The Dark MKULTRA Illuminati Draconian Military Agenda
January 19, 2013

Warning: only for adult audiences. Some disturbing content.

In August 2011 I was suddenly contacted by the friendly Dinosaur and the Alpha Orion man. Now more than a year into the daily alien contact that followed, I have unearthed elements of their entire culture. It has been fascinating learning about the Draconian Agenda. For what I am part of with them I am only a cornerstone. Their work spans many worlds, many projects, and there is a whole masterplan involved.

The Black One Malik

We should start this recap of the Agenda by introducing yet again the top boss in this, he is a real live Incubus, known as one of the Black Ones. He used to go by the name "Betelgeuse" or "Betelgeuze", as a taunt towards the Alpha Orions who were forced into the allegiance and originate from the star Betelgeuse, he also wore this name as an emblem of pride over their conquest. He later informed me of his name change into "Malik", Malik being Arabic for King, almost in a godly sense it seems.

I had some Zeta abductions in my teens but then the alien contact and UFO visitations seemed to cease throughout most of my 20's. Betelgeuse/Malik then was the first emergence of the Agenda in my life. I would see Malik as a black demonic presence and I was afraid of him until I tried to speak to it and he said that his name was Betelgeuze. Talking to this black demon made it easier having him around, he didn't talk half as scary as he felt and seemed, so I got used to having a demon around, but I wouldn't sleep in the same room.

Malik ruins my life

Don't get me wrong, Malik is very powerful. He and his cohorts such as the Djinn can take over a human's mind. Malik is a devil, a demon, an Incubus, perhaps even Satan himself for that matter who knows. Malik can influence what thoughts a human has and he can change a person's behavior. There was a person in my professional life who acted incredibly cruel and violent, and I found out later that he had never been this way before. I used to think that he looked to be possessed, that's how bad it was. Hitler came to my mind, he had that same insane rage and urge to injure everybody.

This episode ended up ruining my career. Everybody I turned to for help ended up hurting me more. I could not believe what was happening, had the world gone mad? I ended up severely depressed and suicidal for years. And for some reason I suddenly became promiscuous and felt drawn to finding the most sadistic or dangerous men. This was a complete shift. I am a love and light kind of person and mostly celibate. The truth of the matter is that Malik has been a dark demonic presence in my life and he wants to own me. He wants me to be his "witch", he calls me, and therefore he orchestrates it so that I come running into his deep dark arms to be one of his cohorts. Do not underestimate the destructive power of Malik. He has been in the head of many people in my life, and they will never know that they were possessed and controlled by a dark demon.

I have heard stories about how other MKULTRA/Agenda victims say that the Agenda ruins their lives. I thought it sounded like a bit too much to claim, I didn't realize that my own massive problems were part of the same. And when I returned home to my family even my own family members had turned from the loving people they once were and there were massive arguments and one of my family members even hit me and threatened to beat me up and had to be restrained. It was Malik and his bad energy. He can possess people just like that and turn them violent. Malik even boasts about how they possess humans and turn them into criminals and gang members and continue tormenting them once they are in prison. Even the Catholic Pope is possessed, the black demon is very clearly visible in him, and priests and religious leaders are a favorite of the Black Ones.

How about a Satanist boyfriend

I was in a most loving beautiful relationship with a man I was deeply in love with. In the mess that Malik had organized for me I had become an angry and upset person. I found that I no longer gravitated towards him but sought out dangerous people. Malik was steering me and people in my life so that I'd come running into Malik's arms. One day I was sitting in class and was shown a mental image of a 20-something boy and told that he would come into my life. The very next day there he was. I found him somehow on the internet and everything I had been told about him turned out true.

Turns out this young man "had been" into Satanism he said, but I didn't believe that he would have quit. He talks very morbid and he thinks things like murder, rape, sadism and cannibalism are cool. He has had thoughts about kidnapping children and murdering them and burying them in the woods. But you see, when I met this person he was in the Love and Light side of New Age. The Dark Ones had given him that as a cover. In fact, the Dark Ones are so working with him, his purpose is to be with me and he has been made completely obsessed by me to the point of stalker. His life is totally consumed with me. Turns out, the day that I found him and we started talking, he had already known about me for several years and he said that he had always known that I was the only one. Coincidences? No, Black Ones.

I always had an uneasy feeling about him, but I found myself moving toward him and leaving my positive relationship. Actually, this boy was already in my life when I noticed Malik and I thought Malik was a demon that found me through him.

