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Aleister Crowley

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I am the heart, and Thou the serpent.
Wind Thy coils closer about me, so that no light nor bliss may penetrate.
I the Serpent clasp Thee; I drive home mine head into the central core of Thee, O God my beloved.
For my Lord hath revealed Himself as a mighty serpent, and my heart is the blood of His body.
Then, O thou heart, will I the serpent eat thee wholly up; yea, I will eat thee wholly up.
written by Aleister Crowley, from his Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente

Note: yours truly, author of this website, has no personal interest nor involvement in anything of the occult or Satanism. I am only reporting on the Draconian Agenda, as it is being revealed to me.

Aleister Crowley - as if listening to an Agenda Dark Lord

Aleister Crowley

On May 11 2012 the Draconians said: "Alistair Cromley". That he was "one of theirs" or "one of them". I had no clue who Alistair Cromley was. I figured it was some kind of old Earl living in a castle on the English countryside. It sure sounds like it. But that's not what it was.

Aleister Crowley was the world's most foremost Satanist. He was the epiphany of what it means to be a Draconian influenced human. Aleister developed a new religious cult called Thelema which was based on Ancient Egyptian mythology.

One night soon after its first mention, a yellowish Draconian Reptile said "Aleister Crowley" and threw me across the air, from having been lying down on the bed on my left side and with my head on the pillow, I was thrown across the air with impressive elegance, speed and strength, to the far edge of the foot end of the bed by a Draconian, who somehow had Aleister Crowley in its thoughts. (I was not afraid. It was great fun to be tossed. It cheered me up.)

One source says, "Crowley had shaved his head and filed his canine teeth so sharp that he could initiate every new woman with a "kiss of the snake", as he gave them a bite either on the wrist or in the throat."

Malik the Black Reptilian boss of my Alien team asked me to read Aleister Crowley books. Malik influenced a friend of mine to talk to me all night until 5 AM about Aleister Crowley and Thelema, though he had never stayed up all night to talk to me before and had never mentioned Crowley or Thelema before. I knew it was Malik's influence. And the next day this friend brought me four of Aleister Crowley's books to borrow. "You were meant to have them - so sit down and read!", said Malik to me once I had the books. Malik also told me that I should take the drug "mescaline" when I read them. Needless to say I took neither mescaline nor did I read more than a few lines here and there in those books. They are a very dense read so I wasn't able to get into them. But Malik wanted to teach me. Malik wants me to join the Draconian Agenda. I just don't know if I have it in me to dive deep into the dark, I am not into occultism or the dark at all. I am a love and light being.

I was happy to find out that Aleister Crowley was a real person and how perfectly this man was a match with elements of the Draconian Agenda I was discovering through my Alien visitors, what with the yellow pyramid power symbol (that Aleister even wore as a hat on his head), the Ancient Egyptian Eye God which the Dark Ones of the Agenda are still ruled by, Satanism and black magic, and the central part of sexuality in these dark crafts. Finding out about Aleister Crowley is what finally after months of denial led me to believe and become convinced that my Alien contacts were real, not imaginary.

The Black Ones

The Black Ones, or whom Rothschild lizard called the Dark Lords, are interesting dark creatures who rule over the Draconian Agenda. I have only met with one individual Black One, that being Malik, and I am not sure if there are other ones or whether Malik is the only one. I suspect there being other Dark Ones besides just him, but Malik is the only one I have interacted with.

Malik is a demonic entity that lives in another dimension. He has three different appearances. Sometimes the demonic form which is more of a black energy form. The second form is the "friendly uncle form" that "tiptoes around the house", depicted in the Christmas cartoon and Keyhole cartoon. The third form is a crocodilian form. Malik has also gone by the name Betelgeuse, and once considered the name "Maleucius" for himself.

Malik is fond of the dark arts and he was never as thrilled as when he caught me doing Thoth Tarot cards with a friend one day and asked me to read his cards. Malik uses pentagrams drawn on floors or walls as a portal to jump between our worlds. Black and white checkered floors are complex multidimensional portals and he was fond of finding such a floor in my new apartment kitchen and filled the kitchen with hideous hellish satanic atmosphere on the first day I moved in, and on that first night at my new place Malik nearly scared me to death as I awoke at night with him leaning over me. (He had only wanted to see me, he didn't mean to scare me but I almost ran to church and I have never been so scared in my life from what I felt!)

Malik is an Incubus. He feeds on the energy of souls. He can flare up that energy for ingestion by either using sexuality, pain, fear, or torture. With me he uses sex to get to my soul but he can also camp under my bed giving me nightmares when I sleep to eat my energy that flares up when I am scared. Malik has the smell of pestilence, sewer and death.

Malik and I get along. He treats me kindly and like a father would a daughter he wants to teach me things and he always backs off when I ask him to. I live daily life with Malik. But if one is to get too close to someone such as Malik, they would go insane, and can even die if he takes the energy out of your physical beating heart. I am weak and drained of energy when Malik has ingested my light but I recover after about three hours each time.

I believe that Aleister Crowley was under the direct influence and control of a Dark One. The things that Aleister said were what the Dark Ones said through him.


At time 23:33 into the Aleister Crowley video which you find on this page, it says that Crowley had taken mescaline during the desert magic ritual. Mescaline. I had never heard of this drug before when the Black One Malik first told me to take it. And I sure didn't know that Aleister Crowley would have taken it. I reluctantly wonder if all this Agenda and Black One stuff really is real.

The Agenda often gives me a drug white powder under my nose that flares up my sexual energy so that the Black One Malik can ingest my energy. I used to wonder if this drug perhaps was cocaine, the only white powdery drug substance I know of (but have also never tried). Malik later told me that the drug given is mescaline.

Reptilians might be innocent

The Reptilians from Alpha Draconis are under the rule of the Black Ones. I am still not entirely certain whether the Reptilians want to be ruled by Dark Ones or if they are even fully aware of their rule. Reptilians also take part in blood rituals and sacrifices, torture and cruelty, with and for the Dark Ones who rule them. Some of the Earth institutions that are under direct rule by Dark Ones include some individual murderers, Satanists, rapists, some priests who do pedophilia under Dark rule, the CIA has been taken over by the Dark Ones, some high rank military are Dark Ones just like Aleister Crowley was (and who is to say, and who is to stop them?), Ku Klux Klan sacrificed black people for the Dark Ones, Free Masons, Rosicrucians, and it seems Ancient Egyptian royalty and priesthood were also by Dark One and Reptilian design.

I must mention that Hamish the Red Dragon is very afraid of Aleister Crowley. Hamish also strongly fears the Black Ones / Dark Lords, which includes Malik, who rule the Draconian Agenda. And once again, I am not a Satanist.

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