the Blue Hindu and Inca/Mayan Gods

On April 23 2012 I was playing around with one of the Draconians who is either the one I have called Draco or a new character whom I have yet to name. I still am not sure whether Draco and he are the same. This Draconian is snake-like and dark green with tight scales, and has yellow snake eyes, which he sometimes chooses to cover with glasses that only cover the eye. This Draconian loves to call me "the prey" and he gets all excited from the thought of eating or torturing me.

He showed me a room where he could torture me in. I told him that sure I would love to visit, of course I wouldn't want him to kill me or anything. So while I was having fun with the Draco and watching him squirm with delight, a new type of ET appeared. At first I only saw a flash of him. It looked just like a blue Hindu god, beautifully ornamented in golden jewelry that decorated his head and body. It was quite the surprise to see him, and I had to tell myself that I had just looked past the blue plastic flowers standing on the dresser and that it was a glitch of my mind. I shrugged it off, but soon the image of him appeared again. And yes, it was like a blue Hindu god!

"You are one of the Hindu Gods!", I declared to him. He had a message for me and he was here to talk. He spoke telepathically in words of my European language, but he also accompanied his words with mental images that depicted what he was saying. ETs have a habit of using imagery along with their words, and often even convey their messages with feelings and pictures, and entirely without words.

He had come to me out of concern that I was, as Peter the Pleiadian so nicely termed it, a "snake charmer". I am far too friendly and cozy with the Draconian Reptilians. The blue man was also with the Board, and he spoke of the Airship Admiral, and the Airship Admiral also said hello. The Board is a group of benevolent ETs who are not too fond of the Draconian mayhem here on Earth and elsewhere in space. So far I know three species that belong to this Board, those being the blue Pleiadians, the Airbody People such as the Airship Admiral (they look exactly like Whitley Strieber's ET on the famous book cover), and now the Hindu Blue Gods as well.

The blue man described to me the heinous things that the Draconians do, and all the crimes against humanity that are done here to us humans by the Draconians. He was appalled that I was so cozy with them, and he was here to inform me and to urge me to step away from them. Same as what Peter the blue Pleiadian, and the Airship Admiral have been here to do with me as well.

One of the things the blue man said, was that (in my words and recreation, not verbatim) "You know how you have always wondered about how the fig tree reproduces? And then you figured out on your own that it is the ants that go into the fruits that pollinate the tree. Well, this is what the Draconians are doing to you. They are animals that are going into your womb and fertilizing you and taking your children out. And you are letting them do this." - these are not his exact words by any means, but this is what he told me about, accompanied with a picture of the large fig tree I used to have, as well as images of the ant, and of the fig fruit, my womb, and my children with the Draconians.

The blue man told me of how his people had lived on Earth. They had lived in India in a community right in the town but their area was surrounded by a tall wall. Sometimes, he said, humans would climb up the wall to sit on the wall and look at the blue people, and the blue man had thought that it was nice to see them.

He tells me that his name is Amrishtad. He describes his home world as a beautiful divine Kingdom and Paradise. His people have tried to make this world of Earth into a paradise, he tells me. They have been here to share what they have.

We live in the real Kingdom, where no one needs to fight. - Amrishtad
We are also here, and we do not display any power. - Amrishtad
There are long tables with riches. There is all good that one could ever wish for. - Amrishtad

As he tells me of the long tables with riches, he shows me the image of long banquet tables covered in white tablecloth and filled with delicious foods, many foods that might seem magical, like fruits that I have never seen before, to show me how in his home there is an endless richness in foods that anyone could ever wish for.

The Parteiadler
Symbol of the Nazi political party
*(See bottom of page for comments)

This is our seal. And we used to give you this. And they have borrowed it, because there was a prohibition against power. - Amrishtad
Yes. It was our seal. - Amrishtad

He shows me a white scroll made out of beautiful fabric, held in a golden scroll holder with golden end caps, it has a golden bar that runs across the front vertically in front of the scroll. On that bar is the symbol of an eagle, the eagle is facing its head either to the left or right, and its wings are stretched to the sides left and right, and its toes are curled inward. Below the golden eagle is a golden swastika, which I instantly recognized as having to be the old Hindu religious symbol. I was already aware from history, how Hitler had borrowed the Hindu swastika, but turned it the other way into its mirror image, to try to borrow from the spiritual strengths of the Hindu religion. But I was still surprised to be shown this in my mind.

Above is a picture of the Nazi political party symbol the Parteiadler. The symbol on the scroll was that of a similar eagle but with its head pointing to the left, not right like here. And its feet were even higher up against the belly. The swastika (cross) was a bit further below, without the wreath, and the swastika was not at a 45 degree tilt like here, but flat face down. The swastika may have been the other way around, as I know the Nazi turned it the other way around from its original Hindu direction.

