Arranged marriage between me and a European aristocrat
Or antelope animal alter and antelope collector
But actually is the union between Mussolini and crazy Tsar


this is perhaps the Tsar in question

I write a documentary on the Agenda which is an organization ruled by the Dark Lords.

I have been single for about 3 or 4 years, I have had a few dates in between but nothing interesting. The problem is, I haven't been able to decide on what kind of a man I want. In 2017 I noticed that whenever I would start to make a list of attributes I would want in a man and I would try to picture the perfect man I was wanting, I was always left undecided between two different men and then I gave up because I could not decide between the two. One time I was walking in a park hoping to figure out this thing about finding a husband and I noticed that the image of one of the two men I was always left undecided between seemed to be given to me by someone else.

Whenever I had been writing a list on paper of what kind of a man I would want to marry and imagining what he looks like and what he is like, the image of this second man had showed up in my mind also and then I had not been able to decide between the two. Because I would be drawn to the man I was designing, and unbeknown to me someone had placed the image of the second man into my thoughts and he was of course not designed by me so he was not made of my dreams and I was not drawn to him, yet there being these two men I would give up on the first one thinking that they were both my own ideas and thinking that I could not possibly choose between the two.

It is now August 2017 and I have come to believe that the second man has been shown to me by the Agenda and that the Agenda wants him and me to get married and to have a son. I have been shown lots of images of this man and of the life that we would live together. I have also had telepathic conversations with this man. Do you think I am crazy and that I am only imagining this man? The first man that the Agenda showed me into my thoughts did show up, and I think that this second one will show up too. Let me take you on a wonderful fantastic ride through the fairytale life of me and this man, a marriage made in Agenda weird satanic mind control Illuminati heaven. Get ready, things are going to get deliciously weird and wonderful! Keep in mind, I have not met the man yet or spoken with him in real life, I have also not encountered this man in real life, so I describe all this based on the images and feelings that have been planted into my mind by the Agenda, and based on the telepathic conversations I have had with the man in my mind. Again remember that the first man who was paired up with me in this way he did show up in real life.


Before you read this page I would ask that you watch this documentary video. Note that my stories are not inspired or influenced by material from other authors, my stories are an independent experience but it is all the same refreshing to see that other people are reporting the same too. Let this video introduce you to the story of this page.

Agenda bloodlines

The man is of a wealthy aristocratic family in Europe. I do know what country he is from but I am not going to tell you that today. It is one of these wealthy aristocratic families of Europe that have been wealthy for centuries and their privileged way of life is handed down and is something natural to them. His home is a mansion, but I feel that he has at least three different homes some of which are in other countries. He owns land in Africa too, perhaps in an African country that was settled or taken over by his European country several years ago and even though Europe has had to let go of its invasion of African countries today some of the legacy lives on at least in that these European families still possess some of that land but the presence and influence of these European countries in these African countries is more quiet now, land can be owned without anyone noticing, so it is like a quiet remnant of those occupation times.

I do know what he looks like, but I am going to keep that to myself. I have to say that he is not of a royal family, but I do not know if he does or does not have some distant family ties to royal families, but I have not seen or sensed any royal family in him at least the closest members of his family are not known monarchs of today.

These are supposedly the 13 Agenda bloodline families

People who have researched the Agenda topic, or who have experiences of their own with the Agenda, discover that the saying goes that there is a small number of Agenda bloodline families who are all related with each other because they marry within these families. These families would have been key figures in history throughout centuries and include royal families of Europe as well as political families. The Bush family and George Washington are said to be part of these bloodline families. It is known that royal families have always married within their ranks and people who research the Agenda say that it is done in order for them to preserve their DNA. There would be something in their DNA which makes them different from other people. I did come across in a video about the topic that this DNA would date back to ancient Sumeria and Babylon. Incidentally just recently I had a conversation with Anu the Serpent God of the Anunnaki and it could be that the DNA strain of Sumer and Babylon is Reptilian.

The Agenda is an organization that is run by its leaders the Dark Lords, who are referred to as Archons by other authors on the topic. Dark Lords have a special interest in the bloodline families.

Doll alter

MKULTRA and mind control are key themes in the Agenda. I have enough experience to say that Dark Lords use MKULTRA and mind control on the persons that they wish to use and control, and that Dark Lords can possess humans so that those humans will do the mind control for them. So the person who is doing mind control on someone, is himself being controlled and instructed by a Dark Lord.

