The lost continent of Atlantis is a famous legend which many authors on New Age topics and spirituality like to write about, where Atlantis is often described as having been a technologically advanced civilization and that their continent sunk into the sea and was lost. I do not offer rehash on my website, meaning I would not simply copy and paste other people's material. Atlantis was first mentioned to me by the Lyran whom we encountered in the remote viewing of the Nazca lines of Peru, where I had found a Lyran 300,000 years ago in what is today Greece, and the Lyran had said that they the Lyrans had founded the Atlantean culture, which would have been located in the west Aegean sea which places it off the coast of Greece. I decided to remote view Atlantis to find out for myself.

The Atlanteans

I learned that the Atlanteans were originally an extraterrestrial people which have existed for many millions of years. Their original home world was located far from planet Earth and they were attacked by an enemy. The Atlanteans chose to not fight back or to defend themselves, instead they fled. Only some 20% of their people or fewer survived, and their home world was shattered into rubble and was destroyed.

The Atlanteans came to Earth where the Lyran extraterrestrial people were already settled. The Lyrans were on Earth Starseeding new species. The Atlanteans could have teamed up with the Vegas instead, the Vegas were advising the Atlanteans to continue to flee, but the Atlanteans decided to instead join up with the Lyrans, in order to make a new home here on Earth. It was not possible to join up with both the Vegas and the Lyrans, because Vegas and Lyrans at this time had already separated ideologically from each other. There would be a very strong and important connection between the Lyrans and the Atlanteans, where indeed the Lyran had said that the Lyrans had founded or created the Atlantean culture that was on Earth.

For one reason or another, the Atlanteans would come into war and disagreement with both the Lyrans and the Pleiadians, and there would be wars. In the remote viewing the Atlanteans however seem to point out the Pleiadians as having been their main enemy once they were on Earth, but who it was that attacked them in their original home before coming to Earth, I do not know that at this time. And so the Atlanteans were by then not on friendly terms with the Vegas, or with the Lyrans, or Pleiadians. The original wars in their original home far from Earth, happened because an enemy whose identity is unknown to me at this time, had attacked the Atlanteans as they coveted to have the advanced Atlantean weapons from them. And the wars on Earth were at least in part because an enemy which was either the same, or perhaps the Pleiadians, coveted to have the Atlantean portal technology to use it as a weapon. The conflicts with Lyrans and Pleiadians could have been separate issues than the main war that destroyed the Atlantean continent here on Earth, I am not entirely clear on that at this time.

A powerful soundwave was directed by the enemy onto the Atlantean continent, the soundwave traveled across the surface of the water and caused the water and then the ground of the continent to have an ever increasing vertical oscillation, which continued to grow in strength over days until the whole continent was destroyed. This time most of the Atlanteans of this settlement safely evacuated, and the Atlanteans left Earth. Since leaving Earth, the Atlanteans have continued to Starseed many new settlements elsewhere in the universe, and Atlanteans seem to still exist even today in other worlds.

Atlanteans are very strongly against their story being known because of the weapons that they have and they fear being persecuted again if they and their weapons are known, and they have very firmly informed me that I am not allowed to write about them, but here I have written about them anyway, I have told them that all humans already know about the story of the Atlanteans, as the story of the lost continent of Atlantis is one of the top stories retold among the people of Earth who have an interest in extraterrestrials and lost cultures, well those people who take an interest in these topics from the spiritual or New Age point of view because they will then have access to a number of channelings on the topic, whereas the strictly scientific point of view of interest in topics of extraterrestrials and ancient cultures has a lot less material on their table because they would refute any potential worth of channeled or telepathic messages.

The remote viewing and channeling of Atlantis is now available in the video, even though the Atlanteans and Lyrans were against it. Or, on the day after the remote viewing while I was working on formatting the audio file, a being that looked to be a Lyran made itself known to me and was also against me telling the story of the Atlanteans. It was either a Lyran, or possibly an Atlantean, but at least very similar to the Lyrans.

Chronologically, you can first hear the audio of the remote viewing and channeling of Atlantis from October 22, 2017 (the video), and then after that you can read the conversations with the Atlantean from the following day which is found here Atlantis remote viewing turned out scary, dated October 23, 2017.