written June 9 2013

Warning: adult biological content

Sobek the Ancient Egyptian Crocodile God
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The Crocodile Men are another fairly common feature of Alien contact, often encountered with the other Alien races of the Draconian Agenda.

Crocodile Men physique

The Crocodile Man is humanoid, meaning that he is upright standing with a torso, two legs, two arms at the shoulders, a head on a neck, and a face at the front of the head. The Crocodile Men are tall and look muscular and strong on their upper body. Legs and lower body is more slender. They have broad shoulders and muscular arms. The head is narrow on the sides. Long snout filled with many sharp teeth in both upper and lower jaw. Long tail. The skin is black with many scutes along the back and tail. (I love the fact that Hamish taught me the word "scutes".)

Throat and belly have creamy white colored skin. Scales or scutes along the belly make a grid pattern, and some of the grid squares on the belly are black, giving it an asymmetrical checkered pattern. Fingers and toes have black claws.

Crocodile Men smell strongly of a fragrant musk odor and at first I thought it was their natural scent. Later I found out that they actually wear human man cologne, possibly if they have a Reptilian scent they would want to mask it as it is unpleasant to the human nose. They smell great! A very manly musk cologne smell!

Sorry for the graphic description but this is biology. Crocodile Men have a penis but no scrotum. The penis is hidden on the inside of the body when not erect. The Crocodile Man penis has no glans. The tip with the hole is embedded surrounded by sharp raised edges probably for protection of this vital area. Based on some of what Crocodile Men and Reptilians have said to me it seems that the sharp contour is used to burrow or cut into the flesh of the recipient. The penis is black and rough not smooth. Not excessively large but larger than on humans.

Top or bottom of the front (cannot remember which) forms a sharper point and looks almost exactly like the make of a fountain pen. I know what you're thinking ladies; ouch.

Sex with a Crocodile Man

I have had the privilege of being mated by a Crocodile Man on at least one occasion. The Crocodile Man stood in front of me while I was on my back. He grasped his hands firm on either of my hips to keep me from accidentally moving which could have spilled the semen. He thrusts once and does not do repeated penetrations like mammals would. It does not take long for him to ejaculate. Semen in both Crocodile Men and Reptilians is a very small amount, less than the size of a drop of water so they are very careful not to spill it.

When we make love we are having a telepathic mind connection and the telepathy conveys not only the thoughts that make words and speech but also what each other is feeling. I get to enjoy both his and mine sensations during sex. He enjoys it but it is far from as bewildering or ecstatic as when humans do it. My experience of it was painful. The sharp tip and rough exterior of the penis causes pain inside me, but it is overall a very pleasant sexual experience, for instance a woman enjoys just being held in a man's arms. It is very nice and he is gentle enough about it.

Many women who get abducted by aliens report having been raped sexually by a Crocodile Man. Personally I was ok with it so I would not call it a rape in my case. But the Crocodile Men don't ask for permission, no. They have sex with humans for reproduction purposes and not for their own sexual gratification.

Where they come from?

You might ask yourself why is there a Crocodile Man and why would they look like Earth crocodiles? It immediately sounds more like a fable than fact. But the fact is that they were made out of borrowing the Earth crocodile's DNA.

The Draconian Reptilians who came from the star Alpha Draconis were always full of mischief. They act brutal and violent among themselves and with other races. They spread havoc and wars, sadism, torture, and extinction. They steal resources for themselves and demand that other races honor them as Kings. So the Pleiadians got fed up with these shenanigans and snipped the Reptilians so that they became infertile.

So now Reptilians are on the lookout for fertility back into their DNA. They have been made genetically infertile. So Reptilians saw the crocodiles on Earth. Hmm, they thought. This is a creature that looks quite a lot like us, the Reptilians. And look at how many eggs they have and how well they guard those nests with eggs. If we could have some of their DNA into us, it would not compromise who we are, and might add the fertility back into our species. So let's give it a try! What resulted was the Crocodile Men species.

So you take a crocodile from Earth and give it Reptilian DNA, supposedly, if I understand this saga right. The Crocodile becomes more of a person. Someone who thinks, who can speak, someone perhaps more civilized, more advanced more complex, and less of an animal. Someone who might crave and appreciate culture, meaning things like furniture, housing, political and societal structure, with minds that crave and embrace more than just a pond of water and some unsuspecting prey that falls their way.

