page written June 4, 2017


Out of all of my military and surveillance people, Major Cunningham is the one I am the most sure of that I would have his real name. I also know relatively much about his work, physical appearance, personality, and personal life than compared with what I know of the others. I have known of Cunningham since I was about 17, since about year 1999. He used to call me potato head.

Military rank is Major

He, and the others, always referred to him by the name "Major Cunningham". This webpage lists the military ranks in the United States, U.S. Military Ranks, and it all looks very confusing, but let's try. There are two types of ranks of Sergeant Major, two types of ranks of Major General, and two types of ranks of Major. Both of the Major ranks are a so-called pay grade O-4, and there are over 45,000 Majors plus Liutenant Commanders in the US. The rank of Major exists only in the "Army and Marine Corps", and in the "Air Force", but does not exist in the "Navy and Coast Guard". We can read more about the rank of Major here.

We learn that Major is a higher rank than Captain. Today, this, is the first time ever that I am reading up on military. All these years, I had never known that Cunningham had a higher rank than Captain Stephens, Captain Richard Swansea, and Captain Daniels. Who would've known. The Captains and Major Cunningham treat each other all the same, meanwhile Generals and Admiral Benson were always treated with respect and it was always clear that those had a higher rank. But Cunningham and the Captains were always on the same level with each other.

ARMY MAJORS typically work as a "battalion executive officer" or as "the battalion operations officer", or as a "primary staff officer" for "a regiment, brigade or task force" in the areas concerning personnel, logistics, intelligence, and operations. A major will also be a staff officer / action officer on higher staffs and headquarters. In addition, majors command augmented companies in Combat Service and Service Support units. They also command Special operations companies, such as U.S. Army Special Forces companies, Civil Affairs companies, Military Information Support Operations companies, as well as certain types of separate, numbered vice lettered, Military Intelligence companies.

AIR FORCE MAJORS typically works as senior staff officer at the "squadron and wing level". In flying squadrons majors are generally flight commanders or assistant directors of operations. In the mission support and maintenance groups majors may occasionally be squadron commanders. In the medical corps, a major may be the head of a clinic or flight.

Update of October 3 2017: He informed me that he is not the rank of Major. He is however in the Special Forces and has studied Battle Tactics, just that he is not a Major. That is allowed, since his code name was Major Cunningham, Cunningham was never his real name, his real name was Donovan Brown, and so if he is also not a Major, then that is alright since that was only part of his fake name Major Cunningham.

Dark green or black beret with uniform

Now before I do my very first internet search to find out what uniforms a U.S. military Major has, I will state it beforehand: I know for a fact that I have clearly seen (mental images of) Major Cunningham with a green beret as part of his uniform. Let's find out if that could be accurate for a Major, in real life and not just in my head.

Thank god. I must have spent at least an hour trying to answer this question, then I found this: Military beret#United States. Here I pick out the berets that are either black or dark green in color:

Rifle green: Special Forces Groups, John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School
Black: Worn by all other Army troops with Class A uniform and Army Service Uniform as standard headgear. The patrol cap once again is the standard headgear with utility uniforms such as the ACUs, however the black beret may be authorized with utility uniforms at commander's discretion.

No beret.

Black - Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), Air Liaison Officers (ALO), and Air Mobility Liaison Officers (AMLO)
(Air Force also has a sage green beret but Cunningham's is not of that color, but darker.)

Conclusion: "Rifle green" is the color I have seen Cunningham wear, but I also reserve that it could have been black. Cunningham should therefore be one of the three categories. Navy was already excluded since he is a Major and the Navy has no rank of Major, and Cunningham wearing a dark green or black beret also excludes Navy, so so far this Cunningham is working out as a possibly real character, but let's see what happens as we keep on looking closer.

Fuck. Sorry to be so blunt, but now that I'm reading through the conversation with Cunningham from 2011, see what we said. The following is taken from the first telepathy book, "The Orion Project - Real? Or Imaginary?", chapter "Major Cunningham", dated December 16 2011:

Me: "Oh my gosh! Are you really a Major! So you're not in the Navy but I knew that already. You're either Air Force or Army."
Major Cunningham: "Try Special Forces."

Can you say bingo? A perfect match? Should I get all shaky and jittery, or should I shrug and say, "Yeah, I knew he was going to turn out to be real". Damn. Cunningham, real? All those mean comments all of those years, real?

Added later: "In 1961, President John F. Kennedy authorized them for use exclusively by the U.S. Special Forces.", them being the green berets in the U.S. military, Source.

