This page is about one of my most interesting MILABS abductions. I wake up at a hospital in Syracuse, taken there by the Reptilians and I am fully conscious and make a run for it. I find a dining room with MKULTRA Puppet women being fed by their MKULTRA men. Two MILABS men take me back to their house.

Heard April 22 2012
So, we would give you socks this time, so you don't run so far! - General about bringing me back to the hospital in Syracuse. Because on the 20th they had given me slippers and I escaped from the hospital.
Yeah. You almost ran into a public place. - General

April 20 2012 goes down as one of my historical days. It was the day the MILABS finally revealed to me all. And I both got to know that yes I am a Starseed Alien Incarnation and yes my MILABS abductions AND alien abductions are all real. I now know how it all ties together. Thank you General Patton!

All my life the questions, why do I feel like I am from outer space? Why do I cry when I see the original series of Star Trek? Why can I not look at pictures of space on television without emotions so I have to turn away? Why was I always an alien in a human body?

And my alien contacts and alien abductions, so real to me but why are they not talking to me and letting me know more? And why do I have to beat myself down over it because this world we live in would not believe and would also not let me believe or let me own my own experiences. And how can I get to have more contact with my aliens?

And as for the military abductions. Ever since age 14 when they first spoke, "We're not gonna hurt you", he said telepathically. "We're sending you home". And years of military personnel talking to me telepathically, and abducting me. How is it that human military can abduct someone at nights? And how are they telepathic? And how does this all tie in together? It now does. Thanks to beloved General Patton. My hero. He has told me everything. And I am no longer lost.

The Battle at Syracuse

Over the years, since age 14 and for the past sixteen years, I have had US military remote viewing surveillance and telepathic communication and nightly abductions. I have recently found out and had confirmed today that they are using abduction and communication technologies borrowed to them by the Reptilians. One of the men, Captain Robert Stephens - whom everybody there calls "Bob" - used to mention "the battle at Syracuse". I have heard him say that many times and when I've asked him what that means, Stephens would say "it's where we fought for you". But I never knew what on earth they were talking about.

So, last night, the night of April 19 and 20, I called in Black Reptilian Malik for a serious talk. I explained to him that with all this telepathic communication, I am starting to have to worry if I am losing my mind. Am I hallucinating all of this? Because if they are abducting me so frequently, and talk so much about procedures done to my person, then why can they not let me remember? So that I could have confirmation of this being real. Even though the conversations themselves, and occasional glimpses of alien beings in my room, and other sensations besides just auditory, are convincing enough to me, I still need that extra bit of confirmation in a close conscious abduction encounter, and also that meeting them would feel supportive to me. I could draw comfort and support from seeing and having my experiences in the conscious state, and, as I say, owning my experiences.

I explained to Malik that I am about to go see a psychiatrist and get some prescription medicines for my voice hallucinations. Malik is the big boss on my team and it is he who decides if I am awake or not, and when I have previously asked the other team members, such as the Orion man, to please let me stay awake during procedures, I have always been told that it is Malik the Black Reptilian who decides on that. So I had a heart-to-heart talk with my Malik, and he listened. That night, Malik was kind enough to let me stay awake during an abduction experience. Thank you, my Honored Draconian King and Ruler. You have been so kind to bring me peace. I can't believe Malik reached out to my heart like that. It brings tears to me that this big beast of a Draconian, who always talks about not wanting to let anybody tell them what to do, he actually listened and cared.

So I went to sleep, and I had just stepped in from a shower so I was sleeping without any clothes on. I woke up that night and found myself in a hallway. One of the young male hybrids was there, he has blonde hair. He spent some time with me but soon he retired to a large room because it was after hours for him. At some point I saw Malik in person standing in that hallway. It was a scary sight. The Reptilians are scary looking and any normal human would have been scared and terrified. But I recognized it as my Malik. My Black Draconian. And I was pleased to see him. I felt no fear. He was familiar to me, but he didn't stay long. My dear Malik, thank you for doing this for me. You really cared, to let me stay awake and see.

From a somewhat dazed and half-sleep state, I suddenly found all my awareness return to me. I became perfectly awake and conscious and definitely not in a dream. Although I had gone to sleep naked, someone had dressed me in blue slippers and what for some reason looked like hospital issue white t-shirt and white long skirt.

I was left alone in the hallway. I felt that I was not supposed to be awake, I was supposed to be under. (Only now later do I realize that Malik had allowed me to stay awake. As I had asked.) I knew that any second now, someone would find me here and see that I was awake, and they would drag me away and put me under again. I had to find a safe place where I could stay awake and realize where I was and what was going on. I knew I had to run!