I ended up leaving and blocking that guy when he said he hoped someone would rape me. Last I heard of him he had said that he was going to rape and kill me for leaving him. We never met in person, but we were making plans of moving in together and getting married and having children. All Malik's design, but I broke it off.

How about a Free Mason boyfriend

One night I have another vision of a man like I was shown the Satanist guy earlier. I am shown what this man looks like and told many elements of his life. I even see what his apartment looks like. The very next day none other than this man finds me on the internet and writes to me and asks me out on a date.

I don't get asked out often on the internet like that so I go out to see him. He is a Free Mason. He is a D/s Master. His apartment looked exactly like what I had been shown. This man did mind control and hypnosis on me. He was training me to be a sex slave. Many other things that he said to me I can't tell you here. I saw Malik as a Black Demon standing in a ring of fire, and I also saw a Red Monster who turns out was my beloved Hamish. My Draconians were having a field day. In fact, Malik was so possessed in the body and mind of the Free Mason Master that when I - in my induced state - hugged his legs and lovingly said "my Master!" it was the Black One I was hugging. The Draconians are into sadistic sex. Malik's many years of work had paid off, I was finally in his arms.

If I'm on this path with the Free Mason guy I start to lose myself. I would become what the MKULTRA want me to be, a mindless puppet. My mind goes into a permanent haze. I don't like what they are making me into, so I broke up with this guy. More than six months or maybe even a year ago. He still won't accept that we've broken up and as recently as this morning he is wanting us to talk. I want him out of my life, the energies are just too dark and I don't like where it's going.

Yes, we wanted you to be a recruit. - says the military personnel I've been seeing all this morning

The Eye is in Malik's belly

The Eye is the symbol of the Draconian Agenda. Hamish called it their "President", but I like to call it their God. I've figured out that The Eye is nothing other than a physiological structure contained in the pit of the belly of the Black One. The Eye is his belly, nothing other. The Draconians say that they are "ruled" by The Eye. They are ruled by the hunger pangs of the Black One. That is all there is to it.

If you see the Black One closely and intimately like I have, you find a strange structure on his tummy. It looks like a hole but it is a thing that can contract almost in a clockwise/ccw fashion. It is what ingests the life force of their victims, that life force causes this structure in his belly to twist and that in turn causes him a sensation of euphoria and pleasure. I'm not sure if it's a physical requirement for sustenance or if it is only more like a sexual feeling that is not required for survival but craved for pleasure seeking. The whole Agenda and all of its substructures including Hitler and the Nazis, pedophilia in the churches, me being brought to be with a Free Mason Master, all of it, is ruled by The Eye, which is the hunger pangs of the Black Ones. Malik is a powerful Incubus and he is hungry. This is all true, but if you are not personally part of or affected by the Agenda you are free to discard this as nonsense. Your life is free and ignorance is bliss.

12 strand DNA

For some reason I have twelve DNA strands instead of two. The Aliens and the human military who work with them tell me this all the time. They are only here because I have twelve strands, they say. That makes both me and my eggs and offspring valuable to them. I used to wonder why, and I think the reason is as simple as that I have extra much of that life force that the Black Ones and their Belly Eyes crave for. That is why the Agenda wants me to "join them" they always say, and that is also why they want to capture and contain me in the form of an "MK-Cat", as General Patton calls it.

MK-Cat or Doll

MKULTRA is a CIA mind control project that was done in the United States to make humans who could be controlled and made to do things without them ever knowing what they had done. That way the military and CIA could have undercover workers. The Draconian Agenda uses MKULTRA, if the MKULTRA wasn't always of Agenda design which boils down to the Satanic Black Ones.

MKULTRA wants me to be either the Doll/Puppet or the Cat. These are two options for ways to control and contain a woman for the Agenda. Both of these remove her free mind and turn her into something else that is more suitable. I know both of these intimately, as I have been made into both at different times as they seem to have a hard time choosing which one to assign me. General Patton was training me to become the Doll first, but then he changed his mind for the "MK-Cat", "because the Doll can only be, and the Cat can also do, and we need you to do", he said.

The Doll is a woman whose mind has been made entirely blank. She cannot speak. She can't feed herself and has to be fed by the man who is the handler. They used to be lobotomised. This is seriously scary stuff. I know more about it than I would want to. There was one day when all I wanted was to be the Doll and I even nearly went online to find a man who is into that to go live with him because I didn't know how to be by myself anymore. The MKULTRA tie in sex to make the woman actually enjoy being the Doll, or the Cat. I can say that for those who are made into either, they do not feel or experience a suffering or a loss. They feel very happy and comfortable in this new role, otherwise they wouldn't be able to change into it.

