I started this website The Orion Project when I was contacted by a man from Orion. He had come to tell me that his team had been using my eggs to make hybrid children, and they were also studying my bacteria. Over the following years I learned more about the organization that they work in. I call their organization The Agenda. Here is an explanation of what the Agenda is.

Ruled by Dark Lords

The Agenda is an organization that belongs to a species of extraterrestrials who call themselves Dark Lords. Dark Lords say they are from a place called Alpha Theta, and so Dark Lords are also called Alpha Thetons. (Other websites call this species Archons.)

Dark Lords are an ancient species. They are extremely intelligent and knowledgeable. I suspect that they were the ones who founded the Agenda organization but that needs to be confirmed. They are however the highest ranking leaders of the organization. They only regard their God The Eye to be a more supreme being than themselves in the Agenda.

Dark Lords travel to other planets and civilizations and they try to take over other species to recruit them to their Agenda. Some species seem to have joined willingly, others have been enslaved by using warfare or explosives. Dark Lords also have a tremendously significant presence here on Earth and with humanity dating back a long time in history. Dark Lords are known in many ancient Earth religions. I suspect but this needs just a bit more of confirmation, that the Dark Lords are the same as the Fallen Angels and Djinn mentioned in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Dark Lords are also the demons and satan of many satanic cults. So you see that they are extremely sinister and powerful, but there are some who make them into their allies.

Member Species

The Dark Lords could probably not possibly manage their organization all alone. They have recruited many other species to work with them in the Agenda. Zeta Reticulans are the notorious "Greys" who are known on Earth for having mutilated cows and for abducting people. Zetas had a nuclear power accident on their home planet which damaged their species and rendered them infertile. The Zetas joined the Agenda so that they could have the support of the Agenda to carry out genetic work on their species. The Agenda is a collaboration system. When someone joins the Agenda, they receive help from the other members with their own goals, but in return they also have to help the other members with their goals. So the actual objectives and goals of the whole of the work that is done by the Agenda, is not only the projects that were envisioned by the Dark Lords, but it includes also the objectives of the other member species. It seems however, that only members who joined willingly get help from the Agenda, whereas I doubt that the enslaved members receive any favors from the Agenda.

Alpha Draconian Reptilians are another member species of the Agenda. I am not sure if they willingly joined or if they were forced by the Dark Lords to join, it seems more likely that they were forced to join, however the Reptilians may have subsequently accepted their fate of being in the Agenda because they do not act like an enslaved member in the Agenda. One of the rewards that the Reptilians enjoy in the Agenda is that they receive food.

Mantids are large insects who work in the Agenda. It seems that they are farmed in large numbers for the Agenda to work there. It seems one cannot say that they willingly joined and also not that they were enslaved, they are more like a crop of people being grown there and made use of. Mantids work in the Agenda with monitoring, they do not have hands to do manual labor with. Mantids are more intelligent than most of the other species so they are valued for their intelligence also.

The Agenda also does warfare on other species to try to force them to join the Agenda. The Alpha Orions lost the wars with the Agenda and were forced to join, they are reluctant to work there which is why they have to wear shirts that have the yellow pyramid as an upside down symbol on the shirt to show that they are anti-Agenda. Dinosaurs are another enslaved people working there. Alpha Centaurians that look a lot like Asian humans work there against their own will.

There are also many other species working in the Agenda. Alpha Remulans, Zeta Remulans, yellow Alpha Centaurians, and new created hybrids.

The Eye God

Dark Lords believe in a god that is The Eye. The Eye is more than just a concept of a God, it seems that it is an actual astronomical feature in outer space, probably a black hole. It swallows space around it. Alpha Theta the home world of the Dark Lords is supposedly right next to The Eye and is about to be next to be swallowed by The Eye. Dark Lords give sacrifices to The Eye to try to appease its hunger so that it does not swallow Alpha Theta or the universe. Dark Lords thus believe that by giving sacrifices to The Eye they are saving their own home world but that they are also saving the universe.

If one goes inside The Eye and through to the other side, and I have done this about two times mentally, it goes into a place which is much like a power central. There is a lot of energy there, perhaps the Dark Lords have fed that energy into it.