I ran toward a door, stopped, thought for a while, ripped the door open, and found myself in more hallways and with several door options. Every now and then I ran into some people who saw me, but they left me be. I had to stay conscious, I could not let anybody find me, I had to escape. I opened a door and I found myself in a dining room.

There I was, quite out of place, standing there in my blue slippers and hospital issue white t-shirt and white long skirt. The dining room was filled with dining couples. All the men were either high ranking military officers or men wearing black suits. Each of the men had a lady by their side. The whole dining room was filled with couples on a date. Only, none of the women looked like anybody's "little old lady" from home. They were attractive women, and nicely dressed, and for some reason the ladies looked to be drugged and under. The men were holding their arms around their respective lady as if she might tip over otherwise, and I think I saw men feeding their ladies with the fork.

The meals on the plates were lavish. The dining room was lavish. All of the walls of the dining room had window glass to the outside except for the area where I had entered, which other than the door I had entered through also had the kitchen entrance. Some waiters were in my area and noticed me. They were carrying large trays with several plates on them. Some of the gentlemen in the dining room noticed me and looked a little toward me, but nobody got up. The thing is, none of the ladies looked my way.

Normally in a dining room there is a variety of patrons. Romantic couples on a date, yes, but also friends in groups of three or more, families, and all kinds of constellations. But the entire dining room was just couples. High ranking military officers and men in black suits who each had a lady with them and they seemed very keen on their dates. I knew I had to get out of there before someone grabs me and puts me under. I didn't run, but I moved quickly between the tables toward the other side. I found a door that led me outside.

It looked like a large city, the buildings across from the building I had come from were all large and tall and black, but for a big city the streets were all clean and it was a very kept area. I looked back and I had come from a tall white building with the dining room attached at the ground floor. It was dark and the night was cool. There were no cars driving on the streets, no people out in the streets. I ran a couple hundred yards away and stopped. I was outdoors in a strange town, wearing some hospital issue clothes, and it was cold and I was all alone. I wrapped my arms around me to try to stay warm, and I just stopped there, thinking that I should perhaps go back. I wasn't afraid of going back, I wasn't afraid of any of the men there, I just didn't want to be put under again and have to forget.

Two men from the building caught up to me. As they had seen that I had stopped, they were no longer running but walked fast to me. They grabbed my arms and we were talking. I cannot remember what they said but it was all clear then. They were nice to me and there was no commotion.

Next thing I know I am sitting on the sofa in a house. The house looks to be from the 1960's or something, and it feels like it's been lived in, as if it has seen generations past but it felt lonesome and quiet now. Behind me to my right was a wooden staircase that leads upstairs, and I saw the ghost of a grandmother there. I now know that I think it was none other than Lady Zeta Grey sitting there on those stairs. I was afraid of the ghost so I didn't want to look that way. She was sitting halfway between upstairs and downstairs on the steps, just watching us.

To my right on the sofa was a man, and to my left on the sofa on the other side was another man. Both were wearing a black suit but with a bowtie. Neither of them had a black bowtie I remember, each had one color on theirs. The man to the right removed his bowtie and it felt like the men were a bit exhausted and winding down after the night. I was beginning to go under a bit. I imagine that it is like being on drugs, or sedated. Had I been fully conscious and awake still, then I would have hopped out of that sofa, pointed my finger at those men and said "Wait a minute, what is going on here, where am I, and who are you?" But instead, in my now partly drowzy state, I reached over to the bowtie on the left-side man and said, "What a beautiful bowtie!" The left-side man begun to untie his too, and said, "But I usually wear ties to work!" They must have come from that party in the dining room too.

We sat on that sofa for a while and were talking. I heard everything they said then but I can no longer remember. After a while I got into the mode of wanting to escape and investigate again. I have seen videos of sedated wild animals when they first begin to wake up from their anesthetics, they will run around without knowing where to go, just trying to find some place safe that makes sense and where they can figure themselves out again. I was looking for such a place, at that hospital, and now in this house, trying to escape, like an animal that was sedated. I went up the stairs and into his bathroom.

The right-side man had black hair. He came upstairs after me and went into his bedroom. He could see me from there as the bathroom door was open. Now I was so much under that my mind began to create dreams into my experience so that things would make sense. So now I thought that I was on a date with this man. I thought I was wearing a beautiful dress and that I was here to put my makeup up. It is like being drunk on alcohol, you start to fumble around and don't quite know what you are doing, and if your friends were watching you they would videotape it and put it on Facebook and YouTube and laugh at you. Seeing his wash basin counter I thought it was like my own wash basin counter so my makeup should be to the right of the sink. Which it wasn't. So I was there fumbling around and looking for my makeup items, where is my lipstick and my makeup pens. I was losing consciousness and returning to a drugged state.

