Child Mind Control in the Agenda
written September 17 2013


Here is a summary of my observations on the use of mind control on the human-Alien hybrid children in the Agenda.

Hybrid children in the Agenda

The Agenda produces a vast number of hybrids in different batches of genetic combinations of humans and Alien races. The typical hybrids are a mixture of human and Zeta or human and Thuban. Many abductees are familiar with the fact that the human abductees are harvested for eggs or sperm to make hybrid children.

Many human abductees are confused about the hybrids. Aliens will bring their most beautiful pristine hybrid children to meet with the human abductees. You only get to see the children who are healthy and well-behaving and well. Like a dysfunctional family with alcoholic parents where children don't have clean clothes and the house is a mess, when they go to church they put on their best suit and make appearances to the rest of the community as if all was well. This is what the abductees mostly see.

Truth is, and based on my observations and experiences, these children are brought up to serve in what is an extraterrestrial mind control pedophilia sect where children's life force energy is stolen by predatory beings such as the Reptilians and the Illuminati, and ultimately that life force is passed on by the Dark Lords to their Satanic god The Eye.

Children are also subject to medical experiments, they are deliberately given diseases and malformities. I will not fully describe the atrocities I have seen because it is not suitable for the internet.

Mind control is not freedom

Hybrid children are brought up under mind control. These children are not free to develop their own sense of identity and worldview in a healthy way. Whereas children on Earth are conditioned and adapted into the society they were born into and take on an identity, set of behaviors and beliefs that passed on from their adults, the hybrid children are distinctly mind controlled by the Aliens who raise them, and it is not just a case of adapting to their particular culture.

A child that grows up in a culture is still free to think for themselves. Normal healthy children can question what they are told and ask a lot of questions and they doubt everything that adults will tell them. Normal healthy children always consider going another way, normal healthy teens seek an alternative truth and identity and want to be different from their parents. Normal children refuse to let their parents tell them who they are and what to believe.

Yes, like with Santa. - says Hamish
We don't like to chain them up, tell them that is why. - Hamish, meaning the children

I have been observing the hybrid children for at least a year now and am ready to make some conclusions.

Princesses, Princes and Queens - in mind control

The hybrid children are brought up in a culture that is created for them. The difference is, that when normal healthy children grow up here on Earth, the purpose is for adults to give them their own best and so that those children will become what the adults are and take over the world from them in the next generation. The hybrid children however do not grow up to become what any parents are. The children are a set of cattle and they are brought up with a culture that is mind control based.

One of the primary elements of their mind control is the use of princess, prince, and queen. Children are taught that princesses, princes and queens are distinguished, pristine, perfect, and worthy of love and admiration and approval. This feeds into a child's normal inherent insecurities and pecking order, the same that we see at any playground where children hope to belong to the popular group and nobody wants to be in the bullied group. Every child wants to feel safe knowing that they are acceptable, and to be admired on an elevated status is beyond acceptance.

When hybrid children are conditioned to the pedophilia cult that exists there, then those girls are called princesses. The girls feel so proud to be a princess and they feel as if the world adores them and loves them. These girls wear little princess dresses over there in the Alien base. They are rewarded at times by letting them sit for a few minutes in a room that has nothing but a throne chair. They earn time to sit on the throne and to feel like they are now finally accomplished and a princess.

The boys on the other hand have a very different route. All the princess has to do is to be sexually active in the Agenda. It is different with the boys, probably because the Agenda understands the difference between male/female psychology. Boys are brought up to be princes and that is based on having to fight and use swords and take part in tournaments. I suspect that these children actually have to kill each other. A boy that they want to keep is made to sword fight with another younger and weaker child, and the outcome is calculated so that the boy they want to keep is sure to win. That boy is of course traumatized and severely impacted by the act of hurting or killing another child, but the Agenda convince him that he has done an honorable act. He is also awarded time to sit on the throne.

Boys are not mind controlled into being sexually active in the same way that the girls are. With girls they play into a girl's inherent need for approval and need to feel that they are pretty and beautiful like princesses, so they are rewarded by letting them feel this way if they comply. Boys however do not have a similar psychological reward system, they perhaps don't care as much about being pretty or approved. Boys want to be thought of as brave, strong, they want their fathers and parents to think of them as courageous and brave. Boys who win tournaments are rewarded by giving them queens. They are told that they have earned a queen, and so they have this woman who is a prize. They don't want this woman but they earned it and it is part of the system for them.

