Agenda-Ruled Organizations

The Agenda is a vast network or organization consisting of a variety of alien races that work together toward common goals. Most of its members are forced into participation, and others are mind controlled and cannot find a way out. The Agenda seeks to take control and power over the universe. The Agenda is ruled by a single god The Eye, which may or may not be a sentient entity which talks and gives out orders to its members. Here on Earth the Agenda takes responsibility for several organizations which it claims to have created and claims to rule over those and its members.

Free Masons

Take a moment to look at this picture of The Eye god. This Eye is an extraterrestrial god. It is the ruler of Malik and the Black Ones, and successively the ruler over the Aliens under the Agenda who are responsible for alien abductions and hybrid programs. What is an Alien god doing as the symbol of human(?) Free Masonry you might ask?

A few years back, Malik influenced me to get together with a man who is a Free Mason. Malik had worked several years to turn people in my life against me and make my life miserable. When I was at my very lowest, where Malik had put me, he showed me an image of a man one night, and I was told that this man would come into my life. The very next day a random man contacts me online, and asks me out. I end up going to see him. It is in every detail the man I had already had described for me.

The man is a Free Mason and he did Master/slave D/s things to me. He used mind control and hypnosis on me. He made me look into his eyes and when I did I saw a monster, a black monster standing in a ring of fire. This black monster was superimposed with the man and was controlling him to do sadistic sexual things to me, which were more about sadism and submission than any sex. The monster had me call him my "Master" and kneel for him, and when I did I saw a black monster and I hugged his legs. This was Malik. This was before Malik made his presence known to me starting in August 2011.

Malik and the Agenda wanted me to have babies with this man. I broke up with the man because this all is just not my thing. It was part of the Agenda training me to become an MKULTRA beta cat, so that my life would be reduced to nothing more than what they need me to be. The man still tries to get back with me, years after I broke up.

Basmet Baphomet the other Dark Lord besides Malik, came over from this Free Mason man's whereabouts. I wrote the man a letter one day and sensed a dark creature in his whereabouts, through the email. The creature sensed me in return, and came over to me. He said his name is Basmet. He had ramhorns and hooved feet. It wasn't until weeks or months later I stumbled upon the Aleister Crowley Thelema picture of ramhorned god Baphomet. The one and the same.

I don't have any more information about Free Masons and their supposed connection to the Agenda than what I have stated here. Other literature sources on Free Masons and the New World Order aka Illuminati aka Agenda firmly state that Free Masons are a key part of Agenda presence on Earth. My own sources have not explicitly elaborated on that, so I will say nothing more than that the man I was sent to happened to be a Free Mason, and that I find it suspect that Free Masons use The Eye god in their symbolism.