The man came in to check on me and was urging me to come with him to the bedroom. I said that I wasn't ready I had to do my makeup first. I looked at myself in the mirror, I needed my makeup. Just so happens I went to sleep without any makeup on, so if I was going to be on a "date" with that man in his bedroom I would need my makeup on. I was in there for a long time and the man came in and using only his right hand he captured both of my hands in his and put my hands and arms against my chest and then he used his left hand to fumble his stuff on the counter around, and he said that he apologised for the mess. That is when my eyes awoke a bit and I noticed that my makeup wasn't there at all, but a bunch of man's toiletries and yes it was a bit messy and needed a good clean.

He said something about this being his bathroom, I think he had a separate one for guests. And from then on I cannot remember. Next thing I wake up in my bedroom. I remember what I have stated here, even though there was so much more going on and being said that I can't recall. I know there is more to remember but I can't, it doesn't stick. And General Patton was here from afar and proceeded to spend most of the day talking to me.

General Patton

For sixteen years I have been chatted to telepathically by US military personnel and what I call the "survey people", men in black suits. Every once in a while I would hear them saying "General Patton is here" or other mention of a General Patton. Not once did I get to talk to him and I often asked about who he is but they wouldn't let me know. Meanwhile I've talked to for instance General Warwick plenty of times.

General Patton spent many hours with me today explaining things and making sure that I was ok after the conscious encounter. I believe that the man with black hair was General Patton. During these chats I have seen General Patton in a very lavish office that has red carpeting and a nice desk. His office is huge and has big windows.

I have taken verbatum notes of believe it or not 52 pages today and most of it is the General and I. This time, there is no "sexual or sadistic content" which would make me have to censor it. I do however not want to get him and his team in trouble for reasons I will explain later so I will think about whether to publish it or not.

He told me that I am an alien in a human body, and the General and his team take that very seriously. They want me to teach them about string theory and other advanced alien topics. He said that I had been at a hospital in Syracuse. He also revealed to me that the US military are using Reptilian technologies, which is how they were able to bring me in to the hospital with a "UFO" and not with an "ambulance", he said. The General and the Draconian Reptilians are wanting to stop the influx of benevolent ET incarnations to Earth, such as Pleiadian Starseeds as well as my own group, the Arcturian Starseeds.

I asked him why don't they just kill us Starseeds rather than go through all this trouble at messing with us? I was told that this had been tried before, but we Starseeds just come right back! Heh heh. So that is why they use mind control and projects to try to make us Starseeds forget who we are, to kind of contain us, since they can't destroy us. But they also want to learn from us.

But General Patton was nice to me. With his permission I would publish the 52 notes of fascinating conversation which I think every MILABS abductee would need to take part in as it would answer some questions. I mean no harm to the General nor to his team. Even though they have stolen a piece of my soul and life, they are also the only ones who can give it back to me. And when I am informed and this is revealed to me, I do not feel anger for what they had taken from me, I can only feel relief and joy for having it back.

Peter the blue Pleiadian was listening in and he is concerned to see that I am not harmed by any of this. The Airship Admiral has also been around now and then but this was Peter's day. Red Reptile and Malik Reptile were listening in, and so was Lady Zeta Grey and one of her young male hybrids. We are a big gang here and I am part of it.

Overall, I want to thank the General for his information. It has restored peace and an understanding into my soul, that nobody else could have given to me (since they were the ones who had taken it away). I deeply want to thank Malik for listening to me and for understanding my concern to stay conscious. I am deeply moved that he cared and that I even got to see him in that hallway. You readers should know that normally, Malik refuses to do anything that someone else has asked of him, even if it is a small favor, because "he is in charge". So this was a tremendous gesture from Malik.

The 52 pages with General Patton will definitely be published in one of my books, if not here. If he approves. I do not wish to harm them by giving out information which they have told me is classified. I do not want to harm them because I only have this information because they cared and they reached out to me. And for that I am grateful.

*Note there was no "battle" at Syracuse. I only named the page that because of the connection to Syracuse from Captain Stephens' comments from before. I only had a hospital stay at Syracuse, and then spent my day talking with General Patton. I still don't know what the "battle at Syracuse" was.