The Thubans and Aliens tell the children that I am a queen. A queen is an adult woman who is sexually active or sexually available to the children. This is how the children are meant to think that the sexually active woman, by being sexually available or sexually used, that she is something pristine, like a queen.

When I tell the little girls about the wrongs of being used sexually and I always end up telling them out blunt that they are whores prostitutes, they deny what I say and tell me that they are princesses. I have explained to these girls in a number of ways why this is wrong and it hurts them, but they are so mind controlled into this princess queen system. When I tell the girls that rape is wrong then the Thuban tells them that no, I am not a queen, and the girls are meant to pity me and feel sorry for me as if I am a failed woman.

Boys and Girls

You'd think that rape hurts girls and women more than it hurts boys, but I think I see that it is hurting the boys more. The girls love to feel like a princess, it plays into the normal psychology that little girls have, of wanting approval

Yes, they are kitty. - says Hamish, "kitten" in other language

The boys seem hurt and troubled by their role as princes. It is more clear in the boys than it is in the girls that this would rob them of their childhood. Because the girls can still be a child in the role of a princess, but the boys are forced to grow up into men too soon. The role of a girl as princess is still that of a child, and they still have a queen and the queens are the adults so the princesses can still be younger and children. But the boys are given a role that no young male child should have to carry. Boys want to play and make mistakes, explore the world. They are not ready for manhood. They are not ready to be made equals with grown men.

The Disney Club

Hybrid children are mind controlled with Disney cartoons. The children are part of something they call the Mickey Mouse Club or Disney Club. Why? Because kids love cartoons, they take in every impression in those movies. It's an easy way to feed images and pictures into the child. If you can then expand on those characters and tell a different kind of story for the children using those cartoon characters then you are using imagery which is already rooted within the child's mind. The child has already accepted the cartoon characters and acted them out in its mind, so to tell the child a different story by using those cartoon figures to tell the story with, it produces a much more compelling story in the mind of the child.

Hybrid children are taken to Disney theme parks after hours and they get to use the rides. It's a bad omen when hybrid children are taken to fair grounds because usually they are murdered right after. The Agenda wants the children to be in a state of delirium and happiness right before slaughter. It's kind of how we humans like to give our farm animals or household pets the best food and attention right before we take them to slaughter or have to put down a pet.

The hybrid kids even wear the black plastic Mickey Mouse hats. Sometimes I see the hybrid kids

Hey, this is with the gangs. Would you please stop doing that what you are doing? - says one of the Illuminati gangster guys
Or else? Are you going to kill me? I'm sorry. I'm almost done here, let me finish this. This is therapeutic for me, so please allow me to write this out of my soul. - me
... The Serpents don't want you to. - the IM guy says
I'm sorry. I have to process this. Writing helps me to recover and to feel better. I hope that you will allow me to do this. This is therapeutic for me. Note that I haven't passed judgement. I haven't said that it is right or it is wrong. I don't mean any harm to Serpents. I really don't. - me
They are our turf here. - says Serpent Reptilian and means green grass
I understand. And you know, humans eat cattle. I had some ground beef this morning. - me
Humans eat it yes. - says the dark Serpent
And I, I am your Overlord. - Serpent
Yes. You can be that. I never had an Overlord before. - me, I whisper to Serpent
I am not benign. - Serpent
It's ok. I won't do anything to hurt you my Overlord Serpent. I promise. - I whisper to him
Professor Gatwick isn't here now. - someone

Professor Gatwick is another figure in the MKULTRA story. I've never gotten to talk to him. It is of course a covername. I wonder if he is a scientist or a doctor doing the MKULTRA mind control. Usually the MKULTRA human men will say to each other, "Professor Gatwick is on the phone!". But I never get to talk with him.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is used for the children's mind control primarily because of the Queen. The Reptilians and Agenda have a white lizard who is the Queen Mother also symbolized by Queen Elisabeth. She is a huge consumer of these children shall we say. The Queen in Alice in Wonderland is sadistic, evil, scary, and flamboyant. Exposing the children to this cartoon queen makes the hybrid children acquainted with such a character, so that when they meet the real Queen Mother they will be prepared. The children can be told that it is that queen and then since it's a cartoon character it's all something familiar and already embedded in the child's mind.

The Queen's rose garden in Alice in Wonderland is a direct reference to Queen Elisabeth's rose garden at her castle. That is where these children are used and consumed when they set a large table for tea for the royalty and have the children sit under the table at first. Then they are in the Queen's rose garden. This all takes place in another dimension. And of course I am scared for my life when I write this. But I am a scientist and I just report what I see. I don't pass judgement. I just say what I see.