Once I was feeling very troubled with this whole Agenda and alien contact thing, because I felt that I was not being shown everything that was happening behind the scenes, so I begged and pleaded to the Dark Lords to please let me stay awake for an abduction, because the aliens had kept telling me that they abduct me yet I could not remember any of those abductions. That same night after I had gone to sleep, I woke up and found myself standing in a hallway with a Dark Lord in Insectoid/Reptoid form (one of their body shapeshift forms) and he was thinking to me like, "Here it is, you wanted to see so now you can see." I ran through the hallways and doors and I ended up in a restaurant. The restaurant was full with couples. The men were feeding their women with the forks. The women were dressed up with their hair done and makeup and nice gowns but they were rigid and nonresponsive like puppets. The whole room was filled with couples like that. And I was there and I saw it.

Dark Lords are putting images into my mind and they also give me feelings so that they can try to make me absorb those images and so that I would associate those images with the feelings they give me. They especially start with the images at times when I decide I am going to figure out what kind of a husband I want. The images they are using are actually typical Agenda Illuminati symbolism.

One of the categories of images, symbols, scenes and feelings they use is for training me into the doll alter. When MKULTRA and mind control is used, there are many different types of characters or alters that they can try to make the target think that they are. The doll is one of the main ones used.

A woman who is made to think that she is a doll will be someone who does not speak or move or want to go to places or to do things, and her mind will be blank. A person who has been made into a doll alter is very easy for the Agenda persons to handle, she will not argue or fight back or question things, she will not go away or cause problems. The doll alter is also popular to use for women who will be used for sex, typically that means that the Agenda wants the woman to be made pregnant because the Agenda wants her children.

How does the Agenda train someone to take on the doll alter? I only know parts of the full scope of the training I believe, and also I can only talk about the images that they have been using on me. When you read about Agenda mind control training you hear about horrible treatment of children and adults such as many forms of torture and trauma, for me it has not been anything as traumatic as that. One of the images they use to train someone to be a doll is when General Patton was calling me "Doll" as one of his petnames for me. I would also see images of a puppet or me sitting on his lap like a puppet, and I seem to recall being shown images of Patton with a puppet that is moved with strings. The puppet that is moved with strings is actually another type of Doll alter which is moved with mind control, but the ordinary puppet without the strings is not necessarily with controlled movement.

I don't know the full extent of how they gave me the doll alter. The doll alter means also that I would want to dress in doll like clothes. There are different types of doll type clothes that the person could gravitate towards but for me it has been baroque style with the white wigs and also corsettes. I have not worn those clothes but I find myself thinking about it more and more often. When I first noticed that I was having these thoughts for some reason I thought that the whole baroque style was an Agenda theme.

General Patton is now laughing. He says: "You didn't mean to do it with me did you.", August 14 2017, 7:16 PM, he must be referring to the doll alter thing. He seems very happy and pleased, which is rare for him. "You don't need to know what we do, but some of it is pretty disgusting.", Dark Lord says possibly in some other words but that is what he said.

Antelope and animal alter

Another major component of the life that the Agenda has been building for me and this man is the animal alter.

"Look what we can do with you, and how easy it is.", says General Patton 7:19 PM, "And welcome to the Battle at Syracuse.", he says. I found myself holding my hands up in front of me with the palms of the hands open and then I noticed that as I was looking at my hands I did not realize that I had chosen to do that and I noticed General Patton first before I noticed myself and it was him controlling my hands to do that, then he said about look what we can do.

The Agenda likes to make people think that they are an animal. Zeta Reticulans are part of the Dark Lord Agenda group and they create hybrid children and I find that Zeta Reticulans also use animal alters a whole lot on their hybrid children but also for their human abductees who are the parents of those children. Reticulans must think that it is much easier to handle a person who thinks it is an animal than to handle a child or a human adult. Not only is the person changed into an animal person but they can also show videos or images to the target to teach them how the animal behaves. Hybrid children are shown images of giraffes and elephants, cats and dogs are also featured. A giraffe is an adult human who is tall but not scary for being so tall, elephant is a reference to touching with hands and seems to also be a reference to the penis. Cat is someone who can allow itself to be touched and petted a lot, and dogs are treated badly and told what to do and put down and insulted.

