Here is how I found out about the people called the Azketh: I was remote viewing the Nazca lines and found that they were made by ancient humans 300,000 years ago. And at the same time on Earth, 300,000 years ago in what is today Greece, I saw Lyrans who had Starseeded a black chimpanzee. And, also at this same time 300,000 years ago, there was a people to the east from Greece, in the Middle East, who were enemies of the Lyrans, and this enemy in the east were called the Azkeths.

Read about the Azkeths on Lyrans, section about Lyrans Starseeding the ape 300,000 years ago.

Source: the remote viewing of the Nazca lines Nazca lines, Lyrans, Ape people | Remote View | The Orion Project