Officer Agent Bryant was encountered on July 13, 2017, We Need Them For Germination. From those notes we learn that:

He works from the "Cape Canaveral site" implying the military base at Cape Canaveral.

He is a military officer but he is also an Agent. As an Agent he wears the black suit to work. Bryant is his last name. He knows about the extraterrestrials that I am working with, and he is also working with them but of course not as an abductee himself, but from the military side.

Bryant was at the time of the telepathic conversation, located in a spaceship belonging to the aliens.

When I asked him if he was in the military, he said that yes he was "since 2006", "that is when I joined the Army".

"I was in the Iraq war. In Kuwait too. So, they thought, and they figured, that I could probably handle all of this. But I couldn't. I break down and cry a lot all of the time. I saw women like you, the first time that I did, I hurled, I threw up. I threw up all over my clothes, when I saw what they did, to women like you. They take your babies out screaming. THEY THOUGHT THIS WAS GONNA BE LIKE KUWAIT, GODDAMNIT! TAKING BABIES SCREAMING OUT OF THEIR MOTHER'S BELLIES!"

I ask him what year he was in Kuwait, he said: "Oh god, that must've been in 2002. Or wait, that was probably more like 2003."

The second officer who was present with Bryant, referred to Bryant as "Officer Bryant".


I am reading here Wikipedia - Kuwait-United States relations and here History of Kuwait - U.S. relations. It says that Kuwait and the United States are allies. Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 and the United States offered military support to defend Kuwait, by 1991 the US was successful in liberating Kuwait from Iraq. This was the Gulf war.


Reading here Military history of Iraq, the United States invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003, "in a war that took three weeks to get control of the country, yet the fighting lasted much longer". "Baghdad was captured on April 9. Saddam Hussein was deposed, but remained in hiding until December 14, 2003, when he was captured by the US, tried by a US appointed court and killed as a result of a death sentence." Reading here 2003 invasion of Iraq, the United States sent 130,000 soldiers to Iraq in 2003.

A reader of my website who was himself in the U.S. Army informed me that the United States is still fighting in Iraq so it is ongoing, and not specifically just pertaining to the year 2003.


Officer Bryant said that he joined the Army in 2006, but that he was in Kuwait in 2002 or in 2003, and that he also served in Iraq. The numbers look backwards of course, as he must have already been in the Army before he could be sent to Kuwait or Iraq.

Judging from that he somehow seems a bit young, I somehow doubt that he would have been in Kuwait in 1990. Had he been a young soldier say 19 years old in 1990, he would be today 46 years old, and it somehow doesn't match with his young personality to be someone who is almost 50 years old. He also did seem to say that he joined the Army in 2006, so he would not have served in the Kuwait war in 1990.

He did mention 2002 or 2003 which is a match with the war in Iraq in 2003, even though it was Kuwait I was asking about. Kuwait must have been an ally with the United States in 2003 as well, and maybe he was working from a military base in Kuwait during the Iraq war.

As for joining the Army in 2006 but serving in Iraq and Kuwait in 2002 or 2003, could he have been in Kuwait and Iraq before he was in the Army?

Let's assume he was a young 19-year old in 2003. He would be today 33 years old, the same age as me. That could be possible. It is just his energy and excitement that is so juvenile about him.

The numbers don't fully add up, but I am willing to talk to Officer Bryant one more time about these details.

July 14, 2017, 8:26 PM.
Officer Bryant? Can I talk to you? How old are you? - me
I am pushing on 35! - Bryant
What did you do in Kuwait? - me
Some military surveillance operations. I was surveying the country. It's not like we were parachuters or anything. But some guys had to jump out of airplanes there. And then they got shot down. - Bryant
And then we can eat, Tik! - Hamish, first he thought of smelling blood in his nose, as he thought of parachuters falling down dead on the ground, so I guess that is a meal to Reptilians
What year were you in Kuwait? - me
In 2003. I was stationed there then. - Bryant, well he is consistent about the year that is for sure!
I wasn't there to talk with any women, you know. I got pretty horny! I guess, that's why they signed me up for this thing! - Bryant in his cheerful juvenile way
"What thing?" - me
That thing what we've got. You see, they are fertilizing you, with my sperm. I thought you knew? Oh god, this gets pretty deep pretty involved and complicated. I guess I gotta tell you about the women. About what they do to ya. - Bryant
Are you a human? - me
Yeah! And I guess that's why they need my sperm! As, they don't got any! The aliens. Have you met them yet? - Bryant
They eat your species like bread. - Hamish says to Bryant

So when you said you were in Kuwait I first assumed it must mean the Kuwait war in 1990. But you were there way after that. - me
Yeah, we were having some pretty important sand operations. You know what those are? About the sand there? - Bryant
What's with the sand in Kuwait? - me
We don't allow you to know. - looks like the 2nd officer from yesterday (see the page link above for July 13, 2017)

You said, - me interrupted as Hamish speaks:
I am with the Langoustines! - Hamish the red Dragon
Yes Hamish. I have seen you and your back. I love you. - me to Hamish
Officer Bryant? - me
And, do not even try to find Warren Allan. - Warren Allen himself I think
You are not supposed to find me. - Warren Allen, I see that he wears large glasses with brown frames
Officer Bryant? - me
Hey! What? - Bryant in his way, he thinks about parachuters falling down into the desert there I presume in Kuwait
What's with the parachuters? - me
Paratroopers. - Bryant
Paratroopers... What's with them. - me
They were deployed there, for the Iraqi base. I had to retrieve them there. But then we ran into way other trouble. Have you ever heard of the sand blasters? Yeah. We've got 'em. - Bryant, got 'em means sand blasters
What are sand blasters then? - me

You said you joined the Army in 2006? But you were already in Kuwait in 2003? How does that work out? Were you in Kuwait before you joined the Army? Or how does it work? - me
I don't wanna tell you about what happens to the women here. About what they have to do. - Bryant
My livers, my eggs are snacks. - Hamish, the second part in one of our other languages
My turtleback. - me to Hamish in my native language
Bryant? - me
Hey!, why don't you leave me alone. I'm trying to deal with this, I am struggling with it on my own. - Bryant
My turtleback. - Hamish aware of his back, and getting ready to show it, in my native language
So what year were you in Iraq? And what did you do there? - me
Missiles. We deployed them, and launched them. What do you wanna know about it? We were operating out of Iraq. With the missiles. - Bryant
What year was that? What year were you in Iraq? - me
Hey! I don't want you to come into my home and bother me! Get out of here, stop bothering me! - Bryant, oh he says all this to my red dragon who was close to him in his home, at first I thought it was to Hamish but I wasn't sure if it was to me, but when he said get out of here and the rest then I was sure cause I saw Hamish there

My dad was in the military too. So I guess it runs in the military. - Bryant
Is Bryant your real name? Do you see the aliens during alien abductions when they take women? Did you see me there? Are you a human, Bryant? - me
Yes, of course. - Bryant a bit fussy answers the last question about being human or not

Where did you go to military training? In what state? Where did you learn all that? What can you tell me more about it? I'm just curious if you exist. Are you real? Am I hearing things? - me
I was deployed in Iraq, to watch the bombs. So when the NASA, needed an alien bombs expert, I was hired for it. - Bryant
Bombs you say? Are those the sand blasters? What do you know about bombs? And how did that get you into watching abducted women and having sex with them? I don't understand this? - me
Hey, what do you wanna know! - Bryant
Everything. Tell me everything there is to know. - me

So you say you joined the Army in 2006? But you were already in Kuwait in 2003? How does that work out? I don't understand if you are real? - me
I saw men getting their legs blasted out. That shit is real. If you wanna know what real means. And I heard men screaming. Oh damn, god, shit, that's gotta hurt! That stuff is for real! So. They hired me therefore. Because I had seen these things before. So now they were doing this to us. - Bryant

If you read the conversation from July 13 and this now it seems that aliens have been using explosives against U.S. troops. Oh my gosh but that is exactly what the black Reptilian is always talking about! About putting bombs on Earth! So it is happening!

My eggs. My ova. - Hamish in my native language except "ova" in English as is

Bryant? Are the aliens using bombs against people? Or what? - me
You don't need to know that shit. - Bryant
Do you have sex with abducted women to get them pregnant? - me
No, we are just watching over them! Just doing my duty! Just watching over you there! I wasn't happy to do it or anything! Just watching over you there! - Bryant, in these phrases he tried to call me Ma'am twice but he finds it hard to say, he thinks he needs to call me Ma'am but then he doesn't

Hey this is Gillespie. - Gillespie one of my MIBs
Hello Gillespie. How are you doing there. Nice to meet you again. - me though Gillespie isn't exactly personable or anything ever
Bryant? Do you know Commandant Larsen? - me
What are you writing? A book? Hey, quit that, cut that out! - Bryant
I'm just writing my diary. Trying to figure out if I'm crazy for hearing your voice. - me
Well. You're not. - Bryant
My bread and butter. And all I need now is a knife. To slice it. To make me a meal. Tik, Tiik! - Hamish, wow that Tiik was really in a loud voice unlike what I've heard him say!