General Patton has trained me for both the doll alter and the cat alter, and he said about these that he first was training me to the doll alter but they need me to do things and the doll does not do anything but the cat can do things, however he started with the cat alter but changed it to the doll alter before the cat alter had enough time to become anything.

The animal alter that has developed for me is the white antelope. Over the past years it has grown stronger and stronger in me to the point where today all I yearn for

The Japanese don't want to talk with you about it, but they really like the doll alter. - someone says to me, 7:26 PM, first I saw some of the Japanese men that the Agenda is using to make women like me pregnant

The antelope alter has grown stronger and stronger in me to the point where today all I yearn for is to close my eyes and see myself as a being that has the antelope shaped head and hooved feet and hooved hands. It is replacing my own personality and the image I have of my body. But I feel so good and so close to myself in these moments, the animal alter is somehow made to be the best and safest and coziest place that the mind could possibly be in, and in contrast to it, the ordinary human personality has got nothing good to offer that can even compare. So the dream becomes to live as that animal alter fulltime, to rearrange my whole life completely to be that animal. The feeling I have of being the antelope alter is like being in heaven, it is like floating in a heavenly light and cloud, it makes the whole world feel bright and dreamy and wonderful. There is no such feeling from being the human self.

I know from what I have picked up from the thoughts of individuals in the Agenda, that they can make a man think that he is either a dog or a pig and that alter is used to humiliate and beat down that person in sadistic ways. Those must not be fun animals to be made into. For women the by far most common alter used is to make them into a cat alter. The cat is an overly sensual and sexual being that will let others touch it, women with cat alters are used to send to Agenda men who have sex with them, it is a good idea if the women is used as a prostitute to reward the men who work for the Agenda or for women who need to be made pregnant by men because the Agenda needs the children.

Would you like a crocodile alter then? Then you could be like us? "And not eat me like Toast", she said. The animal alter you said? - a crocodile man seems to be who says, 7:34 PM
And [Eva], we do not need you to be a dollie anymore. - General Patton, used my real first name
My Toast? - Hamish
Hamish's Toast. We must have Toast for Hamish. Langoustines need to eat their Toast and snacks. - me
I was with my river better. I was going there now for my Lunch! - Hamish about his river
Yes Hamish. Go to your river for some Lunches and Snacks. - me
I will not worry my Buttercup. But I was getting angry at them Yes-No! They were telling me to take my river to my Buttercup! Yes-No, I was angry at them I said. I would not hurt her I said. I was with her, for my lunches and snacks otherwise. We are not going to be needing each other, they said. - Hamish
I will stay with you Hamish. - me
Yes-No!, my Buttercups to those rivers. - Hamish
I will not go to your river, Hamish. - me
I will not eat your fingers as lunches and snacks! - Hamish
Hamish, it's ok. I will not be a Snack. - me
My lunches are my fish. - Hamish about fish at the river
I have caught them. I am getting really good at catching them. And then I sniff at them. And I make them my lunch. - Hamish, Hamish is fishing with his hands!
You are a good dragon! You are catching fish my darling! Well done Hamish, I am proud of you! - me
And then I make my snacks go there. - Hamish about him then afterwards pooing the food on the rocks by the shore of the river, this poo that he thought of was pale gray, like seagull droppings perhaps, so if he eats fish the droppings are gray like seagull poo?
Darling. Darling! I am so happy and proud of you Hamish! You are eating and catching fish snacks! - me
They have their eggs for me. So I am trying to take them. - Hamish
I am proud of you Hamish. - me
Tik Tik. - Hamish says while pointing to his head buttons to show them to me

I am not entirely sure of what other animal alters there are that are being used by the Agenda, but for one reason or another I ended up with the white antelope. The antelope is very different from the cat. The cat curls together and is very introverted in that it lives in its sensations and feelings, but the antelope is more alert and aware of its surroundings. The antelope is elegant and graceful, it feels that it is beautiful but it is also proud. The antelope does not really want to be touched or grabbed, it has apprehension about that, it is a wild animal but it can be tamed by the right man who is firm and persistent.