Special Forces

The next question is, how many "Special Forces" are there in the whole of the United States Military. This website seems to offer a comprehensive list of such things in the United States military: American Special Ops. There are more varieties than listed there, one has to follow the links at each category to find even more of them. It lists so many types of "Special Forces" and "Special Operations Forces", that the search would suddenly widen again. That is why we should go back to the clue about the dark green or black berets and look at any "Special Forces" or "Special Operations Forces" which are also a match on our smaller list of dark green or black berets.

It seems obvious, there is only one military group which has the dark green berets and it is in fact called "Special Forces", they are even also referred to as "Green Berets". The page reads: "U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) The quiet professionals. Masters of unconventional warfare." Following the link on that page, see all U.S. Army Special Operations Forces, leads to the page "United States Army Special Operations". There it reads about Special Forces: "The Green Berets of the United States Army's Special Forces Groups deploy on unconventional warfare operations around the world." Unconventional, you say? How unconventional? I go to More Info. Read more also here Special Forces (United States Army).

I can't tell you how happy I am to see this section on the page: Use of the term "Special Forces", quote: "In countries other than the U.S., the term "special forces" is often used generically to refer to any units with elite training and special mission sets. It should be noted that in the U.S. military, "Special Forces" is a proper (capitalized) noun referring exclusively to U.S. Army Special Forces (a.k.a. "The Green Berets").[42] The media and popular culture frequently misapply the term to Navy SEALs and other members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces." This is marvellous! And if, if, Major Cunningham is an actual Major, then he would most certainly know that the term "Special Forces" refers only to the Green Berets and that it is not to be used as a generic term!

Next we ask the question: Do the Army Special Forces (Green Berets) have Majors? There is a mention of the rank of Major within the "Company HQ Element - SF Operational Detachment-B (SFODB)" which is one type of Special Forces, so yes, Majors do occur at least in one branch of the Special Forces.

Putting it all together

Since Major Cunningham poses as someone with the military rank of Major, that narrowed our search down to military groups within the "Army and Marine Corps" and "Air Force" and excluded the search from "Navy and Coast Guard". Next I remembered seeing him sometimes with a dark green or possibly black beret but I was quite sure that it was dark green in color. That gave us a small list of possible military groups: Army "Special Forces Groups" and "Worn by all other Army troops with Class A uniform and Army Service Uniform as standard headgear.", and Air Force "Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), Air Liaison Officers (ALO), and Air Mobility Liaison Officers (AMLO)", and again excluding Navy since they have no berets.

Judging just from the color of beret, the answer would be obvious that Major Cunningham was with the Army Special Forces "Green Berets", but then I also found another clue where he had specifically said that he is with the "Special Forces", and, learning that "Special Forces" is not used by the U.S. military as a generic term for many different kinds of military groups but only for the Green Berets, the answer was very obvious. Also, what are the chances that my mind would imagine this whole story and guess a military rank of Major, guess a beret worn, guess a color of the beret, and guess the term Special Forces, and magically put those random choices to have something that works together and is statistically difficult to hallucinate out of nothing. As a 15-year old European girl and also before the age of mobile phones and internet, I really had no interest or knowledge of United States military, which is where much of this information on Cunningham comes from, and some of the information comes from more recent years. And, let me remind you, today was the first day that I really looked into these military details, and so far, it holds.

I am most of all excited about finding out that "Special Forces", the term that Major Cunningham told me, is not a generic term. That makes my life a whole lot easier. I just learned a whole lot about Major Cunningham. He is in the U.S. Army, and he is one of the Special Forces Green Berets. I gotta tell you, I am far more excited about finding out that Major Cunningham is a real U.S. Special Forces Major, than when I found out that aliens from outer space are real.

What else Major Cunningham has said

Let's look again at the conversation we had together in "The Orion Project - Real? Or Imaginary?", Chapter "Major Cunningham", December 16 2011.

I asked why did he always used to hurt me. He said he was assigned that task. I ask why, he says "we made you feel really bad". I ask what for, he says "To make you feel like you were the enemy". I tell him: "Well, I could never be a Major. Do you like your job?" He answered: "! Hell yeah!". One of the things that he has gotten from his work of being a Major is that it has given him an "office".