The Eye makes contortions, contractions and stretches in itself, in a manner that is like a living rubbery amoeba. The Dark Lords can interpret these movements into communication from The Eye. Dark Lords claim that The Eye talks to them and that it tells them what to do. They regard The Eye as a real living being. They also see, that when they feed sacrifices into The Eye, that it satisfies the hunger pangs of The Eye, it keeps The Eye from swallowing up space for an amount of time.

However, the Dark Lords seem to appreciate The Eye.

Sacrifices and Predation

There is "life force" in living beings. Dark Lords collect life force from victims. First the Dark Lord enjoys feeling the life force in his own body, after that the Dark Lord passes the life force onward to their God The Eye. This is energy predation, can also be called energy vampirism. It is similar to how a plant basks in the sunlight to absorb the energy of the sunlight. Dark Lords do not call it life force, they call it coffee, or juice. They say that they are drinking coffee, or drinking juice, and that refers to ingesting life force from a victim.

Life force can be flared up in a victim, meaning that the life force is sparked up or gathered up from its crevices so that it is stronger and easier to pick up by the predator. Fear can be used to flare up the life force. Pain is another method to flare up life force. And sex is another method to flare up life force. The Agenda also uses a chemical drug that they call "silver" which has the effect of strongly flaring up the life force in the one who ingests the drug. Silver is typically rubbed under the nose of the victim.

A victim whose life force is stolen feels weaker and lifeless after the predation. They feel as if all joy and happiness is gone from them, it also feels like losing your own personality and soul as if your body is an empty shell without a soul. It is extremely violating and robs the most important thing that we have. Dark Lords can steal life force from a victim without killing the victim, or for an ultimate sacrifice to steal the entire soul or all of the life force the victim can also be sacrificed with its body killed.

Zeta Reticulans perform activities in the Agenda to help the Dark Lords to extract life force from victims. As you can see, fear, pain, and sex are the primary methods used to extract life force from victims. Zetas produce a large number of hybrid children for the Agenda and many of those children are sexually molested so that the Dark Lords can steal the "juice". The Agenda is also responsible for a lot of pedophilia here on Earth.

Throughout centuries, many humans have sacrificed goats to the Dark Lords. So much in fact, that the Dark Lords refer to themselves as goat kings. I do not know what the Dark Lords really look like, because they can show themselves in a number of different forms. Their most popular body form is what I call the Gremlin form, in it they are short black figures with two legs and two arms and almost always they have horns of goat, ram or antelope on their head, and many have two black goat hooved feet and goat hairs growing on their belly and arms. In a typical conversation with Dark Lords, they will be constantly mentioning goats. Many also sacrifice cats to the Dark Lords, but the main sacrificial animal has always been goats.

I have seen that some Reptilians who work in the Agenda have sacrificed human babies for the Dark Lords. One of the primary objectives of the Agenda for the Dark Lords is the extraction of life force and the sacrifices for the Dark Lords and for The Eye, and so since members of the Agenda are helping each other, you see that Zeta Reticulans and Reptilians can help to perform these activities for the Dark Lords.

Vengeance against the Vega Jews

The Agenda claims to have designed the Nazi movement. Dark Lords hold a grudge against the Jews, the reason seems to be because of the belief that the Jews were Starseeded by the Vegas. Vegas are an ancient extraterrestrial species, Vegas and Dark Lords have opposing views and cannot reconcile. Dark Lords have had wars against the Vegas. Vegas are one of the species who Starseed new species. Starseeding means to create new species, presumably ones that always contain genetic material of the species who creates them. Vegas created the Lyran species, Lyrans created the Pleiadians. Vegas would have also created an original Jewish population which at the beginning were golden.

Dark Lords have also Starseeded humans here on Earth, meaning that they created humans who were genetically part Dark Lord. And if indeed the Dark Lords are the same as the Fallen Angels who are known in Judaism and Christianity and I presume are also known in Islam, then these children would have been the Nefilim who are written about in the Jewish Bible. According to information I have received directly from Dark Lords and other beings, the Jews would be the Starseeded children of the Vegas, and Dark Lords had children who were originally humans in Egypt, part of Turkey and part of Arabic people. Dark Lords want to destroy the Jews because the Dark Lords have a vengeance and a grudge against the Vegas, and this would be the reason why the descendants of the children of Dark Lords in Egypt, part of Turkey and part of Arabic world would still today want to destroy the Jews on the behalf of the Dark Lords. How the Dark Lords managed to turn Nazi Germany against the Jews also, I do not know, because I have not heard of a genetic connection between the Dark Lords and Europeans. Europeans are as far as I have been informed, at least in part descendants of the Pleiadian Starseeded red-haired giants and blonde Nordics.

