Captain Robert Stephens

I was informed by someone of the Agenda, either a Dark Lord or a Reptilian, that Stephens was actually the first man that they wanted me to marry with. And so the Free Mason would be the second and not the first, and the European aristocratic man who likes antelopes would be the third.

Captain Stephens

I was around 17 years old when Captain Robert "Bob" Stephens was one of the human military who were talking with me telepathically. I also experienced some MILABS in those years, which are military abductions, similar to alien abductions except more likely to stay awake during them and an encounter with human military and men in black suits and medical staff instead of aliens.

All those years Stephens used to tell me that he wanted to marry me and that we were going to have was it two sons or three sons together.

You can read about Stephens elsewhere on this website mostly in the MILABS section.

Here is an excellent recent conversation with Stephens so that you can get to know him:
Captain Stephens provides Answers and Recipes - July 29 2017