I asked: "What is Special Forces? Is it something else?" (meaning, something else than Army or Air Force)
Me: "Special Forces is Army isn't it? (I looked it then up on the internet, but remember, he had already said the term first)
Me: "What does it mean...... Oh my gosh! Special Forces can kill people!" (something I read on the internet)
Cunningham: "It's more about tactics."
Me: "... What kind of tactics?"
Cunningham: "About, running operations."
Me: "How did you learn that? This is interesting."
Cunningham: "Yeah, I'm quite a guy." (he half said)


Me: "... I wonder what kind of special forces Cunningham is?"
Cunningham: "Combat tactics."
Me: "Combat tactics? Wow! No wonder you like Tae Kwon Do and boxing! I bet you're good at all that! What a great career you have! That is so awesome! You're so good! That is so cool!"
Me: "I just think Cunningham is awesome. Look at all the things he can do! That's impressive! So he is a Major! He wasn't lying! I never knew! It makes sense."

Me: "You are like the coolest person I know. I never knew you were all that. I just thought you were a guy... Wow."
Cunningham: "Yeah. We battle tactics on you."
Cunningham: "Battle tactics are kinda neat, and cool."

Cunningham: "And, like I said, just don't call the police." "Cause some of this we're doing is unlawful, illegal."

Cunningham: "I have been trained to take bullets without pain."

Cunningham: "Yeah, you would do really good if you ever chose to sue me."
Me: "I would never do that... You're like a brother, remember? A mean one at that."
Me: "You're going to help me too. One of these days you will help me, and fix everything. Because you have to. I can't do it myself. I need someone to help me. I have to know if you guys exist. Otherwise I keep hating myself, for having voices in the head. I just want to know. Then I can, go on. I'm just waiting, every day I'm waiting."

Cunningham: "We would be charged with rape."

Cunningham: "So. How is that little frog?"
Me: "She is doing good I hope."
Cunningham:" I remember you were always leaning over to it."
Me: "Yeah, I was."

And then I wrote: "And him calling the frog "it", I realize this could not have come from my own mind. I would never refer to the frog as anything other than "she", knowing that it is a girl. This is real? Or is it?"

Major Cunningham

Other things to know about Major Cunningham, much of these come from the December 16 2011 conversation:

Physical: dark skin, not like African American more like a person from India, the skin color that is, but he still seems to be an African American, I do not believe he has origin from India.
Hair: Black hair.
Body: Very muscular and fit, looks like someone who goes to the gym a lot.
Personality: At least back then 20 years ago, very vain, superficial, all about designer label brands, cool cars, hot women, and he had a great group of guy friends who got together as a group to go out. He used to dream about those super expensive cars like Lamborghini.
Age: He was at least 20 when we met 20 years ago, so now he should be in his 40's or 50's, I find it hard to believe that he would be in his 60's, also he was behaving like a young guy when we met 20 years ago.
He used to do boxing and did "still a little bit" in 2011.
He has said that he goes to the gym a lot and that he also does sports. A sport that he does is Taekwondo.
He does not like physics, "on a sliding scale, that would have to be zero". "I don't like to do anything with punching numbers".
2011 he said he likes to listen to Reggae.
Major Cunningham used to call me "potato head" all the time.
I have overheard the other guys calling him Donovan Brown, but I am sure that I wasn't supposed to know. So maybe he is Major Donovan Brown.

From July 2017 (see below) I learned additionally:
He has an uncle, probably a maternal uncle.
His mother was dark and in my opinion from his mental images she looked to be an African American woman, but he says she was "Latina", Hispanic.
He has a sister.
His mother raised him and his sister as a single parent. He does not seem to have known who his father was, and perhaps his mother also did not know who the father was.
He always wondered whether he had brothers, perhaps wondering if his unknown father had any kids, but he never had a way to find out.
His mother passed away in 2017, before July 12 2017, probably in the month of July (before the 12th) or the month of June but not much earlier in the year than that. She had ovarian cancer and died after a time of illness.
Cunningham drives a Range Rover across the United States as a way of dealing with his mother passing away.

You will get to know him really well in the original diary notes from when I was 15 to about 21. There was then pretty much a 15-20 year gap without contact, and now in recent years that I have talked to him, he has gotten a lot more talkative and these lengthy informative conversations are very special.

