Interview with the aliens about their physicality
Alain the secret British operative

Intro: This was going to be an interview with the aliens about their physicality, to talk to them about if they have a physical body and to find out where they are located. This was going to be the first stage of then asking to meet them. A warming up toward the close contact topic. But then Alain the MIB shows up to talk to me and things get interesting pretty quickly.

January 14 2018. 10:15 PM.

Hamish? Can I talk to you? - me
Yes-No. Mine. Books. Yes-No books with mine name!!! Yes-No, mine. Mine books, No. Yes-No, it was that. - Hamish
Why did you get upset? - me
Because Lasarus says no. - Hamish
We don't have a time donation. - Lasarus or other Zeta Reticulan in my third language (3R)
And also, we do not have any physical donation. - Lasarus or Zeta (3R)
We wanted you to know that. - Lasarus or Zeta
I wanted to talk to Hamish about it. - me
Yes-No, we have got weapons here! YES-NO!! Yes-No, my hay-eating friend. Yes-No, time donation. - Hamish, "donation" (3R)
Why are they upset, you wonder? Because they don't want you to come into their outer space. - Langdon

Hamish? Do you have a physical body which is solid and which does not go through objects, or are you a spirit that is more like air? - me
I am not just my thoughts. I am also, mine. My foots. My thoughts, Yes-No no. Do you know about those? Ouch. - Hamish, "do you know about those?" was with mental image of a hedgehog, then he said ouch and closed much of his upper and lower eyelids
Hedgehogs. They don't want to hurt you. They are peaceful beings. - me
Are they called after a hedge? And would they go inside there? - Hamish
Yes, they go into bushes. - me

I see now a mental image of a black Reptilian in a dark base which felt a bit underground and which also felt like it is located in the United Kingdom in England. I now see a man in a black business suit and I feel that he is yes in England.

Hello. - me
So, what do you want to say to these chaps? Huh? Are you alright there? What are you doing now? Do not ask them about any nuclear energy. We don't want them to have the power, hopes. - the U.K. MIB

This U.K. MIB is not on my list of military and surveillance persons and I encounter him for the first time.

Hello you. I can see you. - me
Yeah. What do you wanna say to my buddy here? We are very eager to meet with you, he said. - MIB
We don't like traps! - the dark Reptilian from the U.K.
I would never harm Reptilians. I love them. - me
So. You know about them huh? And what do you wanna do with them? - MIB
Just to meet with them. Spend some time together with them. Hang out. I like them. - me
For what, reasons, are you doing that? Huh? And now, we are really very interested. They can cut you apart, you know. Just for breathing on them. - MIB
How do you know that? Are they dangerous? - me
Hamish does a hiccup click sound that I haven't heard before, in response to "are they dangerous".

Do Reptilians have a physical body? - me
Hello. We are the man in the moon. - Zeta, "we are the man in the moon" in my native language (NL)
Hello Zetas. - me
We are not welcome here anymore. - Zeta
We are not physical to you, you said. - Alpha or Zeta Reticulan
We do not like doing this. - MIB to the aliens

The MIB is a bit short, he has dark hair that is a bit scruffy arranged in tufts. He has dark eyes and looks and feels a bit young like in his early 30's. Let me remote view him a bit to see who he is as a person and how he lives. He loves cars, he has a fascination with cars, shiny cars and he also likes the shiny hub caps (had to look up on the internet what those are called). He likes cars to be blue or red. He definitely grew up in England, I hear a small town British accent spoken in his family and among his peers, it's a bit of a cocky accent and choice of words. I am seeing his bedroom from his younger days. His bedroom was upstairs. It was a typical British home that is narrow and made out of brown bricks and has a small backyard garden where they hung up laundry on a white string to dry. The weather was seemingly always wet in the air like fog and mist and the kind of rain that is not raining from water drops but tiny spray of rain all throughout across the air in that fog. He is a typical guy. He doesn't drink too much alcohol or go to pubs too much. He is also more interested in cars than he is in women.

He has worked with involving black firearms. So he is part of something a bit hush or extreme.

He is a secret operative. - Zeta tells me about the guy
And his name is Alain. - Zeta adds

Is he Alain from my list of people? I have encountered a man named Alain but then I did not know anything about what he looks like or who he is.

Let me read some more about this man's life and work. The police wear those black and white checkered hats, I see those so it is definitely in the U.K. because the police wear that. When those police showed up at his house, that same brown brick house in England, the police had those black and white checkered hats and were also wearing sheer bright neon yellow green raincoats for that misty wet weather.

He is not in the United States and he does not work for the United States Navy which is where most of these guys I talk to are from.

