I encountered Serpent God Anu on August 2 2017 in my remote viewing of planet Mars, where I found the black Marsian Salamanders who kept a golden statue of their creator God whose name was Anu. The black Salamanders refer to themselves as the Anunaki, because they were created by God Anu.

Many others write about the Anunnaki in terms of alien visitation on Earth. I did come across this term in the past when reading elsewhere on the internet, but all I could remember having read about it was that the Anunnaki were the Serpent Gods of the Sumerian human people on Earth some thousands of years ago. I never expected to encounter black Salamanders on Mars, or that their God would have the same name or make as the ancient Sumerian God on Earth. Furthermore, I only base my material on what I have personally seen and heard, nothing that I write comes from what other people write.

Anu created the Marsian Salamanders

The Marsian Salamanders kept a large statue out of gold on Mars, the statue was in the shape of their reptilian God named Anu. They also built temples on Mars in honor of Anu. They knew, that they used to be small black salamander type of lizards that used to live in small puddles of water, and that Anu had come and lifted them out of the water and changed them, so that they now were taller and larger, walked on two legs and had the conscious minds with which to experience sentient life, and with which to enjoy the experience of being alive in this universe. They felt gratitude and love toward Anu.

Anu himself was created

Anu was a tall, large reptilian who walked upright on two legs and had a tail that rested against the ground. He was a brown red or a beige yellow color. Anu himself had been created, or Starseeded as the aliens call it, out of an ancestral species.

Anu showed me what his maternal ancestry looked like, and it looked exactly like the yellow Rigel Reptilians, although just based on looking the same is not enough to conclude them to actually being the same. Anu felt ashamed of who his other ancestry and the creator was and did not reveal to me who they were.

Anu would have wanted to have been of the same species as his maternal ancestry, those yellow more animal-like reptilians who look like the Rigel Reptilians. The maternal ancestral species rejected to breed with Anu's genetically modified species because Anu's species no longer had the right smell, they smelled different because they were different, and so Anu's kind were rejected by the maternal line. But Anu's kind rejected their paternal line, Anu's kind caused conflict with the paternal ones.

Shipped away to find himself

For whatever reason, the paternal ones who had Starseeded and created Anu's kind, shipped them across the universe in individual pods filled with water, which landed and Anu's kind crawled out of them. They looked up at the sky and felt rejected, but they also felt hateful toward their fathers. They did not know what to do next, and so the reptilians of Anu's kind talked with each other and together they decided that they were going to become the best they could be, they would be Gods and Kings. His kind would become a warring nation, but, they would also Starseed new species on their own, and they created the black Marsian Salamanders to be their troops in the reptilian army which fought at least against the Pleiadians.

The Anu / Pleiadian wars

Anu and Reptilians existed on planet Earth first, later the Pleaidians arrived on Earth and the Pleiadians started to Starseed their own Pleiadian races, such as the red-haired giants and the blonde Nordics. Anu was not happy that Pleiadians were coming in on his planet, and this started the wars fought between Anu with his troops of Marsian Salamanders, against the Pleiadians and their Nordics.

After the Pleiadian wars, which my feeling is that Anu seems to have won, it was difficult to feed all of the Marsian Salamander troops who were fed with fish, and also now that the wars were over there was no further use of them. Anu tried to kill them off by flooding their cities, but some survived. Next Anu asked them to hand over their females and eggs, which the Marsian Salamanders reluctantly did, and this was Anu's way of attempting at population control of the Salamanders. But the Salamanders knew that Anu had turned his back on them, that he had tried to kill them with the floods.

According to Anu, Anunaki means The Golden Starseeded Ones.

Find the story of Anu the Serpent God and the Marsian Anunaki Salamanders in this original audio where it was first encountered: