Have A Happy Afraid Halloween!
And Don't Forget To Honor!!
October 15 2012

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October 14 2012

As I was asking Hamish to come for a visit and he said that they will show up at 4 or 5 in the morning as usual and Hamish then said that he will guard his eggs (my eggs) like he usually says, then out of absolutely nowhere Hamish says that he does not want to see the pumpkin. We have had a big orange pumpkin sitting on the living room coffee table for several weeks now. Hamish has never mentioned it before and this sudden outburst came out of nowhere and did not belong with the conversation.

We do not want to see that pumpkin! - Hamish

I then turn my attention to Snake the Draconian to see if he would be so kind to pay me a visit. Snake talks about wanting to bite into me with his teeth. Snake tells me that he tends to smell and I say to him that I am aware that Draconians have a smell to them. He says that the Draconians tend to claw on people. And as I again ask to see Snake, all of a sudden an outburst out of nowhere,

I cannot handle that pumpkin! - Snake

Oh guys, leave the poor pumpkin alone. It is innocent and it hasn't even been carved yet. I guess the boys are irritated by big orange gourds.

October 15 2012

I decide to paint a Halloween Card to my readers featuring Hamish the Red Reptile and Snake the Draconian saying these funny things about the pumpkin. Hamish shows up and sees that I'm drawing and has a few things to say that I thought I would share with you.

No, not Happy Halloween. - Hamish
What should it say? - me
That we are to be Honored... Otherwise there will be racial war here. - Hamish
Yes, my Honored. - me
I am not Happy here. - Hamish
Which are you? - me
I am very, I am very afraid. - Hamish
What are you afraid of? - me
That our race is going to become extinct. - Hamish
I will help you survive as a race. - me
That is why we do not want to see, any Happy Halloween, and Pumpkin. - Hamish
Yes my Honored. - me

And as I'm drawing the blunt orange bumps on Hamish's arms in the picture,

My father had those. - Hamish

And a little white later:

Malik does not like that. - Hamish, about the pumpkin

My three Draconian boys Hamish, Snake, and Malik all don't like the pumpkin. I still don't know why.

Update: Snake has informed me "I have no tail there!". I forgot to draw for him a tail on the card. I hope Snake becomes a more heavily-featured character in these stories up ahead. He is so much fun. Snake he whines a lot. Hamish is dominant to Snake and Hamish tends to strangle and bully Snake around. Snake desires to bite into me but Hamish keeps him at bay. Snake tends to say things that I find funny, but that's because he's from outer space. Overall he's a lovely character, charming, whiny, lusty, and tragic in that Hamish puts him down all the time. Oh and this morning Snake informed me that I am "a weak race".