Have you seen the frogs? - MIB asks me with mental image of a Dinosaur
Yes. Have you heard them say Deb Deb Deb? - me
They wanna look inside of your vagina now. - MIB
Who doesn't. - me
I mean... ahem, they are planning on going inside there with their instruments. Would you comply? I mean, is that ok with you? They are coming to Terra Firma now. - MIB
On one condition. That I get to stay awake and conscious during the encounter and that I also get to remember the meeting in full afterwards. - me
No can do. - MIB
Then my answer is no. Then they cannot, and they do not have my permission. It only takes that I am awake and remember. - me
Did you have a good Christmas? I was not even home for the holidays. I was stuck at work doing this. So all of that plum pudding gone to waste! My, mother bakes it. I really missed her. - MIB

He thought of shops or at home with bright yellow Christmas lights shining through the windows. And earlier I did see him thinking of what I thought was a small shepherd's pie but maybe now I see it could have been the plum pudding.

So. They are so rude to you. - MIB
Hi, nice to meet you. How did you get this job? - me
Oh? Me? I was never hired. I was born to this! One doesn't get elected. One gets born to it. - MIB
How do you mean, "born" to it? - me
Well you see, my father is in the military. My old pop! You gotta have a Navy Star or General. I guess you know heaps. I gotta see you. Do you see me? - MIB
Yeah, I see you vaguely in an image. You have dark hair, your hair is a bit scruffy, you have dark eyes, you're a bit short, you seem a bit young, are you wearing a dark suit? - me
Hello now this is Langdon. Leave this poor man alone. We will deal with this. We are with the NASA operatives. - Langdon, the first two sentences were to me, the last two sentences he said to the MIB "We will deal with this, we are with the NASA operatives"

I tasted from his thoughts the taste of plum pudding, a bit sweet and sour, and how it feels soft when it goes down the throat. He really likes that plum pudding.

