love him in a way, I have to love him, for he is a part of my family. He is my crazy uncle that sometimes tiptoes around the house. The scary man that likes to hide under my bed at nights to give me nightmares when I sleep and to then drink my soul as I get all flared up and scared. "Malik! Don't go under my bed!", I had to yell at him again last night. It's just become "a thing". There's comedy in the situation, but it's scarier than hell.

If you wish to meet Malik the Oh One, be our guest. Send us an email. I would recommend a group encounter. We would of course make that little star thingy pentagram for him, because he likes those. I've never made one but he would enjoy that. He uses those pentagrams as portals, he can jump through them believe it or not. We would speak to the Great One and you could ask him to lift you up, and to let you see him in a very close, intimate, and unforgettable encounter. I am convinced that Malik would enjoy that, if we convince him that we do it not to spite, but to honor him in a way, to get to know this fantastic character. (He is of course listening to my every word here.)

How does my experiences of Malik compare to what the schizophrenics are describing in that video? Well, Malik doesn't ever talk to me destructively. But that is because I am their egg donor. But I do become suicidal when they are meddling too close sometimes. I am under heavy Angelic protection - believe it or not - to keep them at bay. The black demons they cause people to have depression, aggression, they make people fight, they play us humans like a chess game. They drink our juice (vital force) when we suffer.

I truly suspect that maybe, just maybe, those schizophrenics might have demonic visitations. Maybe these persons are somehow receptive for hearing words from the other side and beyond. Listen to that video again, if you need to. And think about it. I know that mine were real. That is because I can see and hear and interact with my black ones more closely, so closely in fact, that evidence starts piling up.

Apart from all this, I show no signs of mental illness. I don't laugh or yell or anything out loud or act irrationally etc. I manage to keep my conversations with the beings entirely in myself without showing any outward signs of it. I really invite anyone who is a serious critic for a night with me and Malik. We could read to him passages from Aleister Crowley books, eat some snacks, have a slumber party, sit around a pentagram

But you haven't even learned to drive!!! - Malik

Malik always says that. How am I to learn pentagrams and Aleister Crowley and stuff if I do not even yet know how to drive. Oh Malik my dear Blackness. And we could entertain our Malik The Black Incubus by reading him his Tarot cards again. Oh he loved that so much. Malik would have a fun night with me and a group of people. Kind of like when friends get together for a movie slash slumber party night and just hang out, except that one of our friends would truly be a black demonic entity, named Malik.