There is undoubtedly other symbolism borrowed from Alice in Wonderland as well, but I only list the ones I am sure of.

The Lion King

This is by far the Agenda's most favorite to use on the children. Not only does it use the cat symbolism. The cat is a sexual creature. MKULTRA mind control makes hybrid children and human women abductees into cat personas. The cat is someone who is sexual, as well as being an animal so that it is under the will of the people who own it. The cat is someone who is petted. Cats are petted. They bring lots of kittens and cats to the hybrid children so that they can pet them and see what a cat is. They are then told that they are kittens and that is how you condition the child into accepting that it is touched by others, but sexually. Sexual touch and regular harmless petting of a cat is made out to be the same. Sexuality is not allowed to be something private, pristine, and personal as it normally is. The Agenda want the children to think of sexual touch as just harmless as when the children pet a cat. And since the children know that they pet a cat and it was a straightforward process to pet a cat, then when they are told that they are cats their mind has to accept that the sexual touch is just the same.

Lion King uses the royalty theme which is excellent for conditioning these children. Hybrid children boys are told that they are the young lion king.

These kids, their minds are totally full of Disney characters and symbolism. Their heads are buzzing with the lion king and they are living in a fantasy world with these characters.

Mickey Mouse

I have seen one example where a hybrid child was shown horrifying images of Mickey Mouse in some kind of satanic murder scene beyond your worst nightmares. The child somehow accepts what it sees because he or she was already familiar with and fond of Mickey Mouse. Also because they love this character, when they are shown him being hurt, it affects them deeper almost than if they were shown a mother or a father being hurt. Scaring the children is done on a deep level, they want the fright to reach deep into their brains and minds, and that is why they use characters that the children so readily allow to soak into their minds. Cartoon characters can then be used to feed the child with other information, the cartoon characters are already embedded in its mind.


Mother Willow is the talking old woman tree in the Disney movie Pocahontas. I have heard the Agenda tell the hybrid children that I am like her, or that I looked like her, once recently when I was getting upset about the sexual things. All the Thuban had to do was tell the children that I was like Mother Willow and then the child somehow understood why I was upset. The children do not listen to me when I tell them that they are part of a sect and mind controlled, rather they lean on these Disney figures. I don't know what Mother Willow symbolized, but it was something dealing with some kind of ugly wrinkled woman who makes trouble. I was not a Queen, because I did not "know how" to be oversexualized. Then the children think that I am a broken woman with a disease and dysfunction. The children feel sorry for me when I am not the sexualized Queen.

Peter Pan

The hybrid children are also shown the Peter Pan Disney movie and symbolism from it becomes embedded in their minds and then those characters and symbolism can be used to tell other stories to the children and it has a deeper impact on the psyche of the child. The children relate to being like the children in the movie. Once when I was upset at the children because they act sexual around me, the Thuban or Zeta told the children that I am like Captain Hook in the movie, a scary dangerous person, an evil character. So that I won't ruin the pedophilia cult mind control on those children.

More creepy

Want to hear something creepy? Or creepier? When I was a child I lived most of my years in isolation and sometimes all I did was watch Disney movies. I was clearly under MKULTRA mind control as a child. Did you know that I was going to become a Disney cartoon animator?


MKULTRA mind control comes to us from a sinister satanic cult of extraterrestrials stationed in another dimension. While Zetas and Thubans both want to achieve a human-Alien hybrid race, the Zetas want to create a fertile Zeta race, Zetas and Thubans are either willingly or unwillingly working for the Agenda, taking part in the mind control practices, and producing a vast number of hybrid children that are conditioned and sold into prostitution, pedophilia, and sacrifices.

The culprit behind all of this are Dark Lords such as Malik Jezebel, Basmet Baphomet, Masof Manon, and Sif Siph. These four dark gentlemen are a very old race of extraterrestrials. They have lived for thousands of years. They pester not only humans on Earth in the form of well-known demonic spirits, they are also pestering other Alien races throughout space.

Dark Lords are very powerful and very sinister and mischievous. Dark Lords lack a soul of their own. Or you could say that they are a photovoltaic organism. Like plants that feed on sunlight for energy, Dark Lords feed on the life force in other living organisms. Dark Lords are also known as Incubi and Succubi, and these have been reported by humans throughout the ages. Scientists just like to shrug and say "religious figures", or "myt

I am also here. - says Hamish
Yes Hamish. You are here with me. - me
I was going to be known. - says Hamish and does a palate click
I love you Hamish. - me, I do
We also want to eat. - says Hamish
Yes Hamish, you do. - me

Scientists shrug at reports of Incubi and Succubi..... what is that god-awful smell? A hideous smell just appeared here all around. It is the smell of sewer or manure, pestilence and death. The unmistakable smell of a human with a disease, like an infectious disease or when a human has a disease with the digestive tract like diarrhea or an infection in their tooth. Why that was the unmistakable smell of an Incubus, manifested more strongly than ever before, a cloud of smell all around me and my nose could smell it all around. An Incubus made its presence known.