So your father is in the English military? Or should I say British? - me
Yeah. He was. He was a three star. He got nuked, he got executed. For saying the wrong things. So that is why I am here, trying to keep it all in. I am the disinformation agent. - MIB
What a sad story. - me
Yeah. - MIB
Well. If I am doing anything wrong, then you just tell me ok? I mean no harm to anyone. - me
So, stop prying then. We don't wanna get nuked by the Russians again. The Russians did this to us, and now look at this crap. We gotta warn our citizens first! But we're not gonna get nuked again! I was warned. But now it's too late. We gotta warn the others, before anything bad happens to us. So. Ahem. Who is this Assistant Langdon Carlisle? He was talking to us. - MIB
He is some guy who thinks he is my father. I don't know who he is to be honest. He's been talking to me for 20 years, mostly he cries and says he is like my father. - me
We got nuked by the Russians once. We had to warn all of the civilians. So my father did the right thing. But then we got nuked anyway. And now my father is gone. Damn I missed Christmas! - MIB, he remembers the taste of plum pudding again and how it feels on the tongue
Hey, my name is Alain! Is this where you sleep by the way? Mind if I crash in? - MIB
You are welcome. Come on in. Nice to meet you. - me
Mind if I take my shoes off here? - Alain
Go ahead. Thank you for taking your shoes off. - me
Yeah. It is not a British custom. - Alain
So, what are you doing here? And what do they gotta do to you? Have you seen them in the basements? The, Reptilian kind? Have you seen them huh? - Alain
Yes I've seen them. I love them. They are my friends. - me
No... no. - Alain
One of them is my best friend in the whole world. - me
Are you kidding me? - Alain
Do you need to see a doctor with me? - someone, I see a doctor man with glasses and brown hair
Why would I need a doctor? For what? What kind of doctor? - me
Man I missed Christmas at home with my family! Man! What do I gotta do this all for! - Alain remembers plum pudding again
Don't miss Christmas this year. Next Christmas you will be there won't you? And make it doubly good for you. - me
Hey, yeah! She talks to me as if she were my sister! - Alain but he is pleased about it it warms him up
Hey, I like me some rum and scotch. We put them in the pies, when we bake them. It just adds that little extra touch. I am not a sweet-tooth. Not by any means. But mum's plum pudding is the best! - Alain
Plum pudding sounds good, Alain. It sounds awesome. - me
So. We've gotta put a stop to this. Before all hell breaks loose. - Alain
Are Reptilians real entities? - me
We are not dogs? What are you suggesting? - Reptilian from the U.K. basement
I was wondering if you exist, my Honored Reptile. - me to the U.K. based Reptilian
My mum's gotta see me first. - Alain, "first" or "again", I forgot
Hey? So do you like to watch Mr. Bean? We like to all get around and watch it and laugh! Those are some good family times! - Alain
Yes, that is fun. I have also done that with my family. - me
I gotta put a gun to their heads sometimes. So that they do not bleed us all out. - Alain, he means to Reptilians I thought
Why? What is going on? - me
Don't you know?! They plan to take your eggs, and to then wipe us all out! We are not in any danger yet. The Reptilians. They are bad dudes. - Alain
I like them. One of them is my best friend. - me
I am only besties because I get blood in a barrel. My Yums. My nosyness. I was spying on them. Mine! - Hamish, the blue barrel he means
You look like that girl in Barbed Wire. - Alain thinks as he must be seeing me, my hair is long and blonde and curly so that must be why he thinks so (it is a movie I think from the 1990's with actress Pamela Anderson)
They don't wanna take you out anymore. I told them they could take liver. - Alain
Things sound complicated over there. Do you collaborate with the United States? - me
We try to. But no. We are with the Brittish Ministry. - Alain
What is the Brittish Ministry? - me
We gotta nuke them all out. And then we will be safe again. Oh god! Another nuclear war! Another holocaust! But now, next time, we will be in it. - Alain
Do you like to take my foods, into a microwave oven? He has eaten a microwave pizza. - Hamish about Alain
Hey, you really do look like that girl from Barbed Wire! You are really a chick! - Alain
So your father was in the military? And that is why you have this job now? - me
Yeah, and I am going to be a real jerk about it. - Alain
About what? - me
Deb Deb!! - Dinosaur, I see a Dinosaur from a dark basement
Deb Deb. Kermit is here. - Dinosaur ahh!!!
Aah Dinosaur how lovely! - me, then I remember the Dinosaur wanting to look into my vagina thing that Alain said earlier
Deb Deb Deb Deb. Kermit Deb Deb Deb. - me to Dinosaur
See? She likes me? - Dinosaur seems to say to a Reptilian
Yeah, I like her too. - Alain
So, you like to take some photos of our spacecraft? That is strictly forbidden by the CIA. - the Reptilian from the base, I was reading about how to film UFOs earlier today
Deb Deb. I was taken out, from inside of the cold room. So now I am here! Ready to take your kaka! - Dinosaur
Hello Dinosaur! - me
And then you can eat a cracker. Or, should I say a Toast. Mine. Yes. - Hamish to Dinosaur the first sentence and first sentence was in my other language
THEY SMELL HERE! I DO NOT LIKE THEIR SMELL ANYMORE! TAKE THEM PLEASE AWAY FROM HERE FROM ME! They smell. Like not my race, growl to you. - Hamish about Dinosaurs, growl to you was to Dinosaur
Hey, how many space aliens have you seen, inside of a spacesuit? Sometimes they die in there, and we gotta take them out. And they rot pretty fast and easily too. Do you wanna see that happen? Do you wanna see a REAL alien? We gotta take one out for you. - Alain to me, the image he has is of a Reticulan type alien looks like in all those alleged movies of real aliens meeting military, it wore a spacesuit and was in a bodybag lying on a morgue table, gotta take one out meant to pull out one morgue table with one on it and to unzip the bag
I would love to see them. I would love to meet Draconians. - me
He just likes your hair, we don't like anything about them. - Reptilian to me probably the base one
YES-NO TO THAT! - Hamish to the Reptilian about what he said
... I am too tired to talk more. I have to say goodbye. - me
Goodbye Alain. Goodbye everyone. Except Hamish stays with me, guarding the eggs. - me
We hope that you are not mean to them, they get pretty snappy easily. - Alain to me about Reptilians
I am always kind to Hamish. - me
And that is not because we smell right. - Hamish adds to me being always kind to him
Hello [Eva]. - Alain or other human, my real name
How did you know my name? - me
We are reading these reports on you. - Alain
And who wrote those reports? - me
Other men like me! - Alain or Carlisle
Oh. Ok. - me
I gotta taste mom's plum pudding once more. Oh god I hope she bakes a cake next time when I go over to see her! I gotta see my sister too! And her little kids! Oh god, they are gonna grow up really quickly! - Alain, the image was of mom's plum pudding on a baking tray inside the oven
Goodbye Reptilian in the English base. - me interrupted from more
Oh, we are only here because you have read that article. That is why we wrote it. We gotta see who does these things. - Alain

This is the article I read about an hour ago just before I decided to try to interview the aliens about if they have a physical body: Motherboard: The CIA's Guide to Taking Pictures of UFOs. So they knew that I read the article and so they checked me out, is that it?

I don't like them to make a pumpkin pie. And that is why because pumpkins they laugh at me. And then I try to show them how strong I am. - Hamish, either strong in English, or "large" in my other language, he says because of all that talk about plum pudding

11:05 PM I am tired of writing so I end it here. We did not get the answer to my question about the physicality of aliens but we did get to meet Alain from the U.K.

Afterthought: Brittish Ministry? I would have always spelled it with one t, British. And I had never heard of a thing such as Brittish Ministry. So I really was talking to someone. The internet tells me that British IS spelled with one t, yet Alain would have spelled it with two t's. Oh I don't know. You can look it up on the internet yourself and see if British governmental structures make any sense to you because it doesn't to me.

So are you planning on seeing any UFOs soon? - Alain
Yes. I like to see them. - me
They can shoot you down with guns! - a Reptilian the one from the base I think
No one should shoot anybody! - me

11:13 PM ok now definitely tired from writing. Bye.

The internet is not a safe place to shop. That's what you were telling to them. - Alain (so he knows that just prior to reading the article about how to film UFOs I answered to a PayPal survey which included the question if I feel safe due to using PayPal for internet transactions)

11:14 PM ending it here for now.