Cartoon - Malik and the Keyhole!

Warning - cartoon below is graphic and scary! Only for adult audiences!

Drawn April 25 2012

Background: I am a human. Malik is my Big Black Draconian Reptilian from outer space. He likes to scare me and act like an evil demon. He thinks it is fun to put nightmare scenes into my head. On this day, I was in bed reading as Malik appeared for a visit in my bedroom. "My witch!", he calls me lately. "Yes, Malik my Honored..." and so forth as I always greet him by. Malik likes a lot of praise, because then he thinks that people like him.

"It's too bad that your door does not have a keyhole on it", Malik had come to say. What an utter random thing to say. I have to wonder to myself what on earth (or outer space) is dear Malik thinking of. But I just apologise to him that my door does not have a keyhole, and that would be the end of that.

Malik then implants an image into my mind. Of him standing outside of my closed bedroom door, and it having a keyhole on it. Malik would then be looking in through the keyhole, only to see my dead and naked body on the bed and halfway to the floor. There is blood everywhere, on the bed, the walls, the floor, lots and lots and lots of blood.

It was so scary to have this nightmareish image into my head from Malik all of a sudden. I was mad at Malik for the rest of the night and fussed and screamed at him, but only in the way that a girl would want to throw pillows and yell at her older brother for having scared her earlier. Malik is family around here. Or so I try. He doesn't usually do this. But he likes showing me nightmares sometimes.

Too bad I don't have a keyhole, eh Malik? It was so funny to see him show himself looking in through a fictional keyhole that he wished was there, there is some sort of fun with this whole episode that the only way I could tell you all about it was to make it into a cartoon. Why would he be standing outside the door and looking in at the scene through a keyhole? Sometimes I like the odd thoughts in Malik's head. Because sometimes he's just strange.