We know that we are not Holy. And we don't pretend to be. - says Dark Lord
It's ok. I don't judge. You have lived for thousands of years, maybe even millions. Who am I to try to change a Dark Lord? I am only learning about you. I am not the one to turn your worlds upside down. - me
We have wanted, coffee. - says Dark Lord with a gentle voice of a whisper, it is Malik
I understand. Humans eat too. My computer eats electrical power from the power cord. You also eat. - me

"Religious figures", "mythology", "fairytales", scientists say to reports of Dark Lords. Today scientists also place a shameful stigma on experiencers, witnesses, and contactees: "insanity", "crazy", "delusional", the whole character, dependability, reliability, credibility, of the witness is undermined by the scientists. You are someone who cannot ever be trusted again. There is something wrong with your brain and with the way that your mind processes reality. You have lost your senses. You belong locked up in a mental hospital, where doctors give you medicines and treatment so that you stop seeing things that scientists do not see. You are not allowed to speak about this madness in public. You belong locked up and taken away from society, if you report seeing a Dark Lord.

Tell them, we do not need an enema. - says Dark Lord
Why do you say that? - me, it's about his smell, they are self-conscious about their smell
Look, Sir, don't worry about your smell! It is fine! - me

But this time I happen to be a scientist. Which means that I battle myself with the same tools and persistence as any scientist would fight another witness of these things. I fight myself. But it also means that I have to see that there is something to this which I cannot deny.

There is that smell again. Is that me? Do I smell? No, the smell is all around me. Now it smells like the strongest smell of like when you burned matches that sulfur smell from burned matches. The smell is to my right and not from me or on me. It is a smell like manure or sewer or pestilence. Like an infectious disease, the smell of a rotting tooth.

And now that smell just vanished again, without a trace, as before it happened.

Use of Animals in Mind Control

Other than using Disney characters for mind control, animals is another thing that children are fond of and that can be used for mind control. Children love to look at animals and they take in the impressions readily. Animals can then be used to tell stories with animals and make it believable and acceptable to the child's mind.

We don't have a dong here, tell them. - Malik the Dark Lord wants me to write here
What else, Malik? I thought you have a dong. - me, dong is his word for penis, he's talking about his penis again, he uses that as a carrot to manipulate me with

Cat, Lion, Tiger, Panther, Kitten

As described earlier in the Lion King section. Cats and kittens are brought to the hybrid children, the children of course love to pet the cats and cats let them and seem to enjoy it too. The Agenda tells the hybrid children that they are kittens. Regular normal petting of a cat is made..... ok Malik and/or General Patton right now is making me forget all the words I am trying to write. They don't want me to write these things.

They make the child think that regular petting of a cat, which is normal, would be the same harmless as sexual touching. The children who are made to believe they are cats can be subject to pedophilia by making them accept it as a form of petting a cat. The children have seen many times how they pet a cat, so their minds have to accept that the children being sexually touched is the same thing, also acceptable.

Human abductee woman are often also mind controlled into the cat persona. There was a time when I started buying leopard print clothes like mad and when the cat persona was the most pronounced. I somehow switched back away from the cat persona. The woman who is a cat alter is an oversexualized woman who is easier to give to the men in the Agenda who have sex with her. These women are had sex with to make them pregnant to make more children for the Agenda's large consumption of children, and these women are also payment for the men of the Agenda. Men of Agenda are Illuminati, Annunaki, men such as military, politicians, movie directors (I learned that one this morning), media mogul, Japanese Dragon Dynasty men, and others in power, as well as Royalty.

If the cat woman acts aggressive or she doesn't want to accept the sexual predation, they say that she is then the Tiger, because the tiger is the dangerous cat that uses its claws and teeth. Thubans will tell the mindwashed hybrid children that I am a tiger when I cause trouble and object to this whole sick twisted sex cult that they are doing. That way the children do not listen to my explaining or objections when I try to snap them out of the hypnosis they are under. Because it's the tiger, it's not a woman who is trying to talk sense into these children.

