Sargent Wilkes and General Patton are the ones who spend the most time watching me nowadays now that I am "active" in the MKULTRA project. General Patton recently informed me that it is actually Sargent Wilkes who was supposed to do the "mind transfer", but Sargent Wilkes told me how he feels guilty about doing it so General Patton - the VIP - has to do it instead. But Sargent Wilkes seems to always be in the office with General Patton when Patton is working.

Throughout all these years, they have worked with the "German team" and I think they always worked with the Russian team.

The US team claims to have "trained" me and they were going to get paid a lot of money by the Russians so that Olav could be the one to use me, in the way that General Patton was training me. Only, heh, they make it sound all good but I have to admit it wasn't until only a few days prior "the sale" when Patton did these methods for the first time. And he makes it sound like they've put a lot of work on me but they really haven't. Olav has done a few "conquests" too. I was going to be assigned to work with Olav. Olav is a Russian military officer and he is a missiles expert. I would be assigned to remote view his missiles to keep an eye on them. I was also asked by Olav to have a look at some Russian satellites in space, and they often ask me about Russian military submarines.

The Abduction

Typically abductees are not allowed to remember their experiences. My ETs are very strict about keeping me unaware. Interestingly during military abductions I am much more prone for waking up and remembering.

Common features

They tell me that they are going to do a "mind transfer".

"Welcome to the MKULTRA.", General Patton says to me.

"We are going to keep you inundated." they often say.

"You have twelve DNA strands", they tell me. In particular Jack likes to say this to me.

Military Abductions

I had a lot of military abductions when I was in my teens. I would wake up at night and be somewhere else, and these people would be there. I remember meeting Tyler MacIntyre in one in my teens, and I recently met Aulis Greenshaw for the first time. Ahem, under certain censored circumstances. He had hairy arms with black hair.

I recall one military abduction where James/John himself did electric shock treatment on me. It was horrible. I'll write about it some other time. It was through the top of my hand. And none of the high ranking military officers standing by the opposite wall helped me get up from the floor. The fact that no one helped me get up from the floor afterwards was worse than the treatment itself.

Military abductions are fascinating. I always think of them as an adventure. Sometimes I am partly asleep. I suspect that they use anesthesia drugs to deliberately keep me under. Sometimes if I tell them about my conscious abduction experiences they tell me that the anesthesiologist failed. I was once partly asleep and I thought I was dreaming about chasing a boy that I liked, and when I thought that I had caught up with that boy in my dream and I leaned over and kissed him on the lips, I then heard laughter and all the dream elements vanished and I found myself in a military abduction and I had just kissed James/John, who was gently pushing me away and laughing rather embarrassed about it.

I have so many stories to tell from my military abductions. Fascinating adventures. Sometimes they take me to an interrogation room. The trick is, that this room is so small that it breaks down my mind completely and opens me up. Then they have a tape recorder on the table and a man interviewing me.

I was once taken to the basement of a house and interrogated. I'm not sure what questions they ask me. I don't know if I want to remember.

I like that General Patton has arrived because he talks to me a lot. The guys are actually kind of nice to me, except for Stephens, Greene, Andrew and Cunningham who used to taunt me a lot in my teens. Greene was so bad I had to decide to like him instead, so I used reverse psychology on myself so that instead of being terrified of him I would feel safe with him. So every time the others were harming me I would call for Captain Greene for comfort and support. Greene once molested me in Admiral Benson's office. I was conscious. The tag on the door and on his desk said Admiral Benson.

I've also had US MILABS guys approach me in real life a few times. The Greys work with them and the Greys enable their remote viewing and telepathy. Draconians however are the ones who enable for General Patton to do his "mind transfer" in which he can move my body around at his will. It is similar to the techniques used by Draconians when the Draconians do what I call the "conquest".