The Agenda which is ruled by the Dark Lords seems to have a special interest in some humans who are royalty or political leaders. When you read about the Agenda which is also called Illuminati on other sources you come across the concept of "bloodline families". These are supposedly 13 family lineages which should all date back to ancestry in ancient Sumer or Babylon. These few families include many of the royalty and political leaders and other key figures.

My interest in researching the bloodlines was sparked when the Agenda informed me that I am related to a "crazy tsar" and the Agenda wanted to arrange me to marry a member of a European aristocratic family who said that he is related to Benito Mussolini. The Agenda wanted us two to produce a son who is then related to both the tsar and to Mussolini.

Image by Fritz Springmeier

Here is a website that seems to have collected a lot of researched material on these bloodline families. I do not normally post material by other authors on my website what I call "rehash". I am skeptical of this material, for instance I read the page about Van Duyn, the author does not find any reason to claim the Van Duyn to be one of the Illuminati bloodline families, only that he hopes to find evidence to link them to it. 13 BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI.

I have looked at all of the 13 bloodlines on that website by searching for the name of the country and only one makes a match with the country of origin of the man who the Agenda supposedly wanted to pair me up with.

My comments...

The topic of the Agenda, also called Illuminati, which concerns Dark Lords, also called Archons, Reptilians, world domination, and many sinister activities here on Earth, is already thoroughly defined by other authors. Perhaps the most well-known author and speaker on the topic is David Icke.

Sometimes a reader of my website will tell me that there is additional information that I should know. I then reply that I do not read other sources and I do not offer rehash. It is important that I remain an independent source on the topic, for two reasons: one is that if everyone copies a rehash of what other people are saying, then who is even checking the validity of those claims? Second, is that if what I am saying is agreeing with what other people are saying, then since I am an independent source that lends some credibility to the topic as a whole.

That being said. The subtopic regarding the Illuminati bloodline families is a huge portion of the topic of the Agenda. Everyone who reads about the topic seems to be able to quote the list of bloodline families as if it were a fact. Whereas when I took a critical look at the source on that material (the website linked to above), I found that for example the Van Duyn family was listed as one of the bloodline families, yet the author or source of that information states that there is no evidence that this is a bloodline family, just that he thinks that it would make sense if someone such as that family were also on that list.

When we read ridiculous claims, it is important to ask ourselves what is the source of that material, who is the author and what are their credentials. Otherwise we build fairytales such as a few years ago when so many people were believing that the world would come to an end in 2012. And yes, the claims I make myself are ridiculous too, but at least I make it easier by stating clearly that the source of the material is my own observations and contact with the alien beings. The possible validity of my experiences can be discussed on other pages.