June 8, 2017: Excellent example conversation with Major Cunningham where his personality really shines through, also informative about the work they were doing:
Major Cunningham and Assistant Carlisle, Cookout and Telemetry

Special Forces Training
written June 6, 2017

I always saw that Cunningham looked to be extremely muscular and fit, like someone who goes to the gym most days of the week for several hours, and I always assumed that going to the gym was a vain and exaggerated sparetime hobby of his. But reading about the physical requirements for the Special Forces, it is no wonder, and one then sees that staying extremely fit was just part of his job. One has to truly admire the man. Throughout all of the years that I have known him, he never bragged about being in the Special Forces, he only mentioned it one time years later, and he never talked about the military training he had. He was just "Major Cunningham" to me, doing his job which seemed to specifically be to wear me down with verbal abuse and harassment. Yet his personality always shone through, even though he never seemed to intend to let me in on his personal life.

I read that when preparing to apply for Special Forces training, a "good starter workout" is to swim for one to two kilometers. These guys are superhuman. Major Cunningham is just amazing, imagine that he has been able to complete all of the Special Forces training and even becoming a Major within the Special Forces. I have so much respect for these guys now after reading a bit about what they actually are capable of, and to imagine that "my" Major Cunningham did all of those things successfully. Maybe this was part of the reason why he was always so extremely cruel towards me, that he would have had to accomplish all of his training and then being assigned to a job which involves some 17-year old girl in another country. Maybe that is why he despised me. I would too, if all of that hard work only amounted to that. Which begs the question, how important was their assignment with me in the first place, if they were willing to waste resources on me such as a Special Forces Major? One must also ask, why a Major and not someone of a lower rank, what was so "complicated" or "advanced" about the harassment work he was doing to me that required the special skills of an Army Special Forces Major?

I am glad that I took the time to look into Major Cunningham's career because it changed a lot of my past opinions on him. I no longer see him as a stupidly vain guy who builds muscles just to look good, instead I now understand how demanding his career path was and I recognize and admire him for the outstanding accomplishments he has made, like being able to swim for up to two kilometers or maybe more! All these years when I thought he was stupid and vain, he was only someone who was committed to excelling at his work.

Imagine what it takes to be in the Army Special Forces. Major Cunningham did all that and even more since he became a Major in the Special Forces.

Question: Shouldn't he be real easy to find at this point, that is, if he exists? A dark almost black Special Forces Major, even if we were not sure of his name. And who does boxing and Tae Kwan Do. How many could there have been in the years that I've known him?

Can Major Cunningham be found?

Special Forces Association should have information on the Special Forces. I find this branch of military really fascinating, since "one of my voices in the head" told me that he is one. I was about 17 when Cunningham first showed up to talk to me telepathically. He came around usually accompanied by Captain Robert Stephens and Captain Greene, Greene and he seemed to be real good friends or at least they got along great. It wasn't until 20 years later that I learned that Cunningham is in the Special Forces, and I never contemplated on the fact that he is a Major, until I started to look into his title and branch. I wrote to them with my question, the answers could lead me closer toward finding out if my Major Cunningham is a real person or not. June 8, 2017:

Subject: Questions about Special Forces Major

Dear Mr. ---,

After searching for the answers to my questions for several hours (days) I've given up and must ask someone who would know.

How many individuals are there at any given time serving in the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) who have the rank of Major? Does this number vary with time? Can I find out how many there were each year within a range of years?

I am also trying to find out whether a certain supposed Special Forces Major exists or is an actual person, I may or may not have his real name, I do not know his age or social security number, I know approximately what he looks like (he is very dark and possibly African American), I know many personal details about his life such as that he is into boxing and Taekwando, and other information. How would I go about trying to find him, if he exists?

Thank you,

Was Cunningham almost found? And hearing more from Cunningham.

On July 11, 2017, I found a note from a reader of our website. He had found a person named Donovan Brown who was in the Army Special Operations Command. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest and started beating faster, the thought of actually finding one of my guys, but I was quickly dismayed as I saw in the picture that this Donovan Brown was Caucasian and had a full beard, which is not right for my Cunningham, and also the man in these photos had a kindness about him in his eyes which I could not place to my Cunningham. But I continued to talk with the reader, who himself had a past in the U.S. Army and was very helpful with giving me questions that I should ask not only to Major Cunningham aka Agent Donovan Brown but also to General Patton, things about their training and MOS number and other things I couldn't have thought of to ask on my own.

The reader was interested in learning more about Draconian Reptiles, the Pleiadians, and above all a military base called Dulce, and I got several of my alien contacts in on the conversation. In the end, I suggested that we talk to Major Cunningham again, and that is when Cunningham shared with me some of the most personal stuff that he has ever told me.

