written September 2, 2016

Reptilians from Alpha Draconis very frequently mention a "Bird Race" which they say had genetically created the Reptilians. The Bird People, or Bird Race, is also called the Master Race.


These Birds are very short, they do not reach in height up to the knees of an adult human. The body is box-shaped, meaning that its height and width are the same, also that it does not have a flat body, but looks to be about as wide sideways as it is thick from front to back, like a cube. The body is covered in a plume of small white feathers, except for around the eyes, on its beak, a naked tail and its feet. The plume of feathers makes it look as if it did not have much of a neck.

The eyes are small and perfectly round, surrounded by some visible bare skin of a blue color. The eyes probably have eyewhites, and are blue. The look in the eye is focused, sharp and intelligent. The beak is a blunt v-shape. At least the lower jaw, unsure of if also the upper jaw, is lined with several small sharp conical shaped teeth that are widely distanced from one another. I forget if it has a tongue.

It has two flat feet of a visible and beautiful blue color, there seem to be three toes with small sharp claws and significant webbing between the toes to make it look like aquatic duck feet. It has a naked tail that always lies flat down against the floor. The tail can be described as somewhat short, and blunt at the end. The tail looks a bit like a rat tail, and possibly has some fine hairs on it I am not sure. I also forget whether it had fingers or just feathered winged arms.

Bird People seem more intelligent, mellow, calm, civil and courteous than the Reptilians they have created. They are easy to interact with and speak with. They seem friendly, not vicious, and they don't have the short temper, aggression, fixation with dominance and power, as their Reptilians have.

"Secretary" the Bird

Hamish is my Reptilian who stays with me in my home to guard my eggs. Hamish resides in another dimension so he cannot be photographed, but I am aware of him in more than one ways. Sometimes Hamish used to poo in the corner of the bathroom floor, and then one of the Dinosaurs would come to clean it up. But there was a period of time when instead of a Dinosaurs, a small white feathered bird alien showed up to do the cleaning. This Bird looked as described earlier, and it - turns out it was a she - was referred to as "Secretary", since it did practical work assignments for Hamish.

"Bird", as I would call it in my notes, was shy and reluctant to leave the bathroom to wander around the house. I am used to that Reptilians who visit, they like to bravely wander around to inspect all of the cupboards and drawers with great curiosity, but I couldn't get Bird to come out to greet me or to make herself feel comfortable and at home, and we only had a few sporadic conversations. I mostly got to watch her interacting with Hamish, and cleaning up after him in the other dimension. Bird would appear into our home into the bathroom, and also leave from there. Sometimes I even saw that Bird's feathers were stained black in parts after the cleaning!

At one point I learned that this Bird is is of the species that created the Reptilians. Although I had heard about the "Bird Race" for some time already, I did not make that connection between Secretary the Bird and the Bird Race Master Race that had created the Reptilians, because Secretary was such a small thing and not at all what I would have expected of the great and legendary Bird Race those master geneticists!

It also surprises me that Bird would have the task of cleaning up after Hamish, but I sometimes have the feeling, that she was in fact more intelligent than we might give her credit for, and that perhaps she was also checking out Hamish. After all, Hamish often tells me that his race was created by the Bird Race. So there might have possibly been a kind of situation there, like when a lab scientist is cleaning up after the creatures that the scientists have prepared in the lab.

Hamish was in fact made from some type of red lobster or crustacean, that is why Hamish is so fond and protective of lobsters. This Bird used to come to watch over Hamish and came here to our home to guard him and keep him safe. The Bird Person is proud of Hamish, their creation, and is personally warmed by when I shower praise over my Dragon Turtle Hamish.

Arek's Bird

Archaeopteryx - prehistoric feathered reptile
image source

It is Hamish's job to keep other aliens away so that they don't take my eggs, but once it happened that a rivaling Reptilian "won" in whatever contest they always have. Usually it is enough for Hamish to show the other Reptilians his back hump, and the other Reptiles will respectfully step aside since Hamish is "of the old Draconian race" and those are "very rare to see". Hamish's race of Dragon Turtles are very much highly revered by the other more modern versions of Reptilian. So there was that one time in 2012 when Arek, who happened to also be a red Reptilian though he did not have the back hump and was not a Dragon Turtle, had somehow won the rights. So Arek came over with his team of other aliens.

Arek's team had a Crocodile Man have physical sex with me, and then a Bird from Arek's team was there to use what it called a "fertility rite" and was it a "magic potion" or a "magic stick" that would enable me to actually become pregnant by the Crocodile Man, or otherwise my body would reject the material from the foreign species. But this meant turning down my immune system. I got one of the worst sicknesses I can ever remember having. I suffered from fever, pains, and an overall feeling of ill health, my body was so ill and pained and uncomfortable I couldn't lie on the bed so I writhed on the floor but even the floor wasn't comfortable. I just moaned and complained and suffered tremendously, I begged the aliens of Arek's team to do something. Luckily, Arek's team and their methods seem to have never returned to me again, and life went back to normal with Hamish. With Hamish's team, or "my team" I should say, I have never suffered from such things. But, the relevance of that story here, is that Arek's team also had one such identical Bird as what I met as Hamish's "Secretary", though I presume that these were probably two different individuals of the same Bird Race.

The Bird in Arek's team was definitely acting like a highly skilled scientist in genetics and medicine, as it was there performing some medical procedure that would enable two different species to have hybrid conception. This Bird referred to its methods as "magic", but it was all of course scientifically based.

Bird People remind me of Archaeopteryx,
the feathered dinosaur
image source