We were the ones who came here with our flying machines. - Amrishtad

He shows me an image of a flying saucer UFO spacecraft, hovering less than 100 meters above ground, the ground is covered with green grass and the area is surrounded by green leafy trees. The saucer is of dark metal.

They said this was our fruit. Because it tasted so good. The Apple of Paradise. - Amrishtad

He shows me the image of pomegranate fruit.

We were also there. At first. - Amrishtad
Did the Draconians enter then? Do tell. - me
We were there at first. - Amrishtad

He shows me the image of Inca/Mayan temples, the dark stone pyramids that we are all familiar with. The blue people stood there, dressed in a headgown that placed a fan of feathers across the head. His clothes were like made of belts about the arms and upper body, and he wore a skirt and anklet belts and bare feet. He was ornamented in gold.

Then they started to sacrifice, those who have no scales. - Amrishtad

The blue people had arrived first to the Inca/Mayan temples. Then the Draconians arrived and started to sacrifice the humans, humans who have no scales.

We only come here because you belong to the Horse race. - Amrishtad
Yes, thank you so much. - me
We do not want to be shot at by your race, we want to be able to come here. - Amrishtad, the race being the humans
Can you arrange that, for us? - Amrishtad
Yes I can. I will arrange for that. - me
Then we want to make sure that we are comfortable, of course. - Amrishtad
What needs do you have here, once you arrive? - me
We gather here in the summer, in a secret location. - Amrishtad
On Earth? - me
Do you work with Draconians? - me
We are only protected from them, in a secret location! - Amrishtad
We are shot and injured by those with scales. So no, we do not work with any Draconians. - Amrishtad

The pomegranate fruit
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The Horse is a reference to the Light Arcturians that I am from. After a while someone, either the blue people or my own Arcturians, have me sing "Sarael, Sarael". Probably Arcturians, as this sounds precisely as how Arcturians sing. And us Arcturians have a habit of singing when we speak.

As a summary, Amrishtad as a character came as a total surprise, and I even tried telling myself that it was just a glitch of my imagination the first time when I saw him. He told me about his people coming from a world that is like a beautiful Paradise, and they've only come here to Earth in ancient times to share that paradise with us humans. First they came to India, and brought with them their scrolls and the symbolism of the golden eagle with the swastika. Originally, the swastika was a Hindu religious symbol. It was only once the Draconians came to Earth and started the Hitler Nazi thing, the Draconians were jealous and felt challenged and threatened by the power of the Blue People, and so as the Draconians have a thing for power symbols and symbolism, they stole the Blue People symbolism of the swastika and the golden eagle, changed it around a bit and made it their own. Mostly as a means of taunting the Blue People, and trying to strip them off their power.

But the Blue People were benevolent Kings in our worlds, and I must believe that they were good and beautiful as I have felt the energy of Amrishtad. He shines in golden and when he came near I started laughing and crying out of joy. The Blue Gods then came to South America to some of the Mayan or Incan civilizations, and became their Blue Gods. According to the story line, the Blue People would have gone to India first, and later to South America. All was well in the Incan/Mayan civilizations, until the Draconian superlords arrived again, to steal their power and to make it their own kingdom. Or, as Malik our Black Reptilian expressed today, the Draconians wanted to be the ones called Gods! However, the Draconians are mischievous little bastards, and that's when the ritual sacrifices at the temples begun. Once the Blue were chased away.

Our Blue friends from their Kingdom of Paradise world wish to come to Earth again and have asked me whether I could arrange that. They would, of course, expect to be treated as Kingdom again, but personally I don't see why we could not build lavish temples as embassies for our benevolent visitors? If we look at Hinduism we can still see a hint of what the Blue Gods came to bring. Beauty and spirituality, Paradise and Kingdom for all. Amrishtad is part of the Board together with the blue Pleiadians and the Air People. These are all truly benevolent peoples and they only wish well for humankind and for our earth.

Note: Amrishtad only showed me the temples and I do not know whether those were Incan or Mayan. But just now, General Patton and Malik were talking. Malik doesn't want me to know about the Blue Gods, and in their conversation I learned that it was with the Incans. Malik is very upset about this topic.

*Note that it seems there are legal restrictions to the posting and usage of Nazi symbolism which may or may not apply to me having posted the Parteiadler symbol of the eagle with the swastika on this page. Therefore let me emphasize that I hold no sympathies with the Nazi or other similar rule which violates human rights. The image was only posted here to illustrate my alien encounter with a benevolent blue people, who were the originators of the ORIGINAL significance of the eagle and swastika, which in Hindu religion stands for good things.

Kindly note that all telepathic conversation on this page has been translated from its original in a European language and to English. Some original emphasis can be lost in translation, and also you cannot take the translated English versions as pure verbatim any more. Though don't worry, my English is superb so I am a good translator!