Late in the morning of September 26 2013 I awake having been taken to a building in New York in another dimension where I am meant to be made pregnant by men in black - human men. Me and two other women are there in just our bra and panties. I become conscious and run to the streets in my underwear. A redhaired man chases me and catches up with me, he is all sweaty from the run and I offer to take his coat. He puts a tiny dark green pill in my mouth and I start to become unconscious again. A traffic sign said Brooklyn and under it said Brooklyn Bridge.

Notice the strange sounds at 12:50 in the video. I know I flipped the laptop computer screen up and down some time in the making of the video and that was my only rational explanation for the sound. I recreated another video where I flip the computer screen up and down, and it produces no sound in an audio recording. I am at a loss as to what that sound is. Another set of sounds at 13:15 until 13:45.

I have temporarily removed access to the video. I will be writing a thorough description of the Brooklyn Bridge abduction some time in the future.