The problem is that even if I were to start to be able to snap a hybrid child out of their illusionary mind controlled world of cats and tigers and princesses and queens, it would be difficult for them to come to reality. The world they live in is filled with princesses and admiration and adoration, it is a fairytale land where they live in an elevated sense of self-worth. To break them out of that illusion lands them into a realization that what they thought was a sea of positive is instead a hurtful negative. It is not easy to break them out of their illusion, they will reject being woken up from it.


Hybrid children are shown lots and lots and lots of movies of giraffes. They are then told that human abductees are giraffes. "Look! A giraffe!", the hybrid children are told, or they say when they see me. This is to stop their fear or hesitation to approach a human who is so much taller than they. Hybrid children are made to feel comfortable seeing a tall giraffe. The giraffe is a ridiculosly tall creature. Normally hybrid children would feel hesitant when the Agenda puts them to sit on top of a human, but to mindwash the hybrid child to think that this human is a giraffe, the child thinks about giraffes and all the fun that they ever felt when watching giraffes in movies, and then they no longer feel fear about the human. Plus the size difference won't matter to them. The adult human abductees are taller because they are giraffes.


Sexual mind programming. The hybrid children are shown tons and tons and tons of videos of elephants. The elephant is huge and so that helps the children not feel so insecure when adults who use them sexually are so much larger than they. Hybrid children will also look at me and say "An elephant!" These children fully believe that I am a cat, a giraffe, an elephant. If I try to tell them I am a human they think I'm talking jibberish and they smile and look at the adult Thubans or Zetas like what the hell is she talking about.


Dog is the symbol for inferior race, something to be kicked and controlled. This one is used for programs about subjecting someone to medical torture or sadism. The dog persona is mistreated the most. Thubans will tell me I am a dog, mut, bitch, all manner of names for dogs. They even sometimes use the names for specific races of dogs, such as dachshund or samoyed. Calling someone a dog is always used with contempt. The dog is not a loved pet. The cat is a loved pet. The dog will be subjected to something uncomfortable.

Thubans use the dog persona on their human abductees so that the human would - presumably - find it easier in their mind to be subject to uncomfortable medical procedures or sadistic torture experiments.

How do we deal with this

Let's sum this all up nicely so that we can carry on with our lives in a happy and normal fashion. This is something that the Aliens do. We can go on with our daily normal lives and shrug this off, unless we are ourselves victims of MKULTRA or Alien abductions. Sure bad things happen in the world, but do not let it get to you. Compassion, and letting yourself be victimized and traumatized, are two different things. It helps no one if this hurts you personally. Reading about MKULTRA can be traumatizing to the person who is reading it.

I suspect that the majority of the UFO Alien community of people who research and talk about Aliens will throw me and my documentary in the trash. The natural instinct is to reject this information and to continue seeking positive benevolent ETs (which are also out there). But this is the description of the Alien Agenda, the group of Alien races ruled by the Dark Lords, under their watchful god The Eye, and including Alien races such as Reptilians, Orions, Zetas, Thubans, Insect Mantids, Dinosaurs, Alpha Centauri, and others. Some of these races are enslaved and forced to do work there, others seem more willing to participate in satanic sadism for personal reward. And then this Agenda thing extends into our human culture, giving us things such as Aleister Crowley, Hitler and the Holocaust, MKULTRA with the CIA, pedophilia in the Catholic Vatican, Ku Klux Klan, Druidism, Rosicrucianism, and many other similarly precious gems given to us by the extraterrestrial Agenda.

If we want to be serious about researching Aliens, we have to be like chemists who embrace the entire periodic table of the elements, which has some atomic elements that are really nice and others such as arsenic which are really scary. We cannot be a chemist if we cut out arsenic from the periodic table of elements. Of course you can have your personal favorites, but if you approach the study of Aliens scientifically, you do not have a choice.

There is a New Age treatise on Alien visitations. They don't want to learn about or get to know the Reptilians. They just want them gone. With The Orion Project I study and document the Agenda. It doesn't mean I like what they do. It doesn't mean I'm heartless and cold. It's the scientific way to do this. I treat my Dark Lords respectfully. A scientist should not impart a change on its subject of study.

It's not a pleasant object of study I have got here, but doing it scientifically lets us step back. Most people want to close their eyes. I am trying to defend the right of the sinister Agenda to exist. What I mean is that humanity should not pretend like it doesn't exist, simply because we don't want it to exist. The Agenda is not destroyed if we pretend it isn't here. I still think it is better to look at what it is, explore and study, and understand what it is.

Malik? Would you like to add anything? - me
Only that you are our goats here. - Malik says and "smiles"