In August 2017 a Vega told me that "Reptilians were Seeded by another race the Anunnaki". Meanwhile, various kinds of Draconian Reptilians have told me they were created by the Master Race which they also call the Bird Race. Whether the Master Race Bird Race is the same as the Anunnaki I do not know at this time. I am also at this time not entirely sure of who the Anunnaki are, were the Anunnaki the Marsian Salamanders who were created by the Serpent God Anu, or was Serpent God Anu one of the Anunnaki? I will update as soon as I learn more. Note that my information comes entirely and only from my own sources so I am not going to look on the internet for any answers!

Vega informed me in August 2017 that the "Reptilian ones Anunnaki" were also Starseeding their own populations, that these Anunnaki first Starseeded the Ancient Egyptian line which was almost destroyed in the ensuing floods.

The Vega said that Lyrans and Vegas were Brothers for a long time and they Starseeded new colonies together. Vegas and Lyrans seeded the human race and then the Pleiadians joined in. Pleiadian women however wanted to go their own way and made friends with Lyrans and the Lyrans and Pleiadians abandoned the Vega together so that they could seed their own races. Then came Reptilian Anunnaki and starseeded "the whole of the rest", "that is why humanity is enemy with its own race". Some of the Reptilians have hid under ground, said Vega.