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So you didn't think it could happen. That I would encounter yet another new type of extraterrestrials. I have seen them in mental images, for a total of about three times, probably all times in 2017, the last time was in May 2017.

They much resemble humans. The skin is dark. The face is vertically long and narrow. The eyes are dark and with a very Asian shape, although wider than Asian human eyes would be. They have a nose and a mouth, the mouth has a sharp perky outline.

Their most characteristic feature of appearance is the clothing. They wear a tight-fitting bodysuit which also wraps around the top, sides and back of the head leaving only most of the face exposed, and most notably the suit makes a downward pointy V-shape on the forehead. The suit is either pink or turquoise, I have forgotten, it was probably turquoise. I have also seen a woman of this species and she also wore a uniform of the same style with the V-shape on the forehead.

The drawing is supposed to depict the man that I saw in late May 2017.

I have listed this species among the aliens that are of unknown Agenda designation, meaning that I do not know if they are a member of the Agenda group or not. I have the feeling that they are not part of the Alien Agenda, the Alien Agenda is the alien organization that has the yellow pyramid as its symbol and is lead by the sinister Alpha Theton Dark Lords with other member species including Zeta Reticulans and Draconian Reptilians. These aliens are probably not part of the Agenda but that needs to be confirmed.

There is another organization of aliens, of benevolent aliens, which calls itself "The Board". Members of The Board are benevolent and oppose the Agenda aliens. I do not know whether these aliens are members of the Board or not.

This unknown alien race was spotted again, Unknown Alien, August 2 2017