The entire transcript of the conversation with the reader which started with Cunningham, then went through alien wars, questions to General Patton, and back to Major Cunningham, can be found here:
Cunningham General Patton Aliens Reader July 11, 2017

The conversation with Major Cunningham from that transcript is given here:

Me: "Cunningham."
C: "I am so sorry about what we did to you. So hey. How are you? What are you doing now?"
Me: "I am talking to you."
C: "Well, don't. I am on the road, driving a car."

Me: "Cunningham?"
C: "I am out on my Rover, Ranger."
Me: "When will you be parked?"
C: "When I feel like it?"
Me: "Where are you driving to?"
C: "Almost across the US. Why do you wanna know? About, where I am driving to? And, what's it to you? And, who are you talking to about me? So, hey, what about me and my Range Rover?"

I am a girl and I do not know much at all about cars and I do not even drive one myself. I understood that Range Rover must be a type of car, but I did not know what one would look like or be like when he said it, so I asked the reader I was chatting with online what he could tell me about the car that Cunningham said he was driving.

(Eva) Hey what can you tell me about the Range Rover car? What kind of a choice of car is that? Is it a sports car, a performance car, a car for drives in nature, what kind of person and purpose is it for?
(Reader) I think it remind him of a humvee
(Reader) reminds
(Reader) that is why he has one

(Eva) Wow I read that Range Rover is British and is a luxury expensive four-wheeler and SUV, so not a common car.
(Reader) Yes, it is like his Humvee
(Reader) in the military
(Reader) that is why he has one
(Eva) Really? Would one expect a Special Forces Major to drive something like the Range Rover?
(Reader) Yes

(Eva) Wow. Chills. The story about Cunningham just always holds upon scrutiny and inspection. Meanwhile, I had never heard of the Range Rover. Plus, when I saw it was a British car when I did an internet search, my thought was I am hallucinating this because why would a U.S. major buy a British car those must be hard to come by. But the story of Cunningham always holds up to inspection. What a guy. His own personal humvee.

Me: "Cunningham, dear sweetheart?"
C: "Hey, don't talk to me like that! And what do you wanna know?"
Me: "... What is your MOS?"
C: "I can't tell ya. I would get fired, for reporting myself on off-line duty. So, let me focus on my wheels. I am driving this car for the first time really far. So I wanna see what it is made of. Do you know anything about cars, or vets?" (vets means veterans)
Me: "I know nothing about either."
C: "So, you know, sometimes a veteran just needs to get out in his car. And see what else there is. Before he feels that he is going to die. I just got the bad news! That my mother had died! So I am now driving cross-country. Just to see what else there is. And, leaving it all else behind, my sister and all. I just, I guess I just gotta go back home to them for Christmas. And, before then, it is just me and my car. Ok? So, please let me just drive it?"
Me: "Wow, Cunningham. I am sorry to hear about your mom. I remember you told me about her last time when we talked. You loved her so much, she was amazing."
C: "Yeah, she is a lot like my sister. And, now it is just the two of us kids left. Our father left us too, I mean he is not in heaven, but he left. He took off. I mean, I was raised alone by my mom. That must've been tough on her. So, me and my sister we always had to fend on our own."
C: "I don't like, or get along with, most of my family. Like, my uncle. He, he said a few some nice things at her funeral. But that was about it. And, I felt like my heart crushed when I lay down her flowers." (flowers on her coffin)
Me: "I am sorry to hear it Cunningham. I am here for you I really am. I guess I should leave you by yourself."
C: "You know, I don't have any kids yet. It's just me and my car. And we're gonna make it all the way through. Me, and whatever money that's left in my wallet. Because money don't matter no more. It's just me and my dirt road. And, when me and my sis we were kids, my mom she would have never left us alone, you know? She always stayed by our side. She, she got really sick at the end. She wasn't eating properly. She could hardly stand. She, she and she took her crutches. My dad. My dad he was a poor man. But not as poor as a man without a mother. Man! I would do anything to have her back! To hear her voice when she is ringing at the doorbell! To hear her voice, to taste her pie, to have her home for Christmas. I guess, I guess it's just us two kids now. We don't have her left."

(Eva) It is not a time to bother Cunningham with questions about his MOS and things. The recent times when I have spoken with him, I was aware of him thinking of his mother, and it was an African American woman.
(Eva) His mother looks African American, but Cunningham looks like mixed race and not fully African American.

(Eva) And my heart goes out to my beloved Cunningham. He may have been evil to me for so many years, but I do love him and I'm here for him.

