The Agenda is an organization ruled by the extraterrestrial Dark Lords. The Agenda works in outer space and also here on Earth. Here are some of the symbols used by the Dark Lords in their Agenda.

The following information comes from my own contact with Dark Lords and is not copied from other authors. Also note that I am not a practitioner of the occult. I research the Dark Lords since they are an extraterrestrial species. This list is a start and is not complete, there are more symbols to be added.

Black and white checkered floor

The black and white checkered floor tiles is very much loved by Dark Lords. I once moved in to a new apartment at college and the kitchen happened to have black and white checkered floors. When I saw the kitchen for the first time I could swear that it had a satanic vortex there, but at the time I did not know that it was due to the floor pattern I just assumed that the apartment must have had a bad history that would have left a bad energy and I hoped that it would clear away with time. The very first night that I slept in the apartment I had the worst scare of my life. I woke up in the middle of the night from a Dark Lord who was leaning over me, his satanic vibes scared me immensely. Turns out however that he had just wanted to "look at me" and he had meant no harm.

The black and white checkered floor is a portal between their world and our world. If you know those 3D images that you have to stare at for a while and the confused pattern starts to rearrange into a new image, it kind of works like that. I forget if it was the white or the black tiles but one color of tiles rearrange and it opens up a portal. You will find black and white checkered floors in many key Agenda buildings and sites.

Goat horns and antelope horns

Goats have been sacrificed for the Dark Lords for centuries. One of the shapeshift forms, or appearances, of Dark Lords, is that many of them have goat, ram, or antelope horns on their head and hooved goat feet. It is either that they are able to choose to represent themselves in this adorned form with horns and hooves, or that their frequent consumption of goats would have imprinted on their body form. Nonetheless, goat, ram, and antelope horns are a beloved symbol of Dark Lords.

Do not tell them about the sage! It sends us away! - Dark Lord, August 16 2017, 5:49 AM, means the sage plant that is notoriously burned as incense to drive away negative energies

Five-pointed star Pentagram

The five-pointed star with one point pointing down, also called the pentagram, is an important symbol of the Dark Lords, and apart from the yellow pyramid it can almost be considered as a second logotype. The pentagram can be drawn on the floor, or a small pentagram can be drawn on a wall, and it acts as a portal for the Dark Lords, a portal through which they can jump into that place for quick and easy access, but I suspect that the pentagram also serves to ship life force in through the pentagram and into the other side where the Dark Lords are which is why ritual sacrifices for the Dark Lords are usually done on pentagrams. So if the black and white checkered floor is a doorway, the pentagram is both a doorway and a shipping central.

Yellow pyramid

The yellow pyramid is the logotype of the Dark Lord Agenda. The point of the pyramid is facing up. The yellow pyramid represents a hierarchial power structure which states that all members of the Agenda are assigned a placement in the hierarchy.

The Eye God

The Eye God seems to be an actual astronomical body similar to a black hole which is located near to the home world of the Dark Lords. Dark Lords call their home world Alpha Theta. The Eye is a thing in outer space that swallows up space and things, the Dark Lords feed life force into it from ritual sacrifices to appease its hunger pangs and they believe that by so doing they are saving not only their world Alpha Theta that would be next in line to be swallowed, but that they would also be saving the entire world. Dark Lords claim that The Eye communicates with them and that it tells them what to do. The Eye makes spasms or contractions which can represent communication.


When Dark Lords spend a lot of time in a place, they start to alter the energies of that place and to distort the energies into black contorted satanic energies which changes the atmosphere of that place into sinister, and humans who are in those places will feel physical and mental illness and feel uncomfortable in those places. Dark Lords create a web of black energies which looks like spiderweb and they also call it spiderwebs, these are mostly placed into corners and they are a stronghold of their bad energies, but these dark energies help the Dark Lords to be able to spend longer time in those places.

Red rubies

Red rubies are gems that have a special importance to Dark Lords. Dark Lords have a special interest in at least some human royals and historically European royals were given red rubies in scepters and crowns. I will not say that red rubies have magical properties, because I judge that our science is far enough today to understand that crystals have electromagnetic properties which are already being used in technological applications today. Red rubies establish either communication between Dark Lords and the carriers of the red rubies, or also control and influence, I need to find out more to be sure.


Apart from goats being sacrificed to Dark Lords, many also give them cats that are often tortured before being killed for the Dark Lords. Most or all Dark Lords refer to themselves as goat kings, but some Dark Lords also refer to themselves as black cats and some who refer to themselves as black cats even meow.

The cat is also an animal alter in Agenda mind control, meaning that the Agenda makes some think that they are a cat. The cat alter makes the person sexual and sensual and a person who allows others to touch them.

Ancient Egypt

Dark Lords have a strong interest in Ancient Egypt, its gods and rituals, the interest is of an extent that implies that the Dark Lords seem to take credit for the invention and creation of this ancient culture.

The Maze

A Dark Lord told me this evening August 19 2017 that I had forgotten to list the maze as one of their items or symbols. Yes the maze is another Agenda symbol. It represents of course a person getting lost in their mind, the mind opening to outside influences and mind control, losing the structured way of life and personality. It is both for predation and for conditioning.

Black and white colors

Agenda images in photographs and video should be made in black and white without colors if one wishes to do them right. The Dark Lords do not see color. When you see the world through their eyes it is in black and white.