To anyone who is offended by the above. I do not intend for Jewish people or for Egyptian, Turkish or Arabic people to feel offended by the information. My website is a documentary on extraterrestrials. I write what the extraterrestrials tell me. I am not the origin of this information. I also do not judge or censor the information that they tell me.

It should however not be too difficult to imagine that the Nazi movement could have been designed by the Dark Lords who are the same as the demons and satan. If we look at how the Nazis treated the Jews and other people it then becomes rather more difficult to imagine how humans could be behind such activities.

I want to mention something. When you research about the Agenda, which is also known as Illuminati in other sources, it seems to always emphasize that the Jews and Zionists would be a major part of the Agenda. I have met Reptoids that pose to be a Rotschild but as a whole I have personally not seen that the Jews would be a major part of the Agenda. On the contrary the Dark Lords tell me that the Jews are Starseeded from Vegas which shows that the Jews would be on the opposite side of the Dark Lords. Personally, the information I have encountered, indicates that the Jews would not be part of the Agenda. On the contrary the Jews seem to have the finest genetic origin on Earth.

Ancient Egypt

Dark Lords have a tremendous interest in Ancient Egypt, its gods and kings and culture. Dark Lords state that a Reptilian species was used to Starseed the original Nubians. These original Nubians were at least the following: Osiris, Ra, and Anubis. The logotype of the Agenda is the yellow pyramid, and we see how yellow pyramids were build in Ancient Egypt. Even in subsequent satanic cults or Agenda organizations that have been founded by the Dark Lords in modern times, such as the person Aleister Crowley and his works, we see that Ancient Egyptian symbolism is prevalent.

Other Agenda organizations

The Agenda claims to rule over the following organizations also: the Rosicrucians, Ku Klux Klan, and also the gang called El Diablo (which is Spanish for "the devil"). Many Agenda gatherings have the members wearing costumes either black ones or white ones that are like the costumes worn by Ku Klux Klan members, so the costume is also a clue for organizations possibly being Agenda groups. I am not certain about the Free Masons, but I do know that it somehow ties into the Agenda. The Knight's Templars has also got some connection to the Agenda but I do not yet know what the connection would be.

Catholicism is infested

I apologise that I had to write about the Jews and some of the Egyptians, Turkish and Arabs. I am myself from a Christian European country however that does not influence what I write. It therefore comes as a relief to also report that Nazi Germany was supposedly under the control of Dark Lords. But above all, Catholicism is infested by Dark Lords, and so the fact that I can write that should mean that no one should feel that my writing would only target some other groups or that I would favor Europeans or Christians because of my own origin. I have been shown a White Fat Lizard who posed to be a Catholic Pope, I do not know which Pope it was, and boys were sent to him for some initiation ritual and they were sexually molested by the Pope Lizard figure. There was also a Cardinal in red clothing and it was a Reptilian. We would say that this is just a fairytale, however when we look at the facts, pedophilia is completely standard within the Catholic clergy. And this comes from the Dark Lord influence. Isn't it odd how the Christian community does not storm down the Vatican and put an end to this pedophile cult? I also find it questionable that Christianity has always persecuted the Jews while on the other hand they worship a Jew as the son of God, but those are just my own personal thoughts on that.

Agenda in the media

We see a lot of Agenda symbolism in the media. I personally encounter very little information on that myself, but you can learn more about it from other authors. You see the yellow pyramid, The Eye, butterflies and other Agenda symbols represented in the music industry, and those are under Agenda rule.


Does that sum up what the Agenda is? It is a vast organization ruled by the Dark Lord species. Their God is The Eye. Dark Lords feed on the life force from tormented or sacrificed victims, and they then pass on that life force to The Eye. The Agenda includes many extraterrestrial species as their members, and the Agenda also has a history here on Earth. The Dark Lords and their species would have Starseeded some of the humans here on Earth such as the original Nubians who were Osiris, Ra, and Anubis. "No it was not! It was Anubes!", a Dark Lord objects now, August 17 2017, 8:49 PM. Other human populations would have been Starseeded by other extraterrestrial species. In particular the Jews would have been Starseeded by the Vegas, and the Dark Lords have a vengeance against the Vega Jews.