C: "And no, I'm not white by the way. My mother was part Hispanic, Latino or Latina. And my father? Nobody knows! Who the hell he was. Or what the hell he was. For leaving my mother in a time of need. My brothers... I guess I now know I never had none."

Me: "I always thought you talk like an African American person? A bit."
C: "I don't wanna talk to you, I am on the road."
Me: "God bless you, I leave you alone now."
C: "Oh god! I hope I do not go and crash the car!"

We learned from Major Cunningham aka Agent Donovan Brown that he has a sister. His mother raised him and his sister as a single parent. His father left early and Cunningham does not even seem to know who his father was or what he would have looked like, but it also almost sounds as if his mother would have also not been sure of who his father was. Cunningham assumes that he has no brothers, and he seems to feel that at this point when his mother has passed away he would have no way of finding out if he had half-brothers somewhere by his unknown father and he seems faced with having to let go of the prospect of unknown brothers. He says he has an uncle, and that he has no children.

Before this day, when I had been talking to Cunningham in recent times, I had seen that his mother had been in his thoughts a lot. I had seen his mother. She was dark and looked by all means to be an African American woman. She was a bit heavier set and I saw that she had crutches, but she seemed cheerful and like sunshine. She was a lot in his thoughts in recent times, but I did not know that she was ill, he had of course not told me. Here he tells me that she was Latina, meaning Hispanic American, which surprises me since the skin color of both Cunningham and his mother is very dark. Though Cunningham is not completely black, very dark but like someone who is only part African American, also his facial features are not typical for someone who is mostly African American.

Cunningham is driving a Range Rover across the United States. Reading up on the Range Rover, I learned that it is an SUV which I think means that it is simply a large sized car. It is also considered a luxury car and extremely expensive. It is a four-wheeler and off-range car that can be driven also off roads in rough terrain and in nature. It is a highly unusual choice of car, but the reader I was talking with said that it is precisely the type of car that someone like Cunningham would have chosen.

I am eager to talk to Major Cunningham more. I know that he is not the man on the pictures of the person that the reader found for me. But more than ever, Cunningham seems to me like a real person. I have to give him his time alone. As urgent as it is for me to find out if he is real, and so strong is the hope of one day meeting this man in real life, I have to respect and love him enough to leave him alone for now.

I've known Cunningham since I was 15, 16 or 17. He was a lot different back then, as you will read when I publish the teenage diary notes. He was all into expensive cars like Lamborghinis, he loved going out with his friends, he was all about designer label clothing, a kind of life of partying and spending a lot of money and living in a world where looks and money were all that mattered. He was ruthless and cruel to me for many years. The stress he put me under once caused me to suffer from a heart failure which made half of my body paralyzed and the arm on that side limp I had to carry my arm and I could not feel my face on that side. He used to harrass me for not wearing label clothes. I was a young girl. He used to call me potato head.

When I connected with him again in recent years, after a many year long break of not hearing from him, I found a man who had changed. He was older and more mature and had developed a compassion and friendliness, he was down to earth, considerate, well-mannered and respectful, he seemed happier and calmer, and we finally had long conversations where I got to know who he is.

Out of all of my U.S. military and surveillance guys, he was one of the cruelest. But he has now become the one who I know the closest.

Will I one day meet them face to face, and give him a hug even though everything in my body would want me to punch him in the face? To meet him and know that I own what they put me through.

To Cunningham: Dear Major Cunningham,
You were in my life for several years when I was a teen. You know who I am. You used to call me potato head, and you were most often there together with Captain Greene, and the two of you were having fun trying to sexually harrass me and scare me and ruin my self-confidence. I don't know why you did that, but I am stronger now. You could not possibly hurt me again. I have to know if you exist for real, that is all I care about. I promise you I would do nothing that would hurt you. Revenge is not a word in my mind, or in my heart. I just need to know you were real. Please let me have that, if you knew how much it means to me to see you in life, then you would let me see you.

Cunningham, even though I know I should try to call you Donovan. Your mother was an amazing woman and I know you well enough to say that she was exactly the kind of woman you needed in your life so that you could become a better man.

Donovan has found his father

October 3 2017 Cunningham tells me that he has found his father. His roadtrip to find his father is over. You can read all the details here: Cunningham has found his father. He also told me that he is not a Major. But he is in the Special Forces and he has studied Battle Tactics. He again said that his mother was Hispanic. But, all of the details are there by following that link.