Bryant? Are there Reptilians in Iraq? - me
No, not anymore. We weren't deployed there therefore... it's just that... we've gotta amputate the paratroopers, the ones that fell down without a limb, because, because, some of them got shot at before they landed. And I was there! AND I SAW EVERYTHING! Oh god! The medics, the medics they couldn't even patch them up again! Oh man! I, I should've done something else something different with my life! .. But now I'm here watching you. So I guess, so now they are our enemies. So we are watching. What do you wanna know about it? What an amputation does? What do you wanna see? If this is real or not? What do you wanna know about the paratroopers? - Bryant talks to me
I am with the langoustines. - Hamish
Hello langoustines. - me to Hamish
Tik, Tiik! - Hamish
Turtle! I love you Hamish! You are a cute Turtle! - me
I won't bite you my fingers, for what you said. About cute, bread and butter my livers was. - Hamish to me about the biting of fingers to not do that
We saw the paratroopers fall down dead. Dead on the ground. And then we had to shoot missiles over their head. That is what I did there. So? What more do you wanna know? Huh? About what we saw on our screens? About how I couldn't sleep at night? - Bryant

Bryant? Were you promoted to an officer's rank? - me
I couldn't save my, comrades, my buddies! So what the hell is that all for?! What the hell is officers for anyway. Just some dude, some bloke, who survives. When the others don't go home to their mothers. What the hell is officer's rank for, anyway? - Bryant
What is your title? Are you a Sergeant? Or a, Captain? Just tell me, or else. - me
I started seeing their ghosts, at night. The paratroopers. But do not tell the other officers. Or they would send me to sick bay. I couldn't sleep at night. I was just thinking about their wounds. About the fallen comrades. - Bryant
Who are you? Why are you here? - me
I was watching you, you dimwit! In case you weren't aware! - Bryant
I have got your scent in my nose. - Hamish says I'm sure to Bryant because Hamish never says that to me or thinks about me like that
How long were you in Iraq? Years or months? - me
Hey, you are a cutie! - Bryant smiles

Bryant? - me
I am collecting my eggs here, Buttercup! - Hamish to me
Hello Hamish, langoustines! - me
Bryant? Have you seen my Draconian Hamish? Have you seen Hamish? Tell me, if you have seen him in person? Are you human? - me
Yes, I have said yes. - Bryant answers finally the last question about if he is a human
My guys had their brains blown out. And I was there to see it, to witness it. That is why they assigned me here, to this duty. To be assigned, with you. To watch you, kicking and screaming! - Bryant
I kick and scream during abductions? Do I? What exactly goes on there? What are you witnessing with the alien abductions? - me
Do you seriously wanna know? What they do to your blood? What they take out of your feces? - Bryant
My Buttercups said, they wanna know. - Hamish says to Bryant kindly
I love you Hamish. Thank you for being here Hamish. My Turtle. - me
I won't bite you for what you said, Eggs! - Hamish, "eggs" in my native language, he is calling me eggs, he now thinks about the smell of someone probably the smell of Bryant
Hey, I am not an Agent anymore. I am no longer dismissed from my duties. - Bryant
When were you dismissed? Why did they dismiss you? - me
For not taking orders, for not obeying. I was dismissed for that. - Bryant
What orders did you not obey? - me
For not lighting a fire. For not making something go boom! I didn't wanna kill innocent civilians. I didn't wanna light it on fire. So I was dismissed for disobeying. - Bryant
So you became Agent instead of Officer? Are you an Officer again? - me
Well, hell yeah! - Bryant about being an officer again
I don't wanna see your tush. - Bryant to me about my naked parts during abductions I presume

I was taken back to this, civil duties. But I am no longer with the Army. For disobeying, I was demoted to civil duties. - Bryant
What was your rank and title in the Army that you achieved? What was your rank, tell me please, please tell me Bryant? - me
I was a First Army Commander. I was a Commander, like Wilkes. Although, I was a bit better than him. - Bryant
How were you better than Wilkes? ... - me
Ok listen here you bastard, there are no Commanders in the Army! Why are you lying to me! What kind of Commander were you? - me
I already told you, like Sargent Wilkes. I was like him, a little bit. - Bryant
Well, there's plenty of Sergeants in the Army. - me
I was not a Liutenant Commander. But I wanted to be. - Bryant
Liutenant Commander is the Navy... - me looking it up

Well, Mr. Bryant. If you do exist, I hope and I pray to meet you during the alien abductions. That would be the best ever. - me

A minute later after I had already concluded this conversation:
You don't wanna know what they did to our moms. Some of us were made by them. - Bryant
Tiik, Tiik Tiik! - Hamish defending territory
Let it be said, I was here. - Hamish or Dark Lord

On July 15, 2017, on two separate occasions without it being part of a lengthier conversation, the guys told me referring to Agent Bryant that his first name is Josh.