Just last night they were training me for the Cat again. I just literally felt like I was a big white cat. I don't want to talk more about it. But it's the Agenda and it's the MKULTRA.

How about a CIA husband

Since I've rejected both two earlier bachelors that Malik and the Agenda found for me through the Illuminati Inc. Dating Service(TM) (joke) the third option is to have me marry a CIA person or high rank military man. Problem is, Malik ensnares me so well with his own desires for me that my feelings are tied into it and I don't even remember what kind of men I am into.

Malik was going to get me together with a CIA MKULTRA handler and I was gonna be either his Doll/Puppet or MK-Cat but now that I moved from the United States and to Europe there is no CIA here and after a few weeks here Malik got busy browsing the local eligible Agenda bachelors here. He found some high rank police officer who is a pedophile and has a cabin in the forest and is into sadistic things, and now he's looking at high rank military too in this country. He shows me these people. And every time that I have a private intimate moment with myself Malik shows up to flood me with his thoughts that depict me with these Agenda men and the sadistic things that he'd do to me. Trust me these are not my own thoughts because I notice these pictures coming from a black Incubus named Malik and I just stop and leave to go do something else.

All because The Eye is hungry

I think the Agenda Aliens might be a bit disappointed that I figured out that The Eye is just Malik's belly organ, because it's not as glamorous as The Eye being a real entity somewhere. I was shown The Eye many times. Then I saw it in Malik's belly. And I see that they are the same.

So Malik sees that I have twelve DNA strands and my "Ida, Pingala, and Shushumna" are extra active, they always say. These are energies that can be active in the human. I have a lot of white light in my aura. Malik needs to feed on this. The human energy force is flared up in moments of fear, pain, or sexual. That is why the Agenda causes their victims either fear, pain, or sex, to flare up the energy and then the Incubi ingest it with The Eye that is in the pit of their stomach causing them their hunger pangs. And that is what this whole thing is about. That is the story about the Agenda, and then it makes perfect sense.

Problem is, I now wanna be a Cat

Oh God, you will have many boyfriends here. - General Patton?
But I want a husband. - me

Problem is I can't resist the Cat persona. They create it so that it is much more alluring than the woman's original authentic persona and the switch becomes natural. I don't know how they do it. I am asleep for most of the MKULTRA MILABS abductions. I now crave more than anything for my CIA or military husband to come find me and put that white collar on me and have me sleep on the floor because Cats can't be on the furniture. Don't worry guys, I will write a book all about being an MK-Cat some day.

Oh I must add, that being the MK-Cat is not really a loss of any kind. Here's the deal. If you join the Agenda through most of the doors that lets you into it, you would become a dark Satanic entity and your aura turns black and then you too have to feed on the life force lust. That is the door that the military and politicians go through, all of those guys who are in the Free Masons and other Agenda cults. Then you are "food dependent" so to speak. You are the black part of Yin and Yang.

Whereas the women who are MK-Cats do not become dark or Satanic at all. We do not take part in the acts of feeding on life force from others. We do not hurt anyone. The Cat is the Butterfly, their energy is flared up a lot. Or so it seems. Because if you look at the MKULTRA victims women who are Cats, after they've been Cats for a while they are completely consumed and extinguished and dark and lifeless. Oh, then maybe I don't wanna do this. I did notice when I was with the Free Mason Master that my energy went from bright white to dark and black as the Incubus consumed my soul.

Black Ones buy you with sex

Humans are vulnerable. The Agenda recruits many humans and targets people in positions of power. High ranking military across the world, top politicians, priests and religious leaders are targets, also sports coaches which is why you see so much pedophilia in child sports and camps. The Agenda loves pedophilia. They also love rape. Malik used to make me want to be raped, that is why rape shows up all over the Agenda as you go along.

Malik tempts his victims with this delicious velvety erotic and sexual sensation and floods the target with more sexual lust than is ever possible otherwise. It is hard to say no to it. It is the Devil's temptations, and you literally sell your soul to him. He will eat your soul when you give in to the pleasure he gives to you. He can do this to men and to women.

I've said it before and I will say it again, Malik is the best sex I have ever had. The sex is intense, it is beautiful, it is powerful, and the sex itself does not seem dark or evil, just intense. It is amazing to have sex with a black demon who is covered in black scales like a lizard. He is beautiful and I still choose to cuddle him every time that Malik comes in for some juice from me (they call my life force "juice"). It is very nice and difficult if not impossible to say no to.

