You will find alien writing scattered around this website, I will later compile all of them here on this page.

Orion writing

On the front page of the website, in the top banner:
The Orion glyph second from last on the right is Shuurah and means eggs or ovum. The last one on the right is Kembrahh and means idiot. Find the first four in the book "Letters to SETI 1". The fifth one from the left I don't know what it means.

I asked the Orion man why such a simple glyph was reserved for a noun such as "ovum". The Orion man told me about Shuurah, "It means new future, new beginning, and it is also used for egg." The Orions have several different meanings for each glyph. "Atek" can mean message, song, and also letter. "Pine" can mean remember, but it also means wise or wisdom. Reading a combination of glyphs, a sentence, requires fluid thinking.

World dominance

Here is one which I have not posted anywhere else, since I am not sure to which written language it belongs. I was shown it on the night between June 20-21 2017. It was shown to me either by a Dark Lord or by Reptilians, and they told me it means "world dominance". The W-shape actually represents "arms grabbing", said a Reptilian probably my Hamish.

World Dominance

Alpha Draconian Reptilian Writing

This one from Rio the Reptilian on June 26, 2017. Click on the image to go to the page that explains more.

Vega Stars symbol

Shown to me telepathically during my conversations with either the Marsian Salamanders or Serpent God Anu. This was the symbol or logotype for the Vega connected network of populations. I am not sure of the number of white stars in the circle, these eight were my best guess. Source YouTube video Mars Anu Anunaki | Remote View | The Orion Project.