More about Crocodile Men

Personality and character

It is a privilege to speak and interact with the Crocodile Men. I have met maybe two or three individual Crocodile Men and they share the same characteristics. Crocodile Men are notably courteous and polite like a British gentleman. They are gracious and gentle, careful and sophisticated in both their speech, the thoughts that they express, and the way that they treat a person. They have none of the viciousness of their Draconian counterpart.

Yes. They were successful. - says Malik or someone now about the Crocodile Men
What were they bred for? What was the purpose? - me
We just like doing genetics. - Malik

Whereas Draconian Reptilians from outer space love sadism, blood drinking, torture, and demand to be honored, the Crocodile Men show none of these characteristics. The Crocodile Men are apologetic, and more timid and cautious than savage. Quite a surprise to talk to them, quite not what one would have expected.


A most notable and typical characteristic is that Crocodile Men struggle with human languages. I don't know where they get the words from, but they know what words go into human English sentences. It is just that they struggle ever so much with pronounciation of words. I have yet to encounter a Crocodilian exception to their trouble with pronouncing words. It sounds very laborous and complicated when they speak, to the point where I almost want to tell them to just forget about it because I feel sorry for them having to try to speak. But they often have things to say.

Crocodile Men are especially vocal however. In their own languages. They have a wide repertoire of roars, hisses, grunts and similar reptilian sounds and if you find yourself in a space where there are Crocodile Men abound, it is more than likely to be a very vocal place, filled and reverberating with their many wonderful sounds that are interesting to listen to. And if you are in tune with them telepathically you begin to understand their vocal language. They can express many nuances or thought, emotions, and instructions in their language.


The Crocodile Men are extensively employed in the Draconian Agenda to work as guardians. They are cherished for their strong instincts in guarding nests, something which they are said to have inherited from their crocodile ancestry. Earth crocodiles are notorious for their skills and determination in guarding their nests of eggs. Crocodile Men work in alien bases tending to rooms filled with eggs, embryos, and fetuses. That is where you often find them.

Crocodile Men also often accompany other Aliens to serve as bodyguards. One night when I asked Hamish to appear into my room in this dimension (Hamish did not however) he brought with him a Crocodile Man who was carrying a metal blade sword inscripted with Draconian written language (see example of Draconian writing) to protect Hamish. A Crocodile Man also guards the North Port Florida "Devil" Gargoyle.

I am always pleased to meet the Crocodile Men.

We are not very lusty. Tell them that. - speaks a Crocodile Man now
Would you tell us more about you? Tell us more about the Crocodile Men. - me
Only that we are not very lusty! And that we are looking at your DNA. - Croc, meaning "my" DNA
And, do you guys still enjoy water? - me
We breathe it. - Croc
Do you require high humidity? Do you also lie in water? - me
We watch you with Eckhart. - Croc
Do you know Eckhart? - me
Why, of course! - Croc
How do you know him? How do you know David Eckhart? - me
The community that lives here, does. - Croc
Are you with him? Did you come over from David Eckhart's when I thought of him just now? Did that make you connect with me? But thank you for visiting. - me
We make many babies there. So that is our wisdom, what it is all about! - Croc
That is our wisdom, that we have thought of. Nothing else means anything to us. - Croc
We are visiting you with that wisdom now! For us to breed! And exchange information, about DNA. - Croc
Why is DNA so interesting for you? - me
June 09 2013, at 4:52 PM local time

*Earlier I was reminded of David Eckhart, who seems to have recorded Crocodile Men vocalizations (see YouTube) and I thought of posting some links here, but then didn't. That is all it takes for me to connect to David Eckhart's ETs. Every time I think of an abductee it connects me with that person's ETs, or reading about an ET also brings them over, like with the North Port Florida "Devil" Gargoyle and Ken Bakeman's Pteradactyl.

Notice the black and white checkered pattern on this crocodile's tail.
Exactly the same pattern as found on the Crocodile Men's belly:

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Added August 2017: Earth crocodile DNA was used since these were a suitable candidate since they were reptilian and they lay eggs and are good at guarding eggs.