Problem is that Malik isn't sexual in the normal sense. It's not about romance or intimacy or rose petals. Malik's fetishes are all into sadism, for the simple reason that these are what flare up the human life force. Let me tell you this: Malik and the other Black Incubi have no sense at all about what pain means. They have absolutely and totally no idea that pain is painful. He just sees pain as a flare of human life force. To the Black Incubi, pain is not different from sex, both flare the same life force, and that life force when ingested feels good and soft to them. So it is not really "their fault" for causing so much torture to their victims, they don't know what their victims are feeling, they are confused and think that victims in pain should be enjoying it with them. So that is where the problem lies, their ignorance and unconsciousness.

Malik likes pedophilia for the simple reason that children have more life force than adults do. Malik used to flood me with his images of pedophilia and then flood me with intense sensations of pleasure from it. Only that I detest that and then I noticed it was that black Incubus in my room where these images were coming from, and as soon as Malik stepped aside so did the images and feelings that were coming from him. Malik has seen that pedophilia and me are a lost case. However both the Satanic boyfriend and the Free Mason Master did not adhere to their morals as strongly as I have and both have said things about hurting children. I can't hurt a child. I would die and give my life to save a child. I'm a woman, maybe that's why it's harder for them to convert us into pedophilia. Women have strong maternal instincts.

That is why Malik has also tried his other favorites medical torture, animal testing, and other disgusting anatomical images. He would show me these images and then flood me with his intense sexual pleasure from it, trying to get me into it so that my life force would add into the feast. The Agenda wants me to become a doctor of medicine, this might have something to do with it. I have been shown arrangements that they have in the basements where bodies are tortured, but I won't describe them here.

The problem is you lose your soul

Many people find Satanism alluring and many have joined the Agenda in various ways. Many militaries, priests, sports coaches and so forth have joined the Agenda. They don't just prey on persons in power, but anybody will do, only that regular people are less likely to be a target of their consideration. They also go for persons who drink alcohol and use drugs, because it weakens your mind and lets them in. That is why alcohol and drugs and crime go together, the demons do it that way.

The El Diablo gang was named by the Agenda as under their rule. The CIA is part of it. Many actors have been named but I won't name specific people here. It is as simple as snaring these people with that beautiful velvety sexual love that the Black One wraps you with. And then you think that he loves you. But he doesn't. He will eat your soul. You are a fish on a fish hook. There is a worm, but there is also a hook that you didn't see.

These coworkers who have joined the Agenda they enjoy endless amounts of sex and drugs with the Agenda, but they also lost their soul. That is why they then join the Free Masons and other groups who do ritual sacrifice, because they have to ingest the souls of others because their own souls were consumed by the Incubus with The Eye. The Incubus tricked them and took their souls, and now he has them put more souls into his belly.

Thing is, these humans who joined the Agenda, they see it this way: "Hey, this is great! Look at all the sex and lust and drugs we are getting! And hey this black monster Incubus he really loves me! I am powerful, I have money, I have sex, I have it all. And now look at how we're killing victims in ritual sacrifice and doing pedophilia on children and look at all the lust we get from that. Life couldn't be better. It is all for us, we win in every way." But here's how the Incubi see it: "Look at these easily fooled cattle, they are just sheep in our pen, and dogs on our leesh. We ate their soul, and now we have trained our perfect little pets to bring us more souls to eat when they take ritual sacrifice victims, children in pedophilia, and women in prostitutes, they think they are eating these souls but we are. Life couldn't be better."

Ok so even if the humans whose souls were eaten and they were tricked into the Agenda they might get away with thinking that life is good and maybe they don't feel tricked or that their souls were lost, they might think that life is good. But the serious problem is, that as soon as they die they go to hell.

What Hell is

This is not a Biblical statement, even though the Bible knows about the Black Incubi and about all of this stuff. It has been going on here on Earth for ever. I have seen Hell when the Black One comes close. When I moved in to a new unit at college it had the black and white checkered floor. Malik and the Agenda love these checkered floors because, as he showed me just a few days ago, "the floor tiles move". The tiles somehow arrange into perfect rows of black and white and then those rows shift into a 3-dimensional structure and it opens up a portal to the other world that Black Ones come from.

So when I looked into the kitchen that first night at my new place, I saw and felt that Hell was there. I am not a crazy person, I am just more sensitive and receptive to these things that lie hidden for most people. But I have seen Hell a few other times when Malik brought me close.