The man they are sending me to has land in Africa and I know that he has traveled there often and he has a special interest in antelopes and similar animals such as the okapi. I don't know if he is a hunter or if he is working with conservation of these animals but he loves antelopes a lot. One can also ask whether his love for antelopes is something that is truly his own or whether it was conditioned to him by the Agenda. You see, the Agenda does not simply put two persons together who would otherwise be unlikely to meet or fall in love. They file at the seams and reshape the persons so that they will fit together really well. In our case, we are the antelope and the man who loves antelopes, and whether you can believe it or not that makes a stronger connection and bond than just being a man and a woman. It also enables the animal alter for easier control, and also the antelope turns out is also a strong Agenda symbol even though we mostly only hear about the cat alter.

The antelope is the symbol of the hunted prey, it is cherished by the man who is a hunter and who loves the challenge of hunting down and perhaps even the thought of killing a prey. It is a beautiful animal and I know that in his home he has got many kinds of stuffed antelopes. Taxidermy is another very strong Agenda symbol. With me as an antelope wife he gets to live out his passions of being a hunter and of being a superior species that dominates animals, nature, and women.

One more extremely crucial component of the antelope symbol. Goats have been sacrificed to Dark Lords throughout centuries and the Dark Lords really cherish goats so much that most Dark Lords show themselves in a body that has its own variety of horns on the head and hooved goat feet and they most often also show me the goat hairs that are growing on their belly, arms and legs. Dark Lords themselves could be said to be a kind of animal alter, they see themselves as goat people and also call themselves goat kings. I have been looking at pictures of antelopes and they come in a large variety of beautiful horns, in fact the styles and shapes of horns that we see on Dark Lords are most definitely antelope horns and mostly not plain dull and simple goat horns. Dark Lords would absolutely love and cherish antelope horns, and to have taxidermy of preserved antelopes with horns is precisely how Dark Lords would love to decorate their home, so we must not be surprised to encounter the home of an Agenda ruled person or family to have antelope taxidermy, in fact we should rather expect to find it there.

The antelope is thus the symbol of the ultimate beautiful gift of sacrifice to the Dark Lords, but it is also the gift that they want to keep and savour and cherish, like a cake they would want to just lick on and savour and to make it last rather than to only kill it. It is the beautiful gift, the antelope is larger, more elegant, and ever so much more prized than just a mere and simple goat. And it seems that the Dark Lords, who are using me and the man they want me to marry, they have conditioned us with images and feelings so that I would be an antelope and he would be a man who loves antelopes. And the Dark Lords would of course live in our house too.

Note that there is no animal porn or bestiality involved in these images, there is no indication of actual animals being used or harmed. It is just images passed on to humans.

Life with this man

The man I have been shown could be described as a person who is stern and focused. He has very piercing eyes if he would look at me. I have never seen that he would be someone who would smile or laugh, he is a very serious person, so I can't wait to see how that goes with me being very giggly. He is a bit short in build and his hands have fingers that are a bit shorter than average. His hair is wavy and he has glasses. I don't know his age he could be anywhere between 30 and 50.

I learned today that he has money that is placed in the bank or in investments that generate more money and grow so it is like a money tree that one can take money out of and it never runs out of money or becomes less. I guess if you have a family which has had a lot of money for centuries then they would have researched ways to place the money so they learned how to do this. Ordinary people would do investments but they don't have enough money to start to think in those ways, ordinary people just spend the money that they have or they put a little bit into a savings account in a bank.

I keep sensing that he would not let me talk at all, and that must be connected with the doll alter and the animal alter. He would also make me sit by the dinner table and watch while he eats in silence and I get to eat after he has finished his meal. He would also decide what I can or cannot eat. Sometimes I would not get any food. So it is this kind of man that I am being shown.

I picked up something interesting from his thoughts today, that he would have a bear alter. I told him that bears are dangerous. Would these men also have an animal alter?

He collects some types of expensive old artifacts that he buys from secret auctions that are only available to exclusive members. For some reason I feel that he is buying me as an artifact as if people like him either pay someone to find the right woman for them (like a dating or matching service) or if there are secret channels for getting these people together.

He also has preserved butterflies that have pins through them in glass case boxes and that is another major Agenda Illuminati symbol. The butterfly is some kind of symbol of mind control programming and to have the pinned dead butterflies in glass cases symbolizes more to add to that.