Hell is a place that is a world that vibrates lifelessly. It is a twisted distorted place that surrounds the Incubi. The way that The Eye in their belly twists and contorts life force and energy spits out energy in that new contortion that is the feeling and place of Hell. No words can tell you what it feels like. If you end up there with Malik you will suffer endlessly, and I can well imagine that he collects souls there. I am not surprised if the souls that Malik eats when military and other persons join him would end up in his gallery, because he does have a gallery, and why should he let go of your soul if it brings him pleasure to watch you frozen in eternal horror and hell?

It is not a game, it is serious. I don't care who you are, or how much you enjoy the gifts that the Black One brings you while you enjoy with him, once you end up in his Hell you will suffer. And he won't pull you out of there, he finds your suffering beautiful. I wish I could speak to the humans who have joined him and wake them up to the reality. They think it's fun and games right now, wait till you go to his hell because it's ready for you.

Disney movies

If you read about the Agenda and Illuminati on the internet, you frequently come across the statement that Walt Disney movies are part of the Agenda. I used to find that statement preposterous. But not so. Here's a kicker. All my childhood my goal was to become a Disney animator. How do you like that one?

Alice in Wonderland, oh my. The Queen is just like the Queen of England. Her rosegarden? Gimme a brake. The White Lizard Lady who goes by the name "Queen Mother" loves her rose garden because it has her mother's roses still growing in it. Been there. Done that. Seen it. Talked with it. Know all about it. I believe the checkered floor appears in Alice in Wonderland too didn't it? And the Free Masons do their rituals on the checkered floor. The checkered floor is like a pentagram, both open up doorways for our Holyness Black Ones to enter. Malik has taught me that, he teaches me things lovingly like a father does to his daughter, but I like that about him. I feel like a little girl sometimes, in my father's arms as we're on a boat and dad tells me all about the sights. This dad's teaching me all about the Agenda, it's cute, he loves me so. I had some other Disney examples that were given to me but I forgot. I will tell you about them once I have them again.

But why Disney? Because children watch them. And children are a top prey for the Illuminati Agenda, that's why, duh. I would have been one of those animators too. This is not a joke.

Child pornography uses them a lot. - says a military now, not kidding, I am not making this up

Raped again last night

Last night I dreamt about spiders under my bed. When Malik enters my dreams his favorite is to make me dream about black widow spiders or other dangerous toxic spiders. He loves the thrill he feels when I get scared.

Yes, I try to keep him out of there. - says friendly Hamish Dragon now, Hamish is one of the good guys even though he has to work for the Black One
Thank you Hamish, my Dear Dragon. - me
Yes, we don't like the Eyes either. - Hamish
Hamish, I love you! My Dragon! - me
We don't want to see them fuck you either. - Hamish approximately, translated from another language

I woke up to having oral sex with a man last night. I was in a military abduction. Then they had anal sex with me. The Agenda uses me as a prostitute and gives me to the men who work for the Agenda. Women like me are "half" of their payment, they say.

Proof comes from the strangest places

No, we didn't want to do this to the women. - one of their men right now
Then why do you do it? - me
It is part of our program with you. - the man
What program? - me
We are harvesting your eggs with them. - the man
I don't care. - me

So I've figured out a form of physical evidence for all of this going on. Most of it occurs in another dimension, which they bring me into when they abduct me. But there is a definite evidence that I just figured out this morning. Namely I don't poop. It's been now maybe five days and almost nothing. I eat tons. I eat lots of bread and oatmeal and meat and things that are lots of bulk. I never go to the bathroom for that. When I realized it this morning I was shocked because it's true. I'm either seriously constipated and don't feel it and it doesn't show on my belly either, or it's true when I remember being emptied and going to the bathroom over there during abductions.

I have lots of memories being taken to use the bathroom over there, and last night I was rectally pumped and emptied. The fact that I don't go to the bathroom is evidence that this is all happening. I'm not dreaming this. I can't even remember the last time I went to the bathroom, I just have "dreams" of abductions where I go to the bathroom there. Why, you ask? The Aliens study my metabolism so they want to see what my food looks like when it comes out. Every time I eat a new food that they haven't seen me eat before the Aliens are quick to say that they want to see that when it comes out.

Lock me up in a room and feed me lots of oatmeal and bread and lots of food and watch as I never go to the bathroom and that's your proof that this is all happening. It's physically impossible. Occam's Razor says it's Aliens.

More Today

A military from my current and native country started talking dirty and sex to me but I wasn't having any of it. Then the black Reptilian got angry because I wasn't playing along, and said that they were training me to be a "pimp" (they mean prostitute). Then the black Reptilian said that they have a "Russian" "on the phone", which means on the telepathic connection. I asked to speak with the Russian.

The Russian "on the phone" didn't speak but it ended up being Korpral Olav (Olli) Vetti who is supposed to have me from the MKULTRA Projects and I am supposed to be "his" and work with him on guarding the Russian missiles. Olav is a missiles expert, but they also want me to guard Russian submarines and satellites also. Olav did the possession where his body and my body overlap. Then General Patton stepped in and took over and then it was General Patton and my body overlapping. It was like I was where he is and he is where I am and we are together. General Patton then starts grabbing at my left upper arm with my right hand, just to get himself established. Ooh! And here is Korpral Vetti again!

You won't get married with me! - General Patton says kind of grumpy
Why! - me
:) Because you don't have the right stuff. - General Patton smiled

The Rosicrucians wanted to have you. - General Patton
What do they want me to do there? - me
You have got an extraterrestrial in you. - General Patton
Don't I know it. What is your interest in it, in that? What do you want. - me
Me and Korpral Vetti are going to be here around. - General Patton approximately
Ok. - me
And DON'T speak with me!! - General Patton
I won't say a word. - me
And we are not snipping apart your DNA yet, but we are going to have to. - General Patton
And we wouldn't be speaking with you either if it weren't for that. - General Patton
So the Korpral is here again. - General Patton about Olav
(I didn't think this was so easy.) - Olav to General

Batman is Agenda

The Batman movies are part of the Agenda. Malik likes the Joker character, he blurted out one day not too long ago in the past month or a few weeks ago or so. "Why do you like it?", I asked. "Because he has a perpetual smile even though he is sad", said Malik. And this morning I was asked by someone with the Agenda, either human or alien, something about the Batman character. There are aliens who look like the Batman character, they are black with pointy ears and tiny eyes. There is a lot of Agenda symbolism in the Batman movies, heheh! EVEN THE CATLADY GOD DAMNED IT, I just realized! Haha.

If you wonder how the Agenda got its people and influences even into the movie industry, remember that I was gonna be a Walt Disney animator and that they already sort of "have me" or so they think, I am in this big mess puddle. And remember that they already have militaries, priests, "media moguls" (I asked who the toothless man was in the recent abduction, they said he is a "media mogul").
See here I nearly died in the Illuminati lodge for the toothless man
And see here 41 top media moguls - maybe he is one of those guys on the list? I don't want to check nor name anybody who might be partially toothless and possibly a match, but have a look if you want (like I said I'm not even gonna check I don't want to name specific persons)

Harry Potter is Agenda

I was told long ago by the Agenda itself that the lady who wrote the Harry Potter series is part of the Agenda. And Harry Potter itself is part of the Agenda, that whole black magic thing. The movies instill into young people to take part in the Agenda energies and makes them more susceptible for control. Believe it or not.

Your Author

Who am I? I am actually not part of the Agenda. I mean, the Agenda is using me but I have refused to join. I have overcome many temptations and pitfalls. I am a love and light person, if you are sensitive you can feel it in my energy. I am a white light person and those are rare.

I am more benevolent and loving and kind than the average person. That is why the Agenda wants to get to me. People like me are a potential threat, they think. But I don't fight the Agenda. I show them much love and light, and I think that little by little I am showing them their way into the light. I would never destroy the Black One Malik for instance. I show him much love, and I welcome him into the light and I talk to him for hours about what love means and why injuring others is wrong. And he listens. The Pleiadians applaud me for being able to make them listen, they never want to listen to the Pleiadians. I love Malik, but I don't like what he does to people.

I write this website to document the story. The website started as the question "Real or Imaginary?" when I got in contact with the Alpha Orion man. In the beginning I wanted to document a case of experienced alien contact and show the journey as I figure out - truthfully - whether it was real or imaginary. My starting premise was that it is probably a hallucination. Months into the contact I had to let go of that premise. This is real! Today I just continue to document this fascinating story of the Draconian Agenda. It is perhaps not a pretty story, but it is an important one. It is part of our hidden history, and I love to be one to explain what it is all about and how it works. I try to understand it from their perspective, and I think I am doing a good job. I am proud of my work, but I won't ever join the Agenda. I can't join the Agenda, I am a light person.