Agenda bloodline marriage

I would never think that my family was a bloodline family, because my family is by far nothing to do with royals or aristocracy or upper class. Both my mom and dad came from very humble backgrounds and both of them were very poor as children and did not even have enough to eat, mom told me about how they did not have enough clothes as children and dad did not even have a toothbrush. So to find out that I would be getting married into bloodlines was a surprise for me, however I have now been informed already previously, and now again from this man or from Dark Lords, that I am indeed related to an ancestor who is important to the bloodlines. It was a tsar who had been made to bleed. I have previously been told by the Agenda that I was related to a "crazy tsar".

And the man told me today that he is related to Mussolini. I must say, this can't be coming from my own head and it isn't, because I would never have imagined Mussolini as a name for bloodline families. I could have imagined George Washington or the Bush family as those are always mentioned in documentaries on the Agenda bloodlines or the royal family of England but never in my mind would I have imagined Mussolini, but when I look at this historical person even from a first glance it seems interesting for sure.

So the Agenda wants me and the man to have a son who has both the genetics or blood of the crazy tsar who was made to bleed and Mussolini the Italian dictator.

The crazy tsar

Wikipedia tells us that tsar is a word denoting Slavic monarchs or supreme rulers, source. The word comes from the Latin word Caesar which was intended to mean Emperor, though also considered a rank equal to that of a king.

Tsars have existed in these countries in these year spans:
First Bulgarian Empire, in 913-1018
Second Bulgarian Empire, in 1185-1396
Serbian Empire, in 1346-1371
Tsardom of Russia, in 1547-1721 (replaced in 1721 by imperator, but remaining in use outside Russia - and also officially in relation to several regions - until 1917)
Tsardom of Bulgaria, in 1908-1946

And so we have had Bulgarian, Serbian, and Russian tsars. I already suspect that my ancestor Tsar would have been a Russian one, for three reasons:
1. I have always known of a past life I had in Russia in the 1600's where I was a woman of an aristocratic family, my mother's brother was a diplomat and he had the bleeding disease which is the disease that the Agenda is hinting at with the tsar having been made to bleed.
2. There is a great interest in the Agenda in breeding me with Russian Agenda men to create children, such as the children I have with Russian Korpral Olav Vetti, those boys we have are called the "Iroquois". Overall the Agenda has me linked with the Russian Agenda things.
3. Both my mother's and my father's family are as far as I know entirely from Finland and Finland is a neighboring country to Russia but is far away from Bulgaria and Serbia. It is not difficult to imagine that Russian and Finnish people could have met and had children together.

So it seems much more likely that my ancestor Tsar would have been a Russian than him having been Bulgarian or Serbian, many things point to it being Russia. Another clue that we have is that the Agenda have referred to him as the "crazy Tsar".

I find Ivan the Terrible. This man, Ivan IV Vasilyevich, was the first Tsar that Russia had and he was responsible for killing a lot of people. This sounds like someone that one might refer to as a "crazy Tsar". But I think it is fair that we take a closer look at all of the Russian tsars to see how many "crazy Tsars" there could have been, to figure out which of these men is my grandpa!


Benito Mussolini read here was the Prime Minister of Italy between 1922 to 1943. He was leader of the National Fascist Party. Quotes by Mussolini include:

"Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day."
"Socialism is a fraud, a comedy, a phantom, a blackmail."
"The truth is that men are tired of liberty."

So if me and the man who was found for me by the Agenda, who have been made into antelope and antelope hunter or collector, if we marry and we have a son, then it is really a romance and union between the crazy Tsar who was made to bleed and Benito Mussolini, at least that is how the Agenda seems to think it. This is such a romantic love story. What on Earth would our son be like?

Here is a website with information on the Agenda bloodlines: 13 BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI

The website of Fritz Springmeister who has researched the Illuminati bloodline families, I have not read his books but they seem to be a worthy read Website of Fritz Springmeister.

Land in Africa

One of the things I learned of the man from what I have been shown and what I have felt about him is that his country used to be in possession of colonized land in Africa, I also sensed that this colonization would have since been abandoned although that this man and his family still owns land there. Today on August 16 2017 I was told the name of a country or place in Africa, it is not a common name you hear often at all. I was excited as I looked it up, sure enough it was a country in Africa, sure enough it was colonized by Europe, and sure enough it had been colonized by the country that I've known him to be from. I am next going to try to calculate an estimate of how hard it would have to be to guess all of this just to show myself yet again